g embarrassed, I immediately erased my smile and wore my lab clothes.

It was a white sleeveless shirt and beige cotton trousers.
After entering the dressing room, I put on the lab clothes and entered the laboratory.
There, several students in white lab coats were already waiting to help me with the physical examination.

“Would you like to be examined first, Miss Pierre?”

It started with basic tests such as height, weight and blood type.
During the examination, I saw Senior Jimbo who had changed his clothes.
His arms were all exposed in the lab clothes, and his fine muscles, which weren’t visible when he was wearing his school uniform, were clearly exposed.

While the female seniors were buzzing around as they stared at Senior Jimbo, he scratched his head nonchalantly and headed to the examination room.

“I have muscles, too.”

Then Leto, who was waiting beside me, muttered.

“You have muscles?”

“……Can’t I have them?”

“But I’ve never seen them before!”

“W-Why would I show it to you?”

He had a point.

I wanted to chat more with Leto, but I also had to do other tests.

After several tests, I was escorted to a completely empty room without Senior Jimbo or Leto.
It was a small room with only one bed.
There was a slightly musty smell in the room with white ceilings and an off-white wallpaper.
It was dim and quiet, so I felt like I could sleep well.

“Then, shall I go in?”

They handed me the sleeping goggles and told me to put them on and sleep for an hour.

“I’m going in……”

Only Miss Pierre can enter this room.
Student, please sit outside and wait until an hour has passed.”

Leto tried to stay with me but was stopped by a woman.

The door closed.
I was left alone in the room.
In the room without a window, only the faint sound of passing time could be heard.
I held onto the sleeping goggles the woman gave me and crawled up the bed. 

The bed was a lot softer than I expected.
When I pulled the blanket up to my neck and wore the sleeping goggles, my body felt drowsy.
My eyes quickly shut.
Unlike my initial frightened feeling, I fell asleep rather quickly.

Please do not repost.
Read only at Dropped Inks.

* * *

I had a dream for a long time.
It was about my old memories.
An innocent girl who loved books.
Her black hair was different from what I had now, but the straight bangs were all the same.
It was a girl with a happy family in an ordinary household who was engrossed with reading horror novels for a long time.
She especially enjoyed reading a novel called .

Those scenes flashed through my mind like a flashlight.

— It’s not his fault.
Stop it.

Who is it? Who is talking?

I was crossing the crosswalk as usual when I heard a loud honk in front of me.
Turning my head, I saw a truck heading towards me.
A large truck slammed me and instantly made a huge sound. 

I felt my body falling, my head was heavy and my chest felt stuffy.
I wanted to live.

— Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

A loud alarm went off.
My heart was beating wildly and I could feel the heat in my body.
I breathed out heavily.
I felt uncomfortable as the sweat on my body made the clothes cling to me.
But more than anything, my complicated head stifled me.

I quickly got up and threw the sleeping goggles that blocked my eyes to the ground.



Familiar voices echoed around me.
My vision, which was not very visible, gradually became clearer.
I heard an alarm and saw people surrounding me.
Among them, Leto, who was holding my arm and urgently calling my name, caught my eyes.

I grabbed his arm and lowered my head again.

“What did you do to my friend!”

We didn’t do anything……”

Leto’s voice echoed again.
They really didn’t do anything.
I just had a strange and bizarre dream.
As time passed by, the loud alarm went off.
As my breathing calmed down, the heat in my body did as well.

The tight grip I had on Leto’s arms relaxed.
When I raised my head, his gaze caught my eye.
Everyone was looking at me with worried eyes.

“Ah, I’m alright.”

My voice cracked and I became startled.

“……I’m really fine, so we can continue.”


It was Senior Jimbo who cut my words.
He rose up and opened his mouth.

“The agreement says we’ll receive compensation if there’s a side effect, so you’ll pay more won’t you?”

“Oh, uh……”

“It also states, ‘The entire experiment will be terminated.’ so we can leave.”

Senior Jimbo reprimanded his friend.


“Get up, Bree.
Let’s go to the infirmary.”

“I’m really fine……”

“Let’s go.”

When Senior Jimbo spoke firmly, I shut my mouth and eventually nodded.
Senior Jimbo skillfully got me out of the bed and supported me.
Leto also clung to my side and held my arm.
I’m really fine, though……

No matter what I said, it didn’t seem like anything would change these two men’s minds.
After reassuring that I was fine to the medical students, who apologised endlessly, I exited the laboratory.
It felt like the tightness in me had loosened. 

Anyway, I realised now.
I died in a truck accident.
That’s why I reincarnated.

I wasn’t sure why I died and was possessed in the  book, but it seemed that there must be a reason behind it.
For example, to prevent Leto’s massacre.

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