r destination this time.
Well, to be precise, it’s the depths of this hole.”


I had a hunch that I didn’t want it to come true, but it did.
Or rather…

“No, no, no, this is impossible! Look at this hole!”

“Yeah, it’s a hole.”

“I’m not talking about that.
How are you going to get down? What is this hole in the first place?”

There are so many things I want to say that I feel confused and more confused, but Ouma-san just laughed.

“This is the place that connects to the planet’s core.”

“The planet’s core?”


As I twisted my head around, unable to keep up with the imagination, Merl-san seemed to have understood the exact meaning of Ouma-san’s words and was in shock.

(T-this is the hole that connects to the planet’s core? And in such a bare place? Do you realize that? The core is synonymous with the heart of the planet! How can it be in a place where it’s so easy to reach…?)

“As you say, beyond this point lies the core, the heart of the planet.
But don’t get it wrong, okay? This place hasn’t been bare from the start.
It’s just bare like this because of that Evil idiot.
If it were in its original state, people would not be able to come here.
It’s in the innermost part of the Great Devil’s Nest, after all.”

“T-that’s right…”

It was only after Ouma-san’s explanation that I understood that this was the deepest part of the Great Devil’s Nest that I had always wanted to reach.

…I didn’t think there would be a hole like this, but I guess it’s still an important place for this planet.

“But why is there a hole in the ground?”

“A long time ago, the Sage showed interest in the core of this planet.
However, as you can imagine, he couldn’t open a hole leading to the center of the planet in a crowded place, so he chose the innermost part of this Great Devil’s Nest, where people wouldn’t bother him.
It would be impossible for a human being to reach here, and there is no sign of anyone around.”

“What are you doing, Sage-san?”

You’re drilling a hole that connects to the core of the planet just out of curiosity? Isn’t that a bit out of the ordinary?

As I was surprised by Sage-san’s outrageous story, Merl-san’s voice trembled as if she had noticed something.

(Huh? C-could it be that… you are planning to use the planet’s core to power my ship? If the planet’s core disappears, this planet will be destroyed!)


I was surprised by the sudden word ‘destroy,’ but Ouma-san let out a sigh.

“Are you stupid? As a matter of fact, I would never do such a thing.
Rather, this planet will not allow it.”

“The planet won’t allow it?”

“…I won’t bother you with the explanation.
If you’re lucky, you’ll find out about it.”


“Anyway, the planet’s core itself will not be used.
However, there will be energy crystals overflowing from the core lying around the core.
I thought of using those.”

(I-I see…)

I’ll have to go in to find out the details, but there may be something there that can power Merl-san’s spaceship.

“But if we were to go to the end of this hole, how would we get down? Besides, if we are going to the center of the planet… it must be very hot, right?”

I had an image of the center of the planet, but it didn’t sound like a place where people could go because of the magma.

But Ouma-san didn’t seem to mind and looked at the hole.

“Oh well.
My magic will protect you from the heat, as I’m sure you can’t do anything about it.
And… as for the way to get to the bottom of the hole, as long as you follow the right procedure, you’ll be fine.”


“Just watch.”

As Ouma-san approached the edge of the hole, he suddenly began to release a tremendous amount of magic from his body.

Then something like a magic circle appeared above the hole.

“If you pour in a certain amount of magic power like this, a magic circle will appear to help you get down the hole safely.
If you ride this, you can safely reach the center of the planet without falling and being killed.”

“I-I see…”

As I nodded to Ouma-san’s explanation, a pale blue light gently enveloped my body.

“Look, I’ve cast a spell on you.
This way, you won’t die from the heat or the lava.
Although it’s a bit of a hassle, I’ll also protect your clothing.
Now, you will have no problem soaking in the lava.
Do you want to give it a try?”

“Eh, I’ll pass…”

As expected, I don’t want to be soaked in lava.

“Or rather, how does Ouma-san know about such things?”

“Hey, Yuuya.
You didn’t forget that I’m the Genesis Dragon, didyou?”

“Ah, that’s right.”

“Did you really forget that?”

“N-no, um… I mean, I know that you’re the Genesis Dragon, but I had a stronger sense of you as a family than that, so…”

“Ugh… Y-you can’t fool me by saying that! Good gracious…”

Ouma-san got on top of the magic circle in anger.

“What are you doing? Come on, get your ass over here!”

“Ah, yes.”

Ouma-san, you’re embarrassed.”



Even though Ouma-san was angry with her, Yuti got on top of the magic circle without seeming to care.
Night and the others and me followed, and finally, Merl-san stepped onto the magic circle with some hesitation.

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