his power ─ Guwaaaahhh?)

When I activated the [Holy King’s Authority], a golden dragon-like wave motion was released from my body.
As if my intentions were reflected directly, the golden dragon attacked the Dragonias one after another.

However, their bodies did not seem to be injured, and those who the golden dragon ate seemed to have lost consciousness at that moment.

Since I had already activated the [Holy King’s Authority] once during the battle against Avis, I could feel my strength and life force being drained at a tremendous rate.

But I couldn’t let this happen.

I couldn’t stand the sight of a stranger suddenly coming and destroying this house full of memories with my grandfather.
And the way they talked about how they would easily kill the people of this town who had nothing to do with them!

Seeing the [Holy King’s Authority] that I invoked with anger, Ouma-san, who had remained indifferent, murmured with some amusement.

“Hou? You can now use the power of the [Holy King] as an attack against people other than the Evil, huh… Umu umu.”

As Ouma-san said, it was the first time that the power of the [Holy King] had been activated against an existence other than the Evil, and the Dragonia aliens who had not yet lost consciousness ran away while the others lost consciousness and collapsed one after another.

(I-I never heard of this! How could someone with such power exist on a remote planet like this…!?)

(Report to the mothership immediately!)

(W-we need to retreat! Let’s go at once──.)

(I won’t let you escape!)

As I reached the limit of my physical strength and was about to fall, Yuti supported me, and Merl-san held up her cannon towards the fleeing Dragonia aliens.

And then──.

(Eat this…!)

The largest amount of energy that had ever been released was focused on the cannon on her left arm and was released at once.
The power was so great that it seemed to burn up everything in the sky, not only the Dragonian aliens but also the spaceships that were floating in the sky.

Finally, all of the Dragonia aliens, including all of the spaceships floating in the sky, disappeared.

“…Thank… goodness…”

As I was watching the scene, almost fainting, Ouma-san approached me with a look of dismay.

“You fool… You knew what would happen if you used that power twice, didn’t you?”

“It’s because… they’re… this city.”

As I struggled to formulate words in my fading consciousness, Ouma-san let out a sigh.

“Sigh… Well, it’s my fault this time, too.
Take it.”

And the moment Ouma-san lightly touched me; I felt something warm flow into my body.
The warmth was so comforting that I finally let go of my consciousness.

“I gave away my life force.
Now the amount that had been consumed earlier would no longer be a problem.
You’re such a troublesome master…”

Just before I lost consciousness, I heard Ouma-san’s voice.




When Yuuya lost consciousness, Merl, who had been pointing the cannon at the sky, finally released her stance.
At that moment, smoke erupted from the cannon with tremendous force.

(…I must have pushed myself a little too hard.
I’m afraid the battle mode will be useless for a while.)

Merl, who had disarmed herself with a sigh, now turned her attention to the people who had gathered outside the house.
Some people were either speechless or struggling to record the unrealistic scene that had suddenly unfolded.

(…I don’t want my existence or the blueprint to be revealed from their memories.
Let’s just erase the memory here.)

Merl then operated the terminal on her left arm, which had just been transformed into a cannon.

(The information alteration… It seems that it’s safe.

The moment Merl operated the terminal, a special wave motion was emitted from the terminal.
The wave motion easily reached people’s brains and instantly erased all the memories they had seen so far.

Moreover, the waves were not limited to Merl’s vicinity but spread across the entire planet, without a single exception, erasing all records of spaceships, aliens, and even herself.

Furthermore, the wave motion affected not only the human brain but also the electronic devices on the planet, completely erasing all the records that had already been released to the sea of the Internet.

Those who were directly watching the battle or the videos that had been spread out were momentarily blinded by the erasure of their memories and could only vaguely perceive the situation in front of them and what had just happened.

“H-huh…? What was I doing…?”

“I’m feeling fuzzy…”

“More importantly, why are we in this place?”

“I-I don’t know?”

“It’s bad! We have to hurry, or we’ll be late!”

Everyone wondered why they were here, but they returned to their daily lives as if nothing had happened.
Originally, they could have guessed that something had happened if their doubts had prevailed when their memories had disappeared or if they had seen Yuuya’s house, which was now in a cruel state in front of them.

But Merl had already taken care of that as well.

(Fuh… I was able to falsify the information, guide the thoughts, and deploy camouflage… all in time.)

Yes, at the same time Merl erased the information, she guided the people’s thoughts towards their daily lives and deployed a wave of camouflage to prevent them from properly perceiving what was happening in front of them.

(Now, if I don’t get the blueprint back soon… I’m sure I won’t miss a beat, but it’s only a matter of time before they come back to this place.)

As Merl hurried to leave, she thought about how she could get the blueprint back by force this time.

(…I really wanted to ask them to give it to me peacefully, but I can’t stay here long.
The Dragonias have already found me, so let’s just get it and go home.)

Now that the Dragonias had discovered her location, Merl had no time to spare.
She immediately decided to rush back to Amel from Earth.


“──Don’t get carried away! Little girl.”


Suddenly, Merl was hit by tremendous pressure.
It’s invisible energy violence, and Merl couldn’t stand it, so she was knocked down to the ground and fell to her knees.

Then Ouma quietly flew up to her.
In the background, Night, Akatsuki, and Ciel are also present.

When Merl was sweating profusely because she was completely unable to move, Ouma looked down at her coldly.

“As long as what you are looking for is in this house and Yuuya has tried to give it to you, there is nothing to complain about.
But you… don’t you know what you’ve done?”


When Ouma told her that, Merl took another look at her surroundings.
There was a pile of rubble where Yuuya’s house was spread out.




As if in tune with Ouma’s words, the usually mild-mannered Night growled, Akatsuki moved his paws quickly like a boxing shadow, and Ciel raised his dusky voice.
Merl desperately tried to keep her distance from Night and the others who were slowly closing in on her, but she was finally cornered against the wall.

With the added pressure of Night and the others, Merl was finally unable to say anything.

“Why, don’t be so afraid.
You’re the one who caused this mess.
Then you know what you have to do, don’t you?”

Merl could no longer do anything but nod in response to Ouma and the others’ words.

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