“Hyii… Y-you are…!?”

“I’ll explain later! Hurry up and get out of here!”

“This way! Don’t turn around.

The two soldiers, blindsided by the sudden appearance of Luna and Tito, were driven toward the exit.

Four chimeras attack the fleeing soldiers in a frenzy.


“W-why are they attacking us? His Excellency Najum said that as long as we had this brooch, we wouldn’t be attacked…!”

“N-n-no way… we’ve been tricked…!”

The faces of the soldiers are stained with despair.
For Najum, his men here were nothing more than disposable pawns to be used until the monsters awakened.


Another pillar was broken, and the ceiling, having lost its support, collapsed with a rumbling sound.


“Look out!”

Tito leaped in a straight line toward the huge debris that was collapsing toward the soldiers.


A single swing of her claws shattered a huge chunk of rock the size of a house.

“Aah! That huge rock was shattered with a single blow…?”

“A-amazing…! Who in the world are you…?”

“Get out of here while you still can, quickly!”

Soldiers stumble to their deaths and flee through the pebbles that fall like rain.

In the midst of the cloud of dust in the temple, moonlight shone through the missing ceiling.


Two chimeras spread their bat wings and leaped out of their holes to the surface.

The other two leaped into the passageway through which the three had come before.

“Oh, crap! We’re splitting up, Tito!”




Chasing after the rampaging chimera, Luna releases a string through a hole in the ceiling and lands on the ground, while Tito jumps into an exit that leads to the outskirts of the royal capital.




Once on the ground, Luna ran down the main street like the wind.

The four chimeras seemed to have already scattered and moved on, and the nighttime royal capital was in a state of panic.
People were running away screaming, and children who had been separated from their parents were crying out.

“Over here!”

Luna rushed to the square in a whirlwind of screams against the fleeing crowds.

As the chimera loomed, a derailed carriage blocked the passageway, stranding many people.


“Aaah, ah…”

In front of the despair-stained crowd, some soldiers, probably those who were guarding the ruins, were cowering with spears in their hands.

The chimera lowered itself to leap at them──

“I won’t let you! [Boisterous Dance]!”


Luna launched a string at the chimera.

The slashes from the strings, which danced wildly in all directions, caused countless wounds to the chimera’s tough body.

“Wha!? What was that attack?”

“From where in the world did it come from…?”

The soldiers opened their eyes in astonishment.

“Vuvu, vu, vuvuvu…!”

The chimera looked angrily back at Luna, who had rushed to the scene.

“Ah, dangerous!”


The chimera lunged at Luna and swung its claws down.

Luna dodged the blow, which had the power to shatter even cobblestone pavement, by fluttering in the air.

She landed lightly on a string in the air.

“Hey, she’s floating in the air!  What’s going on?”

“What’s with that body movement…?”

The chimera spread its wings as it stared up at Luna, who was standing in midair.


The bat’s wings beat the wind, and its huge body soared.

But Luna calmly held up her hands and whispered sharply.


In an instant, the strings around Luna gathered and spun like a drill, piercing through the chimera’s wings.
Then, all at once, they unraveled and tore it to shreds.

“Gah, gaaaahhhh…!”

The chimera was slammed to the ground with countless wind holes drilled into its wings.

“I-it tore at the chimera’s wings as if they were paper…!?”

“Who the hell is she? And I’ve never seen a weapon like that!”

“Guvuvu… Vugaaaaahhh…”

The chimera rises to its feet; both eyes tinged with rage.

Luna kicked the string and descended straight toward the chimera.

“W-what the hell is she doing?”

“Does she want to die?”


The chimera looked up at Luna and opened its fang-lined mouth.


Luna cleaves both arms in the air.

A strong string is stretched around the chimera like a cage.


Before the thick arms could reap the strings, Luna clenched her fist as if to crush something.

“This is the end──[Prison]!”

The strings that had been stretched out gathered in the center in an instant.

The chimera was shredded by the sharpness that even sent the orc’s head flying.


The mighty monster vanishes, leaving behind a decisive scream.

Luna landed where the chimera had been.
With the disappearing particles of light at her side, she muttered quietly.


“You guys are not to blame.”


“S-she beat… it…?”

“S-strong… S-she killed that monster alone…”

Luna cut off the carriage that was blocking the passageway with a piece of string, left the people in the hands of the soldiers, and began to search for the other chimera.

In the process, she noticed claw marks carved into the cobblestones.
The claw marks were heading toward the royal palace.

“! I defeated one of them, but could the other one possibly be headed for the royal palace…!? I have to take it down fast…!”

At that moment, another chimera roared from the opposite direction──from the outskirts of the royal capital.

“! Tito must be headed for the outskirts, but… I have a bad feeling about this…──Tito!”

Driven by a stirring in her chest, Luna ran to the outskirts of the city.

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