I Cultivate For Fun

New Journey Begins!

”Ahhhh!! ”

”Please! Stop this! Just kill me already! ”

Zeke was currently sitting on a throne that he took out of his spatial ring.

The throne was made of spirit crystal of the supreme grade. Whoever sits on it will feel extremely comfortable and always full of energy.

Right now, Zeke was holding up his chin with his hand on the armrest of the throne.

On the other hand, he held a super-long whip made of unknown material. Every time someone was hit with the whip, they would feel the most painful feeling in the entire world.

But no matter how many times they get hit by the whip, they will never die. It was a weapon made for torture.

”Who sent you here?? ” Zeke said with his cold voice.

”It was that bastard Luis. He saw you buy that weapon from the auction. He sent us to take the weapon from you! ARGGG please stop it! ”

Zeke kept slashing his whip.

**A few days earlier**

”What? Where am I? Is this a prank? ” Zeke said weakly as he sat up on the bed.

He looked around the room he was currently in. The place was made of wood and it looked extremely tattered.

An old man was sitting on the stone floor next to a burning fire, seemingly cooking food.

The old man noticed he was awake. ”Oh, you
e up! Dinner is almost ready! ” he said.

”Where am I? ” Zeke asked weakly, his mind still foggy.

”You don remember what happened to you? I found you unconscious on the shore ” The old man said without looking at him.

Zeke whose mind was still recovering was very confused. ”How the hell did I end up on the shore? ” he thought.

”Where am I now? ” Zeke asked again.

”I guess you lost your memories. You are currently in a city called Ditch Water. Its a city on an island of trade. Countless cultivators flock here from all over the world and there are always endless troubles so its never surprising to see unconscious people or even dead bodies anywhere ”

”Cultivators? Like the people who use qi and perform miracles? ” Zeke asked astonished.

”Yes, cultivators. This island is filled with millions of cultivators. Many of them are cruel and kill people just because of the smallest grievances. In this world, being a mortal is a sin. ” The old man said, still not facing Zeke. The food hes cooking is almost done.

The old man said that knowing Zeke was a mortal.

”Ah yes haha, of course, ” In reality, Zeke does not have a single piece of knowledge about this world at all. ”Im somehow in a world of cultivation like the ones from novels. The question is, what is my identity in this world? ” Zeke was lost in thought.

He was from Earth. He had just graduated from high school. On his way home from his first-ever job interview, he was run over by a high-speed vehicle. The last thing he saw before dying was the dark starry sky filled with bright stars.

”Thank you for saving me old man, ” Zeke said gratefully.

”Don sweat it, kid. The name is Edward and Im just a simple fisherman ” Edward said, finally turning around and looking Zeke in the eye.

”The food is ready. Are you able to walk to the table? ” Edward asked.

Zeke tried to stand up and he was able to but he was a little off-balanced. He slowly walked towards the table before sitting down.

The old man brought the metal pot. He opened the lid and the room was instantly filled with the fragrant aroma. Inside the pot were pieces of fish mixed with vegetables and other seasonings.

Zekes stomach growled super loud as he smelt the food. He gulped and looked at the old man setting up the table. He placed down the plates and chopsticks.

Seeing Zeke so eager to eat, Edward scooped some rice and put it on Zekes plate except the rice looked a little bigger than the ones from Earth. ”Go ahead and eat kid, this dish is made of a special type of fish filled with qi. It should help you recover faster ” The old man said as he sat down.

Zeke did not waste any time and scooped up some fish from the pot. He started eating the food. ”Holy shit this is the best food I have ever tasted! ” he thought to himself. His mind was recovering faster now.

Seeing Zeke gobbling down the food made Edward feel happy. ”In case you
e wondering, youve only been asleep for 2 nights ever since I found you. ”

”Thank you, Edward. I will remember this ” Zeke said as he thought about how hes gonna pay back the old man.

”Don worry about it, I didn do much ” Edward responded.

They didn talk for the rest of dinner and simply enjoyed the amazing food. Zeke was still lost in thought about what might have happened to him. Half an hour later, both of them finished eating.

Zeke decided to stay for the night which Edward had no problem saying yes to.

The next morning.

Zeke asked Edward for more information about this world.

This world was a cultivation world called Firmament and there were 5 Continents. Respectively North, West, South, East, and Central continent.

Cultivators roamed the lands everywhere. In this world, killing was as normal as eating therefore the weak would always be bullied and the strong led happy lives.

The old man then went on about the cultivation ranks. Starting from the weakest to strongest goes:

Qi Gathering realm

Foundation Establishment realm

Golden Core realm

Nascent Soul realm

Nihility realm

Ascension realm

It is rumored there was a realm beyond the ascension realm called the Immortal realm but those are only rumors and myths.

Right now he was on an island located in the middle of the north, west, and central continents. The island was very big and the city could accommodate millions of people.

Ditch Water Island was very beautiful despite its name. It was regarded as a super important city as it was a trading point between the 3 islands with many valuable goods coming in and out.

Ditch Water is led by a very powerful city lord with a cultivation at the Ascension realm and governs the whole island with an iron fist.

Edward himself was an expert but he didn mention what realm he was in.

Zeke left Edwards place after eating breakfast. Right now was making his way toward the city according to Edwards instructions. It didn take him long before reaching the city gates.

The walls were extremely high for obvious reasons. It seemed to have been made of special stones. It had formations engraved on them and reached about a hundred meters in height. Zeke was awed by what he was seeing because he has never seen something like this before.

The walls circled the entire city so you can imagine how much it must have taken to build this wall!

There was a long line of people in front of the gates waiting til they reach the guards inspecting before being allowed to enter the city. On top of that, there was also a 5 low-grade spirit crystals fee that Edward gave him. Seeing all these people coming in and out every day, the city must be very rich just from this point alone.

Zeke waited for a while before it was his turn. He was being inspected by a female guard with above-decent looks and wore a black robe. The female guard was also checking him out.

Mina was a guard of the famous Ditch Water City. She was currently on her shift to do city gate duties. Right now she was facing an extremely good-looking young fellow.

This man had white hair with bright golden eyes. His face seemed to have been sculpted by a God.

”Whe- where are you from and what business are you doing in the city? ” asked Mina as she stuttered to finish her routine question. She was also having a hard time looking Zeke in the eye.

”Im from the southern continent and Im here to experience the famous Ditch Water City ” Zeke responded and handed over the fee.

Mina took the fee and let Zeke in. Zeke walked in and was welcomed by the sight of majestic buildings. The city had an ancient look to it but he was even more astounded by the huge canals with ships going through them. The canals are all over the city so this is like their version of roads back on the earth except they had boats.

Of course, there were still roads for people as well. Zeke was about to continue walking when he suddenly heard a commotion.

”Get the ** outta my way!! ”

Zeke turned and saw a man driving a carriage that was pulled by an unknown beast.

The carriage was going straight through the crowd and had no intentions of stopping or slowing down. The people quickly got out of the way but some were too slow and were run over by the carriage.

[Torture System requirements has been achieved: See people in pain!]

[Torture System activating]

[Ding! Torture System has been activated!]

”woah is this my cheat? ” Zeke stared at the screen in front of him. Others doesn seem like they can see it so Zeke must look extremely stupid staring at the pavement on the ground with awe.

”Ayo kid! Youve never seen such beautiful pavements before? ” A random man asked.

”Hahahaahha ”

”This kid must be a country bumpkin! ”

”Hahaha look at his dumb face ”

Many men were making fun of Zeke. At the same time the women saw Zeke was extremely handsome and started defending him.

e just jealous of his looks ”

”Yeah! you look stupid just standing there! ”

”Young man, my pavements at home are even more beautiful would you like to come check them out? ” Asked another woman.

”tsk, you whore! ” said a another man

Zeke was instantly dumbfounded by the commotion.

He hurriedly ran away.

He stopped after a while and found a place to sit down. It was on the edge of the canal. He stared at the screen in front of him which looked like he was staring at the fish below.

[Torture System]

[Gain torture points by inflicting pain on others physically and mentally. With torture points, the host can buy anything from the shop. The system will also give missions with amazing rewards to help the host become strong! Happy torturing!]

Zeke looked at the quick introduction and did not know what to say. ”Its better than nothing right? I guess im gonna have ti become a sadist. Sighhh ”

[Would you like to open the newbie gift pack?]

”yes open ” Zeke was excited.

[Ding! Host has gained: 10,000 high grade spirit crystals, Sacred Body of Agony, The sages knowledge]

[These items will kickstart you and get you on your feet! You can find them in the system storage!]

Zeke stared at the items in his inventory.

[high grade spirit crystals]

– A crystal filled with high purity energy and has countless uses.

[Sacred Body of Agony]

– Become the Emperor of Agony and inflict endless pain to others!

Sacred Body Skills:

– Almighty Pain (Depending on cultivation, create a land of endless pain)

– High Range Torture (Select target in your mind and inflict pain from far away)

– Immunity against pain

[Sages knowledge]

– Have supreme knowledge of all (restricted to current universe)

Zeke was super happy about the new things he just got. More than likely hell become a supreme expert in no time.

He chose [use] on both items and suddenly, he passed out. His body lay unconscious on the ground as his legs hung on the edge.

The people passing by did not seem to care whether he was dead or alive.


Somewhere in a far away galaxy. A place that only gods can enter. There was endless chaos everywhere. A single strand of this chaos is enough to destroy the Firmament star.

In the middle of the galaxy was a very lonely dark planet. Located in the core was an underground palace full of divine formations.

There was an altar and above the altar is a coffin which held a very handsome man in his 20s.

The man opened his eyes and the entire galaxy started trembling. Countless black lightning tore through space and the gods in the surrounding galaxies could feel the terrifying power.

The man was now fully conscious. ”My successor… Hurry and become strong little one. ” The man closed his eyes and the galaxy stopped trembling. All the black lightning went away.

Im another galaxy. A god sat on a majestic throne, his eyes closed. There were many other gods standing in front of him.

The god sitting on the throne opened his eyes and an oppressive aura suddenly overwhelmed all the other gods. The entire galaxy could feel his aura. ”Go investigate the Asura Galaxy. Find out what has awoken that man ” said the god.

Within seconds, the rest of the gods disappeared and went on to do their mission.

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