“This is my gift.”


Rustina put on a puzzled expression on the belt that had formed on her body.
When she tried to pull it with her other hand to no avail, she crawled hard to Kyrian.


Startled, I ran to Rustina and reached out.

Rustina grabbed Kyrian’s crotch and then sat down and lifted her clothes.

Then, without anyone stopping him, she opened her mouth and rushed to Kyrian’s leg.




Like a growling puppy, Rustina vigorously bit Kyrian’s leg.

Silence revolved around the banquet hall with sighs.

“… Are you biting me now?”

Kyrian let out a smirk and bowed his head.
I took turns looking at Rustina and grabbed Rustina.

Rustina grabbed Kyrian’s leg with her arms and hung as if she wasn’t going to let go.


Why is she like this? Still, he’s a filthy person.
I was terrified that he would do anything to the child, so I hurriedly consoled her.

“Leave him and come to my arms.”

To be honest, I wanted to bite him off and not let him go, but she might get hurt if he did.

“Do you want me to go? You didn’t even know what I got.”

“I don’t know what they gave me, but I don’t think they like it very much.”

I raised my eyes and looked up at Kyrian.
He smiled with his eyes closed towards me and gave me a wink.

“Well, you’re still pretty.”

Suddenly? Are you saying that in this situation?

Even with my absurd expression, Kyrian seemed okay.

He lowered his upper body and made a transparent bubble in front of Rustina’s eyes to catch my attention.


The bright eyes shifted her gaze to the drops flying in the air.

As she stretched out her hand and frantically caught her eye on the bell, Kyrian grabbed Rustina with one arm, not letting go of the gap.

“Boooo! Ab!”

Rustina was very angry and tried to get away with her short arms and legs.
But Kyrian didn’t budge.

His red eyes sparkled like rubies.
He put Rustina in his arms and spoke in a voice that was barely audible in her ear.

“You don’t know, but I guess she wasn’t a normal child.”

“… she’s my child and there is nothing you can’t say.”

I bit my tongue briefly and let out Kyrian as if reproaching me.

He chuckled and gently grabbed my hair and ran it between his fingers.

“Well, if you want, it will be a nightlife again.”

Kyrian shrugged as if nothing had happened.
Apparently, he liked the night with me quite a bit.

We’re not that close, aren’t we?

Everyone in the banquet hall is frozen by Kyrian’s appearance, but it seems that they cannot see it.

“Kyrian Delfort, I think you’d better go back to your place, unless you’re declaring war on the Imperial Family.”

My father, who was watching the situation, finally gave an order to Kyrian.

“Oh, right.
I forgot the Emperor was there.”

I trembled.

“But I have a question, and you must answer that question.”

Kyrian did not take his eyes off Rustina, who was in my arms, and licked his lips.

“Why didn’t you tell me when you had my baby?”

“… That’s it…”

I don’t even know who the father is.
And at that moment, I found Damon in imperial attire coming in at the entrance.

As I turned my head, I saw Sir Hassel approaching me.

Above all else, doesn’t that indescribable pink hair stand tall among people? I didn’t invite him, so he seems to have sneaked in.

Fortunately, they didn’t hit or miss it, but… At Kyrian’s words, the heads of the three men turned to me at the same time.

At that moment, I firmly felt that something was wrong.




My eyes went back and forth as the three voices approached me.

‘It was X.’

It shouldn’t be like this.
Things will get complicated if Dad finds out.

Looking down at Rustina once, I gulped down my saliva.

The strength in the hand holding the child entered without me realizing it.


For a moment, the silence was broken and Rustina’s voice was raised in the banquet hall.

“Ah! Ah!”

Rustina reached out from my arms and pointed forward.
At the same time, my gaze turned to the cute baby’s fingertips.

And there stood four men who had written letters to me.

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