They are terrified of the only one from their kind, Draco III.

(In this universe, the slightest delay in communication can lead to death.
I have always told them to be on guard.
But… what is this mess? ──Answer me.)

At that moment, tremendous pressure assaulted the Dragonias who were present.
The invisible pressure was so heavy that it seemed as if gravity had been applied, and everyone knelt down, unable to remain standing.

(This delay in communication, you lead the platoon directly under the Third Corps, right? Why don’t you answer me?)

Draco III turned his gaze to one of the kneeling Dragonias.
The Dragonia he saw hung his head and struggled to speak.

(W-with all due respect, my Lord.
We are not entirely sure about this situation…)

(You don’t have any idea?)

The pressure increased.
While feeling as if he was about to be crushed, Drade, the captain of the third corps, desperately continued.

We were also suspicious when there was no communication during the regular communication time, and we tried to contact them by various means.
But it’s not that they don’t respond to communications; it’s that we can’t connect with them.
We assumed and verified various things, including time differences over long distances.


Draco III leaned back in his chair and lessened the pressure he was exerting on the Dragonias.
The sudden release of pressure caused the Dragonias to catch their breath as they tried their best to hide it from Draco III.

(So you’re saying that our Dragonia soldiers have been killed?)


(Fumu… So I ask you, where were those soldiers headed?)

(T-that’s… a remote planet called Earth in the 983rd universe.)

(Earth? I’ve never heard of it.
What brings them there?)

(Apparently, they’re on their way there because they’ve received an electromagnetic signal that appears to be the blueprint for a weapon developed by the Amel aliens.)


Draco III raised his eyebrows at Drade’s words.

(A destruction weapon of those damned Amel aliens.
I see… So? I assume they were able to retrieve it?)

(N-no… um… I haven’t been able to get in touch with them since…)

(What did you say?)

Draco III’s face twisted in displeasure once again.
The Dragonias stiffened, wondering if they were going to be subjected to intense pressure again, but Draco III only snorted unhappily.

(On such a remote planet, there is an entity that can compete with us…)

(I-I’m only talking about a possibility.
There is no one better than us, the soldiers of Dragonia…)

(The possibility should not be dismissed so easily.
You see? If we are to remain the strongest, we must not overlook even the slightest possibility.
Be on your guard.)

I’ll keep that in mind…)

(Then I command you.
Go to that planet and look for any trace of the missing soldiers.)


Draco III nodded his head in satisfaction as he looked at Drade who was bowing deeply and accepting his orders.

…Oh, yes.
If the planet can be used in any way, you may conquer that Earth.
In that case, it would be troublesome to take the time to rebuild it.
Do not destroy too much of the planet with your attacks.)

(Understood, sir.)

Drade immediately withdrew and left, calling his men to follow him.

(Commander! Everything’s ready!)

(I see.
We’ll leave immediately.
The king has given us permission.
This is the first invasion in a long time.
It makes my arms quiver.)

While Drade trembled in front of Draco III, he was still one of the most powerful men in the universe, and he smiled ferociously.
His subordinates smiled as well, captivated by it.

──In a place unknown to Yuuya and the others, a new existence began to move.

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