She\'s supposed to be the bride

Princess Elaine sat down, facing the mirror as her maids dress her up. she wore a sleek and sexy white gown, fitted on her body from the chest to the knee. It looks sophisticated and breathtaking coupled with her beauty. she has green eyes, long curly red hair that makes her look more gorgeous. she has a slender figure and average in height,narrow hips-though she does not see it nor does she see the beauty others often see in her.

She stares at herself in the mirror after she was completely dressed up. Everything was perfect, the clothing she has on, her brasied hair, eyelashes, fingernails and herself. Her room shows shes a person of prestige, it looks well furnished, theres a huge bed at the middle of the squarish room, the interior of the room is capacious with a good air circulation, colourful and modestly good lighting. The wall is full of decor of art, with paintings she drew herself.

she study herself more carefully in the mirror to ensure everythings perfect as ordered by her father. It was her wedding day, The day everyone in Camelot as been preparing for. her countenance at that moment shows shes least excited about it. she has been dreaming of marrying a man she would love so dearly, shes been hoping for a marriage that happens by love, a man she loves and that loves her in return but all her dreams were chattered the night her father told her shell be getting marry for political reasons.

Princess Elaine is the second daughter of king Harold, ruler of Camelot. Her step sister Alicia, the crown princess has been the most favoured among them. she and her mother have been maltreating her since the death of her mother. Princess Elaines mother died when she was ten, she was terribly sick and all the physicians couldn find a cure to her illness,she died in pain. Elaine couldn forget that day as the memories were still fresh in her mind. she was sitting beside her mother on the sick bed holding her hands. she started gasping for breath and sweating hard. Elaine didn know what to do at the moment as a kid, she wept and shouted but no one came till her mother gave up the ghost. she cried so much that night, her father who could have sooth her wasn home. he had went to a political meeting, Alicia and her mother had shared crocodile tears with her but she wasn foolish enough to believe they care. The palace has been hellish to her since then. her step mother still force her to do some minor jobs even though theres enough servants and slaves capable of it. her step mom deprived her of the privilege of learning anything about politics and the ruling of the nation.

Camelot has been in war for three days now. her father sought the help of the king of Arkansas when he started loosing the war. he could do anything just to win and extend the territory of his country. The king of Arkansas demanded the crown princess before he could help Camelot in the war. King Harold couldn refuse the offer, he wanted to gain more power, he wants to bond with a powerful country that could come to his aid anytime and he couldn let the offer slip away. Arkansas, even though is a powerful country that has never lost a war and rumors have it that their soldiers fights with a pace thats unnatural. its location is considered to be sacred as few people whos not a citizen of Arkansas knows the location of the country nor does it appear even in the map. King Harold couldn hand her beloved daughter over to Arkansas where he wouldn even be able to visit. he thought deeply and decided to Give the Prince of Arkansas Elaine instead of Alicia.

”Are you ready princess ” Iris asked, she felt pity for the princess whom she has been serving for more than 18 years. she knew her princess was not happy but theres nothing she could do as a maid.

”Im not Iris, but I don have a choice ” Elaine answered, the development about her wedding really took a toil on her, she had never for once thought she will get marry for political reason and what hurt her the most is that shes getting married to a man she has never seen before, shes going to live the rest of her life with a stranger.

She walk ahead of Iris, her head held high which symbolize royalty, she is a princess and nothing could change that fact even if shes not treated as one. A carriage has already been prepared for her tied to two mares. her step mother and sister are already in a carriage, how insolent of them she thought. They didn even bother about her. it was her wedding and even the whole of Camelot knows about it and yet it was like her family doesn care except her father for selfish reasons.

She entered into the carriage prepared for her with the guards escorting her, she proceeded to the hall where her unanimously wedding is taking place.

Elaine sucked the air, feeling goosebumbs and tingles erupting all over her body as she got to the massive hall where her groom is waiting. A cool breeze swept all over her body, she shivered as her, her step mother and sister and the guards and some maids entered to the highly decorated hall.

She saw her father first, where he is seated with high officials and some faces that she guessed might have come with her groom. she went to her father and greeted him and the highly respected officials seated with him before she took her place and sat down. her heartbeat accelerated, she couldn see anyone dressed as a groom as she sat down, some dancers are entertaining the guest with the dangling beads on their waste and their uniform movement. she study the face of the people that come with the prince of Arkansas, and she noticed one thing, they all look dapper, and theres something about them she couldn quite picture. they are the people of Arkansas, and with the rumors she expected nothing less. Her father who retreated from the war just to come to marry her off and have others fighting his battles seems to be getting quite in touch with the men. Elaine understand why her father wants the help of the Arkansas but it shouldn have been her, why should she be married off just for her father selfish interests, she could feel the anger brazing up in her as she watch her father, why couldn he marry off Alicia.

The door of the magnificent hall started opening slowly which draw the attention of the important personalities in the hall. princess Elaine gaze drifted to the door that was opened by two servants and behind them, she saw a man that she guessed must be her husband, she stared at him so deeply that she couldn avert her gaze as she was awed by his beauty.

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