I was reincarnated in a horror novel (2)

We were both women now.
And I confessed to him without considering that.
I peeked at Leto’s reaction and he seemed to be embarrassed as well.
Despite that, he didn’t give me the usual cold response to such confession. 

….Was there some hope? Well, it was spilled milk anyways. 

“I like you.”

Rather, I spoke more confidently than before.
Leto suddenly shrank and looked at me warily. 

“…What are you doing?”

Leto opened his mouth with difficulty.
Still, it was better than swearing at me like earlier, so I was inwardly relieved. 

“Do you…like women?”

Instead, there seemed to be a misunderstanding. 

“I like you more than I like women.
I like you, Leah.

“I’m a girl.”

“Okay, let’s just say I like women.”

Leto’s eyes trembled at my bold words.
He seemed to be unsure about how to reply me.
In fact, confession from the same gender was a very sensitive matter in this world.
Perhaps that was why he was quite shocked by my confession.
Normally, he would have rejected me harshly, but Leto seemed to be more careful than ever. 

Alright, this was how you pushed it.

“Leah, I have a crush on you.”


“I saw you petting a rabbit.
Leah, you’re really sweet.”

“S-so what do you want?”

Leah stuttered and asked. 

So what did I want? If I told him frankly to stop killing, I felt like I was going to die in Leto’s hand at this exact moment.


Let’s just get out of here.
I definitely went too far.
Leto’s face turned pale.
He suddenly glanced at the floor and pointed to the line in the middle of the room. 

“F-first, don’t cross over here.”

“…No, I mean.
It’s too early to get married, so let’s start dating…”

“No! I don’t want to, so don’t come over.”


“I’m going to sleep, so don’t touch me.”

Leto immediately lay in bed and covered himself with a blanket.
When I rose up from the bed, he flinched and shouted, ‘Don’t come near me!’ 

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If I moved any further, his sensitivity might rise so I should stop for the day.
In the end, I lay on the bed and opened my mouth while looking at Leto. 

“Goodnight, Leah.”

He was startled but didn’t say anything.

*  *  *

“Don’t come near me.”

“Keep your distance.”

Leto was very wary of me.
When I tried to get a little closer, he flinched and ran away and when I tried to sit next to him, he jumped.
It felt strange as if ‘my’ existence had become a fearful object to Leto.

I thought of Leto.
He was abandoned by his mother and severely abused by his father.
He yearned for his mother’s love, but in fact he was not loved by anyone.
The first thing he needed the most was love. 

Giving love to him and making him feel happy were my top priority. 

It was also my goal for Leto to enjoy this academy life to the fullest.
I was worried if I could do it properly, but I still had about a year left. 

“Leah! Next up is magic drawing, let’s go together!”

When I caught up with him, Leto couldn’t even say no and just kept his mouth shut.
Even when I smiled, he just quietly avoided me.
Nevertheless, I persistently followed him and sat down next to Leto.
Not only that, I even sent him a note in the middle of class. 

[Leah, you’re so pretty today!]

At the sudden note, Leto tore the paper into pieces without hesitation.
But I was not the type to get disappointed by this.
This time, when I sent him the note again, he replied without tearing up the note.

[If you send me another note, I’ll tell the professor.]

Oh my.
I couldn’t believe you used the professor as a threat.
I wasn’t afraid, but I thought Leto would get really angry if I crossed the line so I did it in moderation.
Even after class, I flirted with Leto and chased after him.
Naturally, I took the seat in front of Leto even during lunch.

“Leah, you like strawberry jam, don’t you?”

I grinned at the sight of Leto’s plate full of strawberry jam. 

“…You’re not that tough either.”

Leto spoke to me for the first time.
He blinked in disbelief when he saw the piled up sausages on my plate.
Oh, I’ve been obsessed with sausages since I was a kid. 

“Yeah, I like sausages.
I’ll give you one, too!”

When I gave one to Leto, he stared at the sausage I gave him. 

“Did you know? When I give someone a sausage, it means I like them very much!”

PR/N : Is my mind so dirty or… sausage… XD

“…Can you do this?”

Leto suddenly asked quietly. 


“They’re going to think you’re weird.”

“Then what about it.”

“Everyone will curse at you.”

Leto was worried about everything.
I was grateful to Leto for thinking about me without paying attention to the strange noises directed at him.

‘I think you have a softer heart compared to what I read in the book.’

It was touching to see his friendly side in person.
He was actually soft-hearted. 

“It’s okay.
That’s how much I like you.
I don’t care about the other kids.”

When I said that with a smile, Leto silently ate the strawberry jam while staring at the sausage I gave him. 

“Are you not going to eat it? You don’t like sausages?”

Leto shook his head when I asked. 

“To save it for the end.”

I felt as if I was going to fly away at those words, but I tried not to show it on my face.
Leto placed a lot of strawberry jam on the end of the sausage and took a bite with his mouth.
His expression slightly brightened, as if the salty sausage was delicious with every chew. 

“Delicious, right?”

Leto simply nodded when I asked. 

*  *  *

As we headed back to the classroom after finishing our meals, I spoke to Leto again without fail. 

“Isn’t Bree acting weird these days?”

She’s hanging out with Leah and not with us.”

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But I thought I heard the classmates who I met during the entrance ceremony gossiping about me.

‘Oh, that’s interesting?’

Unlike me, who tried to listen more closely, Leto’s face hardened.
The expression was so serious that he didn’t realise that I tried to grab his hand. 


Leto smacked my hand away roughly.
Leaving my hand midair. 


I was surprised but Leto seemed equally surprised and ran away.
I tried to catch up with him but he was quick-footed and was long gone from my sight. 

“So let’s try harder and get closer!”

“We will save Bree from Leah!”

….it seemed that Leto had a big misunderstanding. 

*  *  *

I tried to look for Leto but I couldn’t find him so I entered the classroom quietly.
I could see Leto reading a book among the gathered students and felt a little disappointed. 

“I searched everywhere.
Where have you been?”


“I think you misunderstood earlier, but they didn’t actually curse at me.
They didn’t talk behind my back, so don’t worry too much.”

“Don’t talk to me.”

Leto replied coldly again.
The friendship we had from sharing the sausages earlier had long flown away.
Frustrated, I tried to sit next to Leto but he kicked the chair away.
The chair fell sideways with a loud thud. 

It was then that the noisy classroom became quiet.

“Don’t come near me.”


“Because I hate you.”

Leto left without giving me a chance to say a word.
A chilly silence hovered in the class after Leto left. 


I tried to follow after him, but my classmates quickly caught me. 

“What’s with her?”

“How Rude.
Just stop it.
That’s enough.”

….Oh, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

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