“Push Harder! Give it more!”

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Oh my gosh, my stomach hurts!

Ugh, what is that woman saying? What does she mean by ‘push harder’?

I can’t even breathe properly because of the pain coursing through my veins, and now she wants me to push?

Please, I feel like my whole body is going to tear into half!

“Push it!”

Why do you keep telling me to push? I’m hurting so much that I don’t even have the strength to open my eyes! Whatever it is you want for me to push, just take it from me!

I really can’t do this anymore.

Whatever is happening, I could feel every fiber of strength in my body being drained out because of it…

But why does it hurt so much?

I’ve had several dreams before where I was cut or attacked, but during those times, I wasn’t in such intense pain as I was in, right now.

Is this even a dream? Am I still alive?

This is all so weird!

I could sense that something is definitely not right, and so I twisted my body to the side.

 Just then, an intense pain seemed to fall down on my stomach.
It kept growing and growing and I felt the pressure balloon up inside of me…

“Ahhh-gh! Why is this so painful?” I exclaimed.

Even back when I was constipated for several days, I was never this hurt!

If this was a dream, I would definitely buy a lottery ticket as soon as I wake up!

I remembered that there was a saying that the more vivid one’s dream is, the better the luck they would receive.

My eyes instantly lit up at the thought of money.
However, as soon as I did, my vision started to focus on my surroundings…

I began to see people in strange clothes surrounding and staring down at me.
They also seemed to have concerned faces as they uttered cheers.
They were coaxing me to push harder.

They look restless, though.

What’s going on?

However, I was quickly losing my interest in trying to figure out what was happening because my lower body started to hurt so much that I thought I was going to die!

“Hmph! Argh! I am dying!”

I was slowly feeling lightheaded, and as soon as my surroundings became hazy, only one thing was clear to me; my lower limbs were being torn apart!

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Even as I clenched my teeth and tried to take hold of my bearing, the pangs of pain were too much for me.
I was drowned in an unexplainable agony and I couldn’t escape.

I couldn’t find the right words to describe just how much I was suffering, so I just kept on wailing.

This is a dream right? Please tell me this is just a dream.

I mustered whatever strength I had left and willed myself to wake up from this freakish nightmare.
I bit on the insides of my cheeks and let out a strong force hoping to escape the clutches of this dream.

I felt my insides squirming and squeezing, and then I felt a rush of something slipping out of me.
A sudden wave of a strange burning feeling washed over my senses.

Maybe I was waking up…

‘Heh, heh heh…Great! Just great.
I think I’m going to get 1st place in the lottery…’ Just as I felt a sense of release, a sudden loud cry filled my ears.


“Huh? Wh-” When I tried to raise my head which was still heavy from exhaustion, the sight of a newborn covered in blood greeted me.

The baby was held in the arms of an unfamiliar older woman.

Why is there a kid here? This is weird…

Oh well, I guess I dream wildly!

This is such a vivid dream, but I’d rather have a different dream, now.

When am I waking up?

Somehow, this older woman was leaning closer towards me and showing me the baby.
I gave the child a blank stare, this strange creature is someone else’s child isn’t it? What’s it doing so close to my face?

I could feel sweat trickling down from my forehead and I raised a hand to wipe it off, as soon as I did that the unfamiliar middle-aged woman smiled at me and said, “Congratulations your highness! You’ve given birth to a healthy princess!”

“Oh, yes thank…What?” Did I just hear what I heard?

“This is the child the princess had given birth to.” She must have misunderstood my outburst, because she started shoving the baby more into my face.

Excuse me, ma’am, but what are you saying?

I am a single, unmarried woman, how can I have a baby?

Besides, what princess is she talking about?

This is nonsense, I tell you!

The woman cradled the child into her arms and was wiping some of the blood away.
She then stepped closer towards me again.
I instantly closed my eyes as I felt her trying to make me look at the baby once more, “Come on now, doesn’t she look so pretty? She looks like you, princess.” I heard her speak softly.

I sighed, and slowly opened my eyes and saw the child that she was holding.

The older woman stared at me expectantly, I was still confused but I felt like I needed to say something, “Uhm… Well, yeah, she’s pretty.
By the way…”

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Did she say the baby looks like me now?

No, is that right? Does this child really look like me?

That’s such a scary thought!

The child seemed to have sensed what I was thinking since it suddenly burst into tears.

“Ah, dear…” The woman pulled away and started to soothe the crying girl.

I could feel panic rising up from my chest, why does this dream seem so real?

More importantly, how long is this dream going to last?

“Uwaaaah!” The child’s cries grew louder and more incessant.

I felt goosebumps run all over my body and spread more quickly as her cries filled the room.

This dream is really starting to make me uncomfortable.

I began to feel a sense of fear like I was sleeping next to a pair of scissors that will poke me the second I wake up.
Just thinking about that, made me break into a cold sweat.

I really have a bad feeling about this…

My body started to feel warm, and the pain from the lower half of my body still made me wince.
I could sense my mind wandering and filling me up with disorientation.
While at the back of my confused mind, anxiety was knocking…

My gaze drifted across the rest of the people in my room, they all looked at me with eyes fu

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