ent, countless black balls were about to rain down on the frozen Lexia and the Laila.




A white flash of light rushed in from the sky above and scattered the spheres.


Najum jumped back as quickly as he could.
A small figure landed in front of him, gouging out the ground.

Lexia’s voice burst out at the sight of the girl with white cat ears.

“Tito! You’re safe──”

“Wait, Lexia!”

Luna landed next to Lexia, who was rushing toward her.

“Luna! If you two came here, then the chimera must have been taken care of!”

“Yeah, we took out as many as we could! There’s only one more left──”

“But I killed that one!”

“What did you say? What in the world was that… No, let’s talk about it later, now──”


Lexia followed Luna’s gaze and gulped when she saw Tito growling like a beast.

“Perhaps she’s out of control?”

“Probably, she was trying to protect the inhabitants from the chimera and went out of control.
I brought her here to bring her back to her senses, but…──what the hell is that black creature…?”

Lexia suddenly realized and explained.

“It’s the prime minister! Prime Minister Najum was fused with the evil beast! The presence that Iris-sama and Tito felt was the prime minister Najum who had become ‘half evil’!”


“The prime minister who has obtained the power of the ‘evil beast’ is incredibly strong!”

“My magic didn’t work either; it can’t stand up to him…”

Najum snorted in boredom when he saw Tito suddenly appear.

“Fuh, it doesn’t matter how many more insects there are; it’s all the same.
I’m going to turn you all into dust──”

He held up his hand to release his evil power again.

But as soon as Tito saw the figure fused with the “evil beast,” her body was tinged with light.


Her white fur glowed pure white, and a wave of light was released.



With Tito at the center, a circle of divine light spreads out like a large, shining flower.

Najum, bathed in the waves, distorted his face and began to suffer.

“Guh, what… what is this light? G-gahhh, it’s so painful; what the hell is this power?”

The black mist separates from Najum as if it is being pulled away from him.

What? What is happening?”

“What in the world is that…?”

“Ugh, gah…! Stop it, stop it….
stop it!”

Najum’s face contorted in anguish as he screamed.

Eventually, the black haze completely dissipated and coiled on the ground.

The black ooze gathered together to form a jet-black beast.

“Gugi… Giiiiiii…”

“! The evil beast is…!”

“Did that light just separate the evil beast?”

“Oh, ah… ah…!”

Najum returned to his human form and fainted with white eyes.

“Gugi, gugigigi…”

The black beast separated from Najum and stared at Lexia and the others with bright red eyes.



Luna released a bundle of strings at the evil beast that was about to leap at Lexia.



The evil beast was knocked away and rolled on the ground.

Tito quickly reared up her arm toward the evil beast as it tried to raise itself up.



The many flashes of light from the claws danced wildly like a storm, cutting through the evil beast.

The evil beast tried to resist, but Tito overpowered it with speed and power that exceeded its resistance.

“A-amazing, one-sidedly… the evil beast!”

“So this is the power of the disciple of the ‘Claw Saint’…!”

“Gigi, gya…!”

The evil beast fell down and stopped moving.

“Is this the end of it…?”

As Luna muttered, Tito looked up at the moon shining brightly in the night sky and roared.


“! The rampage is not over yet! Lexia, take care of Tito!”


Lexia stood up, scolding her knees, which were about to collapse.


“G-grrrrrrrrr…! Gaaaahhhh!”

Tito turned around.
She was about to jump on her with her fangs bare, but Lexia didn’t hesitate, ran up to her, and hugged her.

“──Ga, ah…!”

She puts her arms around Tito, who opens her eyes and puts all her strength into her arms.

“It’s alright; it’s alright now! So please, go back to your normal Tito…!”

With a strangled cry, a transparent wave is released from Lexia’s body.

“Gghh, guh…!”

The power that had been dominating Tito gradually drained away, and the rampage subsided.

Laila gasped at the sight.

“That was… that power…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, Tito.
We are almost there…”

But before Tito could fully return.


“Wha? That evil beast is still alive? ──It’s dangerous!”

Before Luna could move, the evil beast, which seemed to have died, jumped on Lexia and Tito.



Tito shook off Lexia and intercepted the evil beast, and Luna supported Lexia as she staggered.

“Lexia, are you okay?”

“Yeah, but I haven’t quelled the rampage yet, and then…!”



Tito and the evil beast collide violently.

The two were in a frenzy, and Laila gulped as she watched the raging Tito.

“More violent than before… It’s as if she’s a berserker…”

“Is the rampage accelerating with each fight against the ‘evil beast’…!? At this rate, she’ll never be able to come back.”

Tito’s eyes are dominated by power and tinged with madness.

Lexia screamed in a hoarse voice.


“Remember yourself, Tito! You are the disciple of Gloria-sama, my─our─precious companion!”



At that moment, amidst the onrushing torrent of power, a faint flicker of reason flashed inside Tito.

“(Precious, companion….──).”

She remembered the gentle voice and the warmth of the arms that embraced her.

“(I had to suppress my power… no, no, no… I have to use it myself, to become a great ‘Holy’ and protect the people I love…!).”

The words taught by Lexia and Luna, who accepted her as a friend, and by Iris, the “Sword Saint,” come back to her burnt-out mind.

“(Don’t be frightened.
Accept your power to protect those you love…! I want to continue to fight with Lexia-san and Luna-san… I want to stay with them… So…!)”

At the bottom of her boiling consciousness, she clenches her teeth and resists the rampant power.


A moment later, the light of reason returned to Tito’s eyes.

At the same time, she cleaves the body of the evil beast in two with a large cleave of her claws, which are imbued with light.

Slash, slash, slash!

“Gugi, gi, gigi…”

The evil beast died this time, cut open by a dazzling flash of light.

“Oh… I, for the first time, was able to come back… on my own?”

Tito stared at her hands in disbelief, then slowly turned around.

After confirming that Lexia and the others were safe, her consciousness was cut off as if threads of tension had been severed.

“I’m glad you’re safe…”

When Tito collapsed unconscious, Lexia and Luna held her up.

“…You did a great job, Tito.”

Luna muttered.

Lexia also smiled and patted Tito’s head as her eyes were closed.

“Aaagh… uggghh…”

A wrinkled moan made them turn around to see that Najum had just regained consciousness.

While lying on the ground, Najum crawled with a vacant gaze and seemed to realize that the power of the evil beast had vanished from within him.

“Wha… No way… Did you just neutralize the power of my fusion with the evil beast? That power that pulled the evil beast away from me… you don’t mean the ‘Holy’…?”

The eyes filled with awe and astonishment look at Lexia, who stands in the lead.

“Why… Why are you going so far to thwart my ambitions… Why do you have the Holy with you…? Who the hell are you, little girl?”

His eyes distorted with humiliation, he looks up at Lexia.

Lexia resolutely brushes away her dirty blonde hair and meets her gaze head-on.


“I am Lexia von Arcelia.
I am the first princess of the Kingdom of Arcelia.
And these girls are my precious, prized companions!”



“W-wha…! T-the princess of the Kingdom of Arcelia…?”

Najum looked up at the girl with jade green eyes in shock.

He had underestimated her as a mere maid─a small, insignificant girl.
Why would the princess of a certain country be here? Why did she stand before him, of all people, with her warriors in tow?

“Your ambitions have been crushed.
Never again will you have such ambitions.”

Her blonde hair, stained with mud but still shining brightly, fluttered in the night breeze, and her eyes, clear as jewels, twinkled with stars.

Her slender body was filled with genuine nobility and dignity.

Behind Lexia, Luna and Laila, holding the sleeping Tito, glare at Najum.

“Ah, ah, ah…..”

The poor man who was drowned in greed could only be abducted in front of the brave girls who stood up against powerful monsters and the evil beast in order to protect the city, protect the country, and protect many people.

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