The moment my chest sting, my hair was pulled tight.


“Abu! Baaa!”

Rustina struggled with an angry look on her face.
No, how strong are these small hands?

I ruffled my hair behind my back and looked at Rustina.

“I have a lot of grudges.
Let’s go, if we go to the banquet hall, I won’t even be able to see you.”

Because even if you hold only the shiny things, you are calm.

I quickly handed Rustina to the nanny to get ready and headed to the room.


Even though I did the dressing every time, I was exhausted.
Still, it was amazing to see how colorful it turned out.

“Princess, you are so pretty today!”

“I know.”

Because Etricia’s appearance is truly amazing.
Every time she looked in the mirror, she was amazed.
Her slender neckline was revealed in her neatly curled up hair.

When the hair was decorated with diamonds and various jewels, the light was reflected on the jewels depending on the angle, attracting attention.

“I think it looks too flashy.”

This style wasn’t bad for me either.
Who doesn’t like pretty and flashy things?

“Princess Rustina, she came out wearing pretty clothes for today too.”

“Really? I look forward to it.”

Still, she resembled Etricia, and her appearance was outstanding.
It was obvious my father would prepare Rustina’s clothes, so hr must have put on some pretty fancy clothes.

I glanced at the clock.
There was still time until the banquet started.

“Ah, as of today, she will become the official  of the Empire.”

Do I want to be a playboy? If not… Well, I don’t know.

After all, she must have already made a name for herself as a villain, so what’s the point of being up and down in other people’s mouths?

My goal is to find Rustina’s dad.
So the disgrace that followed me didn’t matter.
It’s not really my life anyway.

“But what is this Kyrian thinking?”

After that, Damon never came.
It felt like I was hugging timer bomb.


The banquet began and I cleared my breath.
I saw Rustina in my arms.

“It’s beautiful, grandfather gave me a lot of pretty things.
Do you like it?”


“Yeah, it’s okay if you like it.”

I stroked Rustina’s hair and entered the banquet hall.

At the same time, everyone’s eyes turned to me.

‘Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen so much attention.’

Gulping, I swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.

“Princess Etricia and Lady Rustina.”

Oh my God, a woman who is not married has a child.
Everyone whispered and glanced at me.

I think the position of a princess is a good thing in a situation like this.

If you can’t see it openly and look into my eyes.

“I brought Rustina here to make it known to everyone.”

My father looked at me and Rustina and immediately made an offer that surprised everyone.

“If I find Rustina’s father, I’ll make him my son-in-law.
However, my successor will be Etricia.”

At those words, everyone opened their mouths.
It seemed to be the same for me and Rustina.

Rustina looked at my father and blinked.

‘… What did I hear now?’

I think you’re going to give me the right of succession now.
You don’t have to! I was just going to leave once I found the child’s father.

“Huh, father?”

I called my father.
But the father seemed unwilling to turn back.

“C-congratulations Princess Etricia!”

The heads of those who were bewildered at the beginning of someone’s cry were lowered.

A rare evil girl, Etricia, becomes the next emperor.
This will be a huge issue within the Empire.

Perhaps there will be situations in which opposing forces will rise.

“I have no intention of becoming emperor.”

“What do you mean?”

“Is that right? If I become emperor….”

With a playful expression on my face, I swept the handle of the chair my father was sitting on.

I got up slowly, put Rustina in her nanny’s arms, and folded my arms.

“You don’t know what I’m going to do, do you? Aren’t you worried?”

How can I rule this great country?

Whether you know my earnest heart or not.
My father tapped the armrest.

“What more is left to do? I thought there was nothing you could do.”

Seeing her daughter like this, my father seemed to have gotten pretty strong, so I didn’t back down.

“I’m going to find Rustina’s dad and leave…”

Rustina’s mouth twitched as she looked at my father and me alternately.


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