Chapter 15

It’s nothing, you’re in denial.

Was my intention that obvious? When I think about it, that might be the case.
Even the people around him knew how he actually felt.
Why don’t I stop clinging onto Leto and keep a little distance from now on?

Then Leto might not avoid me, but I wouldn’t be certain if he might commit a murder.
It was both a risk and a gamble.
I had never committed a calculated interpersonal relationship before.
I never tried so hard to get close to someone or make an effort to be loved.
But because of Leto, all of these things were done.

First, I went to the library and looked at Leto who sat from a distance.
He was studying calmly, without having a clue of what I felt.
I avoided disturbing him and went around to choose a book that Leto might like.

Oh, I think this is a good book.
I pulled out the thick book that had a bright yellow cover.

I tried heading towards Leto, but several other books caught my interest.

For some reason, when I looked at all of the books, they appeared to be the same kind of genre.

But, these were the only kind of books that I wanted Leto to read.
Carrying almost six books, I sat down in front of Leto.
Surprised by my presence, Leto raised his head and glanced at me.
In response to his gaze that seemed to be wondering why I was here, I pointed to the books and mouthed widely, ‘I’m reading’.

Leto scanned through my books with a displeased expression before lowering his head and moving his quill.
Watching his gesture, I also began to read the books.
I thought it would be better to read them first before recommending it to Leto, and I realised I picked the right choice. 

[ Now, hold your breath.
Stretch your hands out and slowly breathe out…… ]

It was a useful book for me, but it didn’t seem like it would work for Leto.
Leto was not the type to sit down and breathe quietly.
I closed the book and proceeded to read the other books one by one.
These were the books that I wanted to recommend to Leto, but I became rather engrossed with reading them.

As I turned the pages while losing my track of time, I failed to notice the sign of someone’s presence approaching me.
It wasn’t until the person accidentally bumped my shoulder’s that I finally noticed them.
When I raised my head, a young boy panicked and left something on my desk.

Please do not repost.
Read only at Dropped Inks.

The boy who disappeared before I could even catch him was nowhere to be seen.
I placed the book down to look around and noticed there was a bottle of milk on my desk.


What is this? Is this for me? There was also a note placed next to it.
A beautifully folded note.

[ I’ve been watching you.
If you’re interested, please come to the garden in front of the main building.
I’ll be waiting at the fountain at 2 o’clock today.

It seemed to be a confession.
Well, what should I do? I smiled, feeling a little giddy, but I felt a gaze from somewhere.
Looking up, I saw Leto staring at me with a cold face.

“……W-What’s wrong?”

I spoke quietly since it was the library.
Leto, who had been avoiding my eyes before, stared at me strangely.

He stared at me silently, then took the milk the boy had given to me earlier.

W-What is he going to do? Leto opened the bottle and swallowed the milk in one gulp.
I was stunned by the sound of Leto’s gulp and became speechless.

“Why did you drink it?!”

When I screamed in surprise, I felt the stinging gazes from the other students all around me.
I hurriedly lowered my head and glared at Leto, who had finished the entire bottle.

However, he feigned ignorance, wiped off the milk around his mouth and stood up.
Was he trying to fool me? I also stood up, leaving the books I wanted to recommend to Leto and followed after him outside the library.

“That was mine!”



I was dumbfounded and laughed vainly without realising.
You weren’t like this before, Leto!

“What did the note say?”


“You’re going to get a confession, aren’t you? Right?”

At Leto’s sharp tone, I couldn’t lie and eventually nodded.
Then, Leto’s expression hardened even more.
There were times where I couldn’t tell what Leto was thinking.
This was the case right now.

Leto thought deeply and soon smiled and approached me.

“That confession….can you go by yourself?”

……That’s not the point.
In actuality, the question was whether I should go or not.

Otherwise, I’ll feel sorry for the kid.”

What is wrong with you? Why are you suddenly being kind?




Leto, who acted concerned about the boy just now, smiled.
Something felt wrong.

“But, I’ll go with you.”

I was startled by Leto’s words.
No, why are you coming along?


“What do you mean why.
You can’t go alone.”


“I’ll go with you.”

When I hesitated, Leto opened his mouth in defeat.

“As a friend.”

……As a friend, as a friend, as a friend. At that moment, I felt like tears were going to flow.
Have you ever heard the word ‘friend’ coming out from Leto’s cold mouth? When everyone else called me by my nickname, only Leto stubbornly called me by my full name.
But I’m his friend!


Though, why do I seem like a simple person?

No, I was always a simple person.

* * *

He said at 2 o’clock today, so I have about 10 minutes left.
As I walked through the hallway of the main building, I glanced at the fountain over the window.
The boy earlier doesn’t seem to have arrived yet.

“Are you worried?”

It had always been me who followed after Leto, but now it was the opposite.
Leto followed me wandering aimlessly without heading to the library or dormitory as he usually would.
He said he would come along with me, who was embarrassed by the confession, but to be honest, having Leto around was more burdensome.
The thought of him watching made me nervous.

“Hey, Leah.”

When I called Leto gently, he moved his head down at me.

“That……I’ll just go alone–”


He said so firmly that I was afraid to finish my sentence.
Why can’t I do it? In the end, I arrived at the main building in tears and waited in front of the fountain.
It was really a nerve wrecking moment.
Fortunately, the boy whose name I didn’t know hasn’t arrived and Leto was far away from me, leaning against the tree behind him.

Please do not repost.
Read only at Dropped Inks.

Left alone in front of the fountain, I wriggled my fingers nervously.
I felt bad for the boy, so I was planning to reject the confession gently.
If you get caught dating by your parents……There’s nothing more embarrassing than that.
The problem was how to reject.
Since this was my first time ever receiving a confession, I naturally didn’t know how to do a proper rejection.
While I was thinking of ways to refuse, I heard the sound of footsteps.

It was the boy from earlier.


The boy approaching me with a shy smile looked even younger than before.
He was short, perhaps his growth spurt hasn’t ended yet.
His freckles stood out, making him appear even younger.
Still, the watch he wore shimmered, indicating he was a fairly well-off noble young master.

That item really doesn’t suit that youthful look……

“Hi, Bree.”

He came over and greeted me, already aware of my name.


On the other hand, I was tense and even more nervous than the person confessing.
Oh my god, I never knew receiving a confession would be this terrifying.
My head began to race wildly and I felt sweat run down my face.
Rather than feeling excited, I wanted to escape from this place.

“Ah, did you drink the milk I gave you earlier?”

Instead of confessing right away, he asked.


The person behind me drank it.

“That….It’s my family’s milk brand.
My family produces milk.”

“Oh? Really?”

The milk earlier definitely seemed familiar.
It was a milk brand I had been drinking since I was a kid, so I didn’t think much of it, but apparently the person in front of me came from the family that made the milk.
It was expected, as this was the Lexley Academy.
Even if there were all kinds of nobles here, I couldn’t believe that I managed to even interact with a family that produces daily necessities so easily.
The young master of said family even confessed to me.

“Actually, that’s a new milk that came out recently.
There’s a little bit of cheese in it.”


“Did it taste a little salty?”

Uh, about that.
I don’t know because I haven’t tried it…….Swallowing my thoughts, I nodded my head in difficulty.
Then, the boy’s face brightened and soon started smiling shyly again.

“Ah, sorry for the late greeting.
I’m Vivian Rawol, a mage like you.”

“Vivian……Nice to meet you.”

“If it’s alright with you, can I talk with you more?”


I was worried about Leto in the back, but I guess it would be fine if it was for a short while.
At my reply, the boy’s face lit up and soon he began to talk about his family and brothers one by one.
Vivian spoke well and interestingly.
Before I knew it, I became so engrossed with his story that Vivian had to swallow his saliva.

“So that’s why I came to the Lexley Academy……In fact, I first saw you during orientation.”


I thought back to the day when I first arrived here.
A lot of things happened that day.
A welcoming ceremony was held, I drank a lot and wandered around pitfully.

“I fell in love with you at first sight.”


“Sadly, you were in class E, while I was in class Y.
It’s too far apart.”

After saying that, he stared at me.

“So I was upset, but I really wanted to confess.”

The students around glanced towards him because of how loud his voice was.
But in particular, all I heard was the sound of a branch breaking.


Not cracking but rather snapping! The breaking sound was heard so clearly. 

I immediately recognised the sound came from Leto.

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