I was reincarnated in a horror novel (3)

I couldn’t concentrate during class and thought of Leto all day.
Leto didn’t show up for the next major class nor did he appear for the liberal arts class. 

When I came back to the dorm after the day was over, I found Leto lying on the bed.
He flinched as if he had noticed me coming in, but pretended not to know and remained silent. 

“Leah, it was a misunderstanding earlier.”

He didn’t say anything. 

“They didn’t curse at me.
Don’t think it’s your fault.”

Leto shook his head at my words.
It was a time when the sun slowly started to set.
A shadow fell into the room along with the red sunset.
At the same time, Leto’s eyes were dyed red.
The colour that matched his red hair was blazing towards me. 

It was a little scary.

“I hate you.
It’s disgusting.”


“I can’t believe you like women.”

I knew he was deliberately spitting out hurtful words.
I think my method has been wrong so far.
Rather than actively pursuing him, I thought it would be better to step back a little.
Taking a step back, I lay on my bed and vaguely thought of the future. 

A long time passed by.
As it got dark, the reddish room was soon covered by darkness. 


Leto, who already fell asleep, suddenly talked in his sleep.
It seemed like a child that kept calling for his mother because he missed her.
Even his expression was distorted, as if he was in pain.
After contemplating for a while, I held Leto’s hand.
Then, he stopped talking and fell asleep again.
The problem was that, when I saw him sleeping, my eyelids slowly began to close too. 

Oh, no.
If I didn’t study, I would fail.
Even though I started with a high-chin… 

‘My grades.’

Darkness seemed to overcome my worries about my grades. 

*  *  *

When I opened my eyes to the rustling sound, the dazzling sunlight attacked my vision. 


Surprised, I rose up and looked around.
Leto, who was already up and wearing a coat, stared at me with a pathetic face.
What time was it now?

“Oh my god!”

At exactly 9 o’clock today, there was an important class called !

“Leah! Why didn’t you wake me up?”


I spoke to Leto the same way I’ve always done to my mom or dad.


Leto looked at me with a pretty dumbfounded look.
I didn’t have much time left.
Taking a shower right now would be considered a luxury, and I wanted to change quickly so I threw off my clothes.
And as I was about to take off my pants,


Leto suddenly turned his head away and stretched his hand out.
His face turned red as if he had seen something he shouldn’t have.
I was puzzled seeing his red ears.  

“Why? I’m in a hurry.”

“Hey, don’t take it off here.”

“It’s my room.”

“It’s my room, too! Go change in the bathroom!”

“Why, you and I, we’re both girls.
What’s wrong?”

Huh? Wasn’t it fun to tease him?

I deliberately moved closer to Leto, asking him what was so special about it.
Leto’s ears became redder and he backed away from me.
But I wasn’t one to fall back.
Grinning, I took off my pants and walked over to Leto with only my underwear on.


Leto turned his head back to say something to me, but shut his mouth when he saw my bare legs. 

“You…You! Get dressed! Hurry up!”

Leto, who stepped back, fell flat on the bed. 

“Get dressed! Go on!”

I shook my head at his firm orders. 



“You’re a really good kid.
I want to get closer to you.”

Leto’s breath stopped.
He tried to push me out of his way and froze when he hit my chest.
I was also surprised by the touch but Leto was even more frightened and suddenly raised his back. 

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Thanks to that, I fell backwards and my butt hit the floor.



“Why did you do that all of the sudden?”

“That’s why I told you to get out!”

Leto went out without a word.
Sometimes he was cute, but he was also awfully sharp-tongued. 

‘And surprisingly a fool too.’

*  *  *

The  class mainly focused on examining magical plants.
I received a plant from the professor and sat next to Leto. 

The plant we received was like a Venus flytrap that could open its mouth violently.
The only difference it had from Venus flytrap was that it was a pet, it could follow people’s orders and defeat thieves later if they were raised in a mansion.
It was an eco-friendly plant as it did not require any use of magic, so I heard that it has been growing a lot these days. 

“This plant is called the ‘Polmion’ and it will grow well if you give them affection.
It will recognise its owner.
So first, give them a name and only speak of good things.
For this assignment, I will give the highest score to the student who cultivates the best Polmion in one month.
On the other hand, students who fail to raise them will receive the lowest score, understood?”

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As I was confident in raising children, I already liked this assignment.
But it wasn’t the same for Leto.
He was expressing his feelings of dissatisfaction regarding the task. 

“Leah, have you thought of a name?”


“What do you mean roughly? What are you going to name it?”

When I urged him, he frowned as if he hadn’t thought about it.
At that time, the Polmion, who was quiet, suddenly raised its head and bare out its hidden teeth.

It all happened in a second when the Polmion reached out to Leto with its neck and bit off his finger. 



In an instant, Leto’s finger disappeared. 

……Ah, I get it now.
Why the novel  was tagged with R19.
I didn’t realise there would be this much bloodshed….


It was neither mine nor Leto’s screaming. 

It was the professor’s scream, who should’ve been the most calmest.
No, why is the professor surprised?

She even dropped another student’s Polmion in her hand.
I was afraid the Polmion might have died from the large impact…Anyway, that wasn’t the problem, it was Leto’s index finger that was now gone. 


“Student, are you alright?!”

The professor and I called out Leto simultaneously.
The students looked at Leto, wondering what was happening.
Then, noticed his bleeding finger and a Polmion that was chewing on it.
The students, who finally understood the whole situation, carefully lowered the Polmion in their arms.

“Fortunately, I am an expert in reconnaissance magic.
Hold on for a second!”

The professor hurriedly drew a magic circle and placed Leto’s finger on it.
Light shone and Leto’s finger soon began to grow, but it was not yet fully formed.

“In three days, it will return back to its original shape.
However, the Polmion contains poison, so you should head over to the infirmary and have it treated.”

“I, I will go with you.”

I stood up and spoke, and the professor nodded. 

 “Alright, go ahead.”

Leto and I hurried out of the greenhouse.
Perhaps it was a huge shock for Leto as he stayed silent since his finger was bitten off. 

“Say, Leah.
Are you afraid something might go wrong?”

When I asked, he didn’t answer.
I guess he must have been really scared!

“I’ve had my finger cut before.
Actually, it was closer to missing than a cut.
It’s no different…..
I tried to practice magic with my hands but my fingers suddenly disappeared.
How embarrassing it was back then.”

I shared my experience with the frightened Leto.
However, Leto still kept his head down.

“So, I kept crying and crying.
At the time, I really thought my fingers had disappeared.
Fortunately, I went to a nearby hospital and had my fingers reconstructed, but he was a quack doctor, you know? It took me a month for my fingers to fully take shape.
I didn’t study as an excuse.”

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On the contrary, I thought it might have frightened Leto even more.
Then, Leto suddenly raised his head.”



Why crunch all of a sudden?

“I’m going to name the Polmion, Crunch.”

Silence fell between us at his words.

…..Were you thinking about naming that Polmion even after it bit your finger? Leto now looked like a child who received a new toy. Mommy, he’s scary. 

“Ah, oh.
But why is it Crunch?”

“It made a crunching noise when it bit my finger.”

….How should I respond to that? It was embarrassing.
In the first place, his naming skills were terrible. 

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