She couldn avert her gaze as she was awed by his beauty….

Princess Elaine was bewildered by him, he is just so perfect, too perfect. Her face that has been clouded with fear of getting married to a strange man seems to lighten up a bit.

Prince Magnus of Arkansas entered into the magnificent hall with his three loyal guards. he knew he was late to his own wedding, but he didn care. The wedding is not a priority to him as there are more pressing issues. he only came to honor his father, the king of Arkansas. he walk majestically to where king Harold and his two daughters are sitting, trying to decipher which of the sister is the crown princess hes getting married to. All he wanted was to speed up the wedding process so he could be able to return back to his country and attend to the pressing issues.

His father had forced him to get marry, it wasn in his interest. he enjoyed womanising and having many girls trooping at his feet rather than been tied to a woman. when his father told him he has to get married. he decided to get a girl he would marry from outside of his country. a girl thats weak, fragile and docile, a human…

Crown princess Alicia gaze settled on the man coming towards where she is sitting, she noticed that all the people that came from Arkansas to the wedding looks gorgeous but this prince looks so charming, so attractive. she couldn believe this prince is the one she would have been getting married to.

Her father had told her about the deal he made with the king of Arkansas and what he demanded. he wanted his son to get marry to the crown princess, to her. but her father had convince her its not a good idea to get marry to Prince Magnus and they both decided to replace her with Elaine. Now that shes seeing the prince, she couldn help but fall deeply for him at first sight, it was like her father was denying her the best thing in the world. she decided shes not going to let Elaine get engaged with prince Magnus, hes too perfect for her.

Princess Alicia whos a year older than her sister has been the most favoured daughter. shed be learning about how to rule as it was her duty as the crown princess. her father is yet to give birth to a male child and if he dies without one, Alicia would have to get marry to a man who could then ascend the thrown and she would be the queen. shes more gorgeous than her sister but her pride makes the people love Elaine more. Alicia has long, ink black hair that goes down to her waist and dark brown-gold flecked eyes that are usually mistaken for black. she shares the same slender eyebrows, pale, high coloured skin as her mother Isabel. shes about 59 tall and she is 21 years old. she whispered to her fathers ear who is sitting beside her. ”I need to talk to you, outside ”. she said as prince Magnus sat down. she has to get marry to him or she won forgive herself, she was in a flamboyant dress suited for a bride and shes planning to use it to her advantage coupled with the fact that shes the crown princess. her father gave her a quizzical look but didn say a word. he stood up after greeting the prince and followed his beloved daughter.

Prince Magnus watch the girls dancing absentmindedly, his mind focused on the girl sitting in front of him, she was dress elegantly in a brides dress and he assumed she is the bride. the chair beside her was void, he stood up from where hes sitting and sat beside her.

”Hi ” he greeted staring at the girl who looks frozen her cheeks red,making him smile a bit.

Princess Elaine eyes drifted to his chest, avoiding eye contact. Whats this prince doing to her, Im just seeing him for the first time and yet, hes having this effect on her, is she falling for this strange prince at first sight she wondered as she swam in her pool of thought. its not my fault, hes so breathtaking that its impossible not to fall for him.

”Are you the crown princess? ” the question jolted back Elaine from her reveire of thought. why is he asking?

”Y..e.s ” Elaine didn know when it came out of her mouth, shes scared that if she says otherwise the wedding might not happen. Maybe the prince wants the crown princess but her father didn tell her that.

”Okay wife ” his voice was so tender, so manly. the feelings shes been having electrify as he called her wife. The word was so sweet in his mouth that it makes her stomach give out a strange sound. she didn want to let go of this man even though hes suppose to be a stranger, but he isn . she knew shed fallen for him.

When the ceremony was half way and it was time for the bride and the groom to take the vows, a smile curve on Alicias lips, shed spoken with her father about her feelings and he has decided to have the prince marry her and not Elaine.

”Now its time to take the wedding vows and join both the bride and the groom in matrimony. Im honored to be the MC of this great occasion, Permit me to first call on the groom, The great Prince of Arkansas who has never lost a Battle, Prince Magnus ”. The master of ceremony said as thunderous applause followed his announcement.

Prince Magnus stood up, his face darkened a bit as he stares at Elaine before he moved forward. Elaine noticed the change In his perfect grey eyes, it seems to get a little bit darkened. she got scared and was intimidated by him, theres something about him that seems dangerous and it lingers on his face at that moment when he looked directly into her eyes.

”And now Ill be calling on the bride, The crown princess of Camelot Princess Alicia. ”

Alicia stood up gracefully as she started walking to where prince Magnus was. Elaine couldn understand the situation, shes suppose to be the bride, shes been preparing for today even against her will and now that she seems to be interested in prince Magnus, why should her sister name be called. she was helpless, she just sat still and she stared directly at his eyes.

Princess Alicia walk sluggishly to the prince and bowed slightly with smiles on her face. she took his hand but he yanked it away immediately.

Prince Magnus eyes was focused on Elaine, he didn spare the crown princess a glance as he walked majestically to princess Elaine not averting his gaze.

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