I Cultivate For Fun

Becoming Rich Overnight

Zeke finally woke up the next day. He was wet all over as it rained during the night time. He was shivering to death. Thats because hes still nothing but a mortal. For now that is…

[Integration 99%]

[Integration 100%]

[Sacred Body integration has been completed!]

Zeke opened his eyes only to realize that he could see thousands of times better!

[Cultivation has risen to the early stage Foundation Establishment realm! Host must now get used to your newfound strength!]

Zeke tried to sit up pushed himself up with his hands but because of his new strength, he flew across to the other side of the canal.

”Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuc- ”


Zeke face planted on the ground.

”Holy shit! ” Zeke used as little strength as possible when doing any sort of movement. He was like a baby who suddenly gained the strength of an adult.

He walked around weirdly. The people around stared at him like he was not right in the head.

”Such a waste of good looks… sigh.. ” Said a woman very quietly while passing by Zeke.

Zeke who was being made fun of yet again, heard what the woman said even though she said it in a very quiet voice.

”My hearing is also many times stronger. It looks like my senses have been strengthened. Not just that… I can sense everything around me without looking at them!! ” Zeke was extremely astonished by this discovery!

”I skipped the first realm and went straight to the Foundation Establishment realm. I can now be considered a genius with this new body! ”

Zeke finally got the hang of walking and running as well as the other basic movements.

Next is to get used to all the new knowledge he had just received.

He now has knowledge on everything about this universe excluding history that was not recorded or anything purposely hidden.

Zeke decided to get some new clothes and stay at an inn. But before that, he used his qi to dry himself.

A while later… He found a relatively big store that sold high end clothing. ”Mas Clothing ” read the sign. The building was 5 stories high.

As soon as he walked in, he was greeted by a salesperson.

”Good day dear customer! How can I help you? ” The man said in a friendly attitude.

”Show me your best products ” Zeke said.

”Please follow me ”

Zeke followed the man all the way up to the fourth floor. There were beautiful clothings made of high end silk.

”All of our clothing on this floor are made of silk from a rare beast called the Six Colored Silk Bug. The silk is durable enough against Golden Core experts hence the prices. Is sir interested in any of our designs? ”

”Id like to try the white and gold one ” Zeke said as stared at a white and gold set of robe. The design would make the wearer look very charming.

The salesman handed the set to Zeke and led him to a changing room. Zeke entered the room and was shocked by what he saw in the mirror. He finally saw his body for the first time. He finally saw his bright golden eyes and long white hair. He took off his clothes and was shocked yet again. This new body of his was super fit. His abs and his muscles seemed like it was sculpted by a god.

”No wonder the females were acting so crazy earlier ” Zeke said as he admired his body.

He put on and new clothing and his charm rose to a whole new level. He was confident he could make most women fall for his looks alone!

”Give me three sets of this! ” Zeke said happily

Zeke walked out of the store looking like the prince of an empire. The surrounding women asked if he wanted company. Unfortunately, Zeke had better things to do. He wanted to find an inn before night came.

”Excuse me, ” a woman said as she stood in front of him, blocking his path. ”Im sorry to bother you, but I really would like to talk with you. ”

Zeke looked at the woman for only a brief moment then continued walking. As he did so, he noticed her eyes were glowing a bright blue.

As soon as they were clear of the crowd of people, the woman said, ”There is no need to be rude. At least have the courtesy to speak with me first. ”

The woman grabbed Zeke by the arm and tried pulling him toward her.

”Let go! ” Zeke shouted.

The womans grip tightened even further but Zeke felt nothing.

Zeke looked down at the womans hand gripping his arm. To his surprise, he saw her hand changing shape. Her fingers morphed into claws and her palm began to expand.

In a flash of light, the woman transformed from a pretty woman to what appeared to be a giant white rat.

Zeke released his Foundation Establishment aura and the rat then scurried away.

”What was that? ” Zeke asked himself. ”No matter, ” Zeke thought. ”I need a place to stay. ”

He started to walk again when an old man standing on a street corner said, ”You should be careful, young man. In this city, things aren always what they seem. ”

Zeke stopped and looked at the old man. He was dressed in a long gray robe with a hood covering his face.

”Thanks for the advice old man ” Zeke said.

The old man smiled and turned back to his business.

Zeke continued walking until he saw a sign hanging above the door of an inn. It read: THE SOVEREIGNS BED & DINER.

Zeke entered the inn and chose the most luxurious room that cost 10 high grade stones per night. After paying the innkeeper for 1 month, he went in the room. He took off his clothes, put them in the closet, and lay down on top of the sheets.

He was still not used to this world. Wherever he went, he attracted attention. Women liked to flirt with him, and men wanted to fight him.

Yet, Zeke had never been one to care about other peoples opinions. His life was simple and easy. He just needed to find a way to earn more torture points and buy things from the system shop to become stronger.

He closed his eyes and went to sleep.


Meanwhile in Ditch Waters city lord mansion. There was a young lady with long black hair. Her figure was too notch. Her beauty could bring down nations.

Lily was currently sitting down while drinking tea under a tree with pink leaves. In front of her was a man with similar looks.

Lily was currently having some tea time with her father, the city lord.

”My dear, its about time you get married ”

”Father! Weve already talked about this! I won get married! I only want to cultivate. ” Lily said in a serious tone.

”My daughter… I understand that you want to avenge your mother. But just leave this to me. That man is far too dangerous and strong. I know that you
e very talented in cultivation but its impossible to achieve this without a miracle… ”

”Then so be it, it doesn matter father. I will not rest until that man is no longer in this world. ” Lily said. Her beloved mother was killed by a wretched man. Her perfect family was ruined because of him.

”Nothing can stop me from avenging you, mother ” Lily thought to herself as she remembered that night.

”Lets not talk about this anymore father ”

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