Chapter 25

The Academy Spring Trip (1)

The aftereffects of the alcohol lasted for two days.
At first, I was so tired that I couldn’t concentrate in class, so Leto had to help me all day.
That wasn’t all.
During lunchtime, I swallowed sausages to calm myself down, but later in the afternoon, I got indigestion and had to lay down in the infirmary.

Feeling sorry for me, Leto made an antidote for my hangover.
But the taste was strange and the colour was bizarre, so I couldn’t swallow it.
No, I actually vomited everything to the point I felt sick in my stomach.
Though, after throwing up a little, I felt slightly better the next day.

My head was still dizzy, but fortunately, I could still manage to look at the blackboard and take notes.
The problem was that I got easily tired due to the accumulated fatigue, and had to lie down in the dorm to sleep without even having lunch. 

If there was one thing that lingered on my mind even on a hellish day, it was the memory of drinking water at the fountain while drunk.
I vividly remembered the taste of the water that person fed me, but I couldn’t figure out to who the scent or finger belonged.
Had I not been sober, I would’ve thought someone made up that strange situation.

When I carefully traced back my memory, it was either Senior Jimbo or Leto.
It was an embarrassing situation, so I didn’t bother finding out who it was.
Anyway, I fell asleep the next day as usual.

“Bree, Leah.
Take this.
They said we’re going down south to see the sea.”

Fortunately, about a day later, I was completely recovered.
While we were attending classes as usual, our class representative handed out a piece of paper to Leto and me.
It was a consent form from the academy to go to the sea in the south as if it was a reward after the exam was over.

I read the consent form carefully.
It was written that we would be going to Seora Island, a lower region in the south for 2 days and 1 night.
I was familiar with Seora Island.
It was an island that was just two hours away from my home and was a popular tourist spot.

The star-shaped island had clear emerald seas and a variety of food and souvenirs.
I thought that if I went on this trip, not only would I get closer to my classmates, but I’ll get closer to Leto too.

Then I looked at the price written at the bottom……

“Hey, I think this was written wrong……”

I grabbed the class representative, who handed out the paper and pointed to the price.
The representative examined the paper carefully and shook his head with a bright expression at my words.

“No, Bree.
That’s the price.”

“Isn’t this domestic, not overseas?”

Did it cost that much?

“Oh, it’s probably because of the train fare.
We’re going to take the VIP seats.
And look at the hotel we’ll be staying in.
It’s the most expensive hotel on the island, so it’s usually around this price.
The price of the meal is this much because we’ll be going to the best restaurants.”

My god, the money…Why would they take VIP seats instead of normal ones? Then, how do people without money like me be able to go on a trip? Not to mention the money spent on the academy, such as the tuition and student expenses, is not a small amount. 

My parents, who were living in the southern mansion, said that they worked every day because of me.
Especially my father, who stays in the study late at night to pay for my tuition.
So, if I asked them to bear the cost of this trip, it wouldn’t be strange if my parent’s spines broke at any moment.

“You don’t have to go if you feel pressured, Bree.”

Why do you keep saying cruel things with such a smile? Is it really impossible to go? I immediately became disheartened.
Considering the amount, it’s best not to go but apart from me, all my other classmates were agreeing to the consent.
As children of nobles, they could easily agree to the consent form without hesitation or feeling burdened by the cost.

“If you don’t go, I won’t go either.”

Leto said, without signing the consent form.

“And if I go?”

“I’ll go, too.”

Then, I have to go.
After all, it was a break after the exam.
It wouldn’t hurt to find a job.
But the question was whether I could earn a large amount of money in a short period of time even after finding a job.

“Oh, Bree.
Go to the office on the first floor.
If I remember correctly, there’s a system where you can get a certain amount of money back from your student loans if the conditions are met.”

“Why are you only saying that now?”

“I just remembered.
Perhaps the only people in this school who know about this system are the class representatives.”

That meant that these rich people didn’t bother using the system at all.
I’ve never done something like this before, but I felt a relative sense of deprivation.
It’s sad that I couldn’t go on a trip without money, but I’m the only kid in the class who didn’t have money.
Leto looked at me and opened his mouth.

“Do you want me to lend it to you?”

He said it nonchalantly, but I noticed that he was quite worried on the inside.
There was nothing more miserable than this.
I didn’t expect to borrow money from my best friend because I didn’t have enough money.
This won’t do.

“Leah, I’ll be going to the office.”

“Let’s go together.”

He asked to tag along, but I pushed Leto on the shoulder.

“No, I’ll go by myself.”

The conditions would depend on my family’s circumstances, but I didn’t want Leto to know the true reality of our mansion.

* * *

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The office was located in the middle of the first floor and had the largest and most stunning door among the rooms on this floor.
When I entered carefully, there were a lot of papers flying in the air.
The pen was moving by itself, writing something quickly, and the seal was stamping on paperwork.

Even if they used magic, the people still seemed to be lacking hands.
Even though I had entered, they were busy with their work.

‘Can I talk to them?’

The air didn’t seem welcoming at all.
I didn’t know who to ask so I hesitated.
I was worried that I might get scolded if I talked to them for no reason.
While I was contemplating, the flying papers in front of me lost their way and stuck to my face.


The papers tried moving forwards and were completely pressed against my face.
Breathe…Can’t breathe. 

“Hey! Student, what are you doing?”

One person saw me and cancelled the spell on the papers.
Then, the flying papers began to fall on the floor.
I saw a woman with red glasses staring at me with a frown.
Her eyes were frightening so I hurriedly picked up the papers on the floor one by one.
Why on earth are there so many papers?

After picking it all up, I approached her.

“What did you come here for?”

“I’m here to get my student loans back.
I heard that there’s a condition where I can get my student loans back……”

“Was there such a system? Rick…! Damn it, he’s not in his seat.
Wait a minute.”

Annoyed, she pulled out a blue book from the drawer and placed it down.
It was a thick book called the , which was twice the thickness of an adult’s wrist.

She skimmed through the list skillfully and quickly found the system.

“There are conditions……Do you have any land documents?”

“There’s no land documents.”

“What’s your title?”

“A baron.
Baron Pierre, a small family in the south.”

In addition to that, she asked several other conditions and asked me to bring the documents.
Fortunately, the documents were already retrieved from my family when I entered the Lexley Academy and were currently in my dorm.

“Then, it will take about a month.”

“A month later?”

One month later would already be too late! The trip to the south was just a week away! I could apply for it first, but I needed the money right now.

“Is there any other system? I need the money right now!”

She looked at me with a clear bitter look and searched through the book again.
Please let there be one, please.

“I don’t think there’s any other system.

The woman said in a tone that didn’t seem like she was sorry at all.
Will my trip be ruined like this? Or should I contact my parents and place the burden on them? In the end, I went out of the office without a single gain and only worries.

* * *

Fan translation by Dropped Inks.

The gloomy feeling continued until lunchtime.
Leto looked at me with a really pitiful expression.

“I can lend it to you.”

Yeah, I know you have a lot of money, so stop bragging.

I ate the sausage weakly, and a shadow fell on my plate.
When I raised my head, I saw Senior Jimbo standing languidly with a sleepy expression and a tray in one hand.


Just in time.”


“I’m going to study in a week.
Come then.”

“Study? Aren’t exams over?”

Why study again?

“Hartz told me that I needed to fill up my active hours to be credited for my study activities.”


I sighed deeply.
I guess the trip was going down the drain and I was more fitted to study in the library.

“I can study with you.
I didn’t even want to go on the trip.”


At Leto’s words, Senior Jimbo asked.
Then, as if he was asking back, Leto frowned and closed his mouth.

“Ah, I heard the first graders were going on a trip to the south this time.”

“Aren’t you going?”

“The second graders will be a little later.”

“Are the Lexley Academy expenses originally this expensive?”

“You don’t have money?”

The senior pierced my bones with a languid tone.
When I nodded, Senior Jimbo pondered for a while and opened his mouth carefully.

“There is a way to make money in one day.”

“I want to earn money by doing my job in an honest way.”

“I didn’t mean that it isn’t honest……”

Senior put down his tray and sat next to me.

“So it’s honest?”

“It’s a job from the academy, so it’s safe.”

The credibility of it suddenly increased when I heard that it was a job from the academy.
I placed my fork down and looked at my senior.

“I’ll do it!”


Senior asked back.
Was it something strange? Leto looked at me and the senior alternatively as if he was worried.

“I’ll do it.
You said it was safe.
It’s not strange, is it?”

“It’s very vital and safe.
It’s also benefitting the academy.”

“Then, I’ll do it.”

“……but it needs two people.”

The senior glanced at Leto in front of him. 

“……Why are you looking at me?”

“Aren’t you Bree’s friend?”

“I won’t do it.”

“It’s not difficult.
I’d be pretty relieved if a girl like you came along.
And don’t you want to go on the trip with Bree?”

At Senior Jimbo’s words, I looked at Leto.
He seemed quite troubled.

“If you don’t hurry up, I’ll find someone else……”

“I’m doing this out of pity for Briseis, not because I want to go on a trip with her.
I just want to be honest and helpful to the academy, so don’t get me wrong.
Since you said they’ll give us money, I decided I should start saving as well.
As you know, my family runs a bank.”

“So in short, you’re doing it, right?”

At Senior Jimbo’s question, Leto hesitated and nodded.
It’s done!

Come with me.”

Senior Jimbo grabbed his tray and motioned for us to follow him.
I was thrilled, but Leto had a grim expression as if he had been tricked by the senior.

It’s a job from the academy that pays a lot of money in just one day.
Although I was nervous, my kind Senior Jimbo would never recommend a shady job.

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