mount of power that one individual can release… or even one planet, exceeds the amount of power that can be released by one universe!)

“H-huh… Even if you say so… but I also have Merl-san’s blueprint here.”

(What kind of place would you place it in?)

I don’t know if this room is that dangerous.
The only thing I’m aware of is that it’s a place with a certain atmosphere…

But it seems that I’m the only one who feels that way, and even Ouma-san nodded in agreement with her.

“Your behavior in front of a place where so much power is swirling about is beyond dull, Yuuya.”

“I-is that so?”

But everything in this place was collected by my grandpa, and I didn’t feel anything about it.
Because I’m sure my grandfather had never been to another world, and unlike me, he was probably a normal person.

But since we were at the warehouse, I gave Merl-san the cubic object she was looking for.

“This is probably the blueprint that Merl-san was talking about, right?”

(…It really was stored in such a ridiculous place.
In addition, the signal was so complicated… that it was impossible to identify the detailed location.
If it was placed in such an overwhelming force field, our equipment would be blurred.)

“Eeh? But t-that blueprint can destroy a planet, right? How can a mere house have more power than that?”

(…If we convert the force swirling around this room into energy, it could easily wipe out tens of thousands of universes.)

“No way!”

I instantly became afraid of this room.
H-how could this room be so dangerous? N-no, this is absurd.
I’ve never had any problems before, so it must be Merl-san’s imagination.
That must be it.
No, that’s what I’ve decided.
Yes, this conversation is over!

To distract myself, I walked deeper into the warehouse and arrived in front of the door.

“This is the door that leads to the other world.”

(…The material and source of power are both unknown… It’s not even dark matter… I can’t believe something this incomprehensible exists…)

She said a lot that I couldn’t understand, but from my perspective, Merl-san’s device is also incomprehensible enough, so I guess we’re even.

As soon as I opened the door and moved to the other world, Merl-san’s eyes widened even more.

(Space… no, the movement between worlds! What’s more, what’s this abundance of magic power…!)

“U-um… I think this world probably has what you’re looking for, Merl-san…”

(…Yes, that’s right.
If the environment is such that I can feel the magic power so strongly, the possibility is high enough.
Do you have any idea what it might be?)

“Let’s see; I think that the magic stones that you get when you defeat the monsters in this world are really a mass of magic power… What do you think?”

As I said this, I took out one of the magic stones from my item box.
I’ve forgotten what kind of monster I got it from, but since it’s an S-class magic stone, there’s a chance that this one might even be enough.

I didn’t know what to do with the magic stones until now, so I’ve been using the door function to exchange them for cash, but lately I’ve been saving some of them.

After receiving the magic stone from me, Merl-san began to operate the terminal and look into something.

(…Indeed, this material seems to contain magic power, but it’s not enough to be used as fuel…)

“Eh, that’s not enough?”

(It’s not enough at all… From what you’ve told me, this is something you can get from a single life form, right? There’s no way a mere lifeform can carry enough energy to travel through space…)

“T-that is also true.”

When I thought about it again, that might be true.
I’m not sure.
However, there’s nothing that can contain more magic power than an S-class magic stone.

I’ve heard of SS, SSS, EX, and L class monsters from Master Usagi before, but I’ve never fought one.

For me now, I think I might be able to defeat an SS class or so, but… Avis has wiped out the depths of the Great Devil’s Nest, so I don’t even know if there are any such monsters.
Speaking of which, Master Usagi said that Evil is the L-class, and Avis is the ultimate perfection of that Evil… so I wonder what class he will be?

Just when I thought I had found a solution, another problem arose.
However, Ouma-san, who presented the idea of going to this world, did not seem particularly bothered by it.

“What, Yuuya’s magic stone is not enough? If that’s the case, you’ll have to go get that thing.”

“That thing?”

I tilted my head, not knowing what the heck Ouma-san was talking about, but Yuti, an original inhabitant of this world, didn’t seem to know either and tilted her head as well.

Yuuya’s magic stone, the high purity one.
If it’s more than that, it would be SS-class or something.
Do you know where they live?”

“I know.
Well, we won’t be targeting SS-class or EX-class monsters this time.
If it’s still not enough, it would be too much trouble.
But if it’s something I know, I can certainly get it.
It’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but it’s just right… for Yuuya’s training.”


I have a bad feeling about the word “training” that came out of Ouma-san’s mouth.

I-it’s strange… after we’ve defeated the ultimate enemy of this world, the Evil Avis, I still have to train…

But it seems that I did not mishear it, and Ouma-san grinned.

I don’t normally have anything to tell you, but… it’s for the sake of my master.
I’ll be glad to teach you something special.
However, even so, it’s important to remember that no one was able to go back and forth between that place except for the Sage, and most importantly, no one had the ability to reach there… Well, I’m sure Yuuya will be fine.”

“Do you have any proof of that?”

Where’s that place that only someone of Sage-san’s level can go? Probably, the atmosphere of that place alone is more dangerous than Avis.

“Are you sure it’s safe? I don’t want to go anywhere too dangerous…”

“Hou, is that okay? If you don’t go there, that little girl will never be able to return to her home planet, you know?”



When I looked at Merl-san, she was looking at me with a somewhat anxious look.

I was very reluctant to do anything dangerous, but when I thought about Merl-san, I couldn’t say so, and all I could do was open my eyes wide.

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