How to naturally get along with the male lead (4)

I stared at Leto’s back with my hand held tightly by him as we headed towards the cafeteria.
His large back felt reassuring.
Despite being in a woman’s form now, Leto felt really big.
Suddenly, I wanted to see how Leto looked as a man.

‘How handsome will he be?’

Did he feel my burning gaze? Leto turned his head and looked at me with a dissatisfied expression.
Then, he let go of my hand he had held tightly and I couldn’t hide my disappointment.
If he was going to hold my hand warmly, he should’ve held it until the end.
Why were you suddenly letting it go?

After letting my hand go, he was served with bread and soup in a bowl.
Additionally, he added a lot of his favourite strawberry jam on the plate and went to search for an empty seat.
I followed after Leto, along with a plate full of sausages.
Fortunately, there was an empty seat and as we were about to take a seat, I felt a presence beside me. 

“Hey, Leah.”

It was Kazen.
Noticing Kazen’s appearance, Leto silently ate the soup without saying a word.
I became wary of the sudden chilly atmosphere.

No, in truth, I was worried that Kazen would tell Leto everything about the magic spell I did.
Fortunately, Kazen didn’t seem to have any intention of talking about it.

“Bree, are you going to the ball?””

Kazen ignored Leto, who did not respond, and instantly shifted his gaze towards me.



“Actually, I received an invitation.”

Leto glanced at me candidly, presumably unaware.

“That’s great.
In fact, I’m also attending it but I was worried that I wouldn’t know anyone there.
As you can tell, Leah is not going.”

I was sure a lot of people would recognise him, though.
He was from a well-known family of scholars, the Adelis.

From what I read in the book, Kazen was the only talent in the family of scholars who did arts.
Not only did he perform excellently, he also showcased his skills in different areas, earning the family’s expectation from a glance.
Moreover, his face was as handsome as an idol, so he always had many friends around him.

“I see.”

“Bree, will you be my first partner at the ball?”


I was taken aback by Kazen’s sudden words.
At the same time, I heard a cracking sound in front of me.
Turns out, Leto had broken his fork. 

How much force did you apply to make that solid fork break so easily?

“Wait, Leah.
Your fork is broken.
Here, use mine.”

I handed Leto my unused fork.
He accepted the fork silently and stared intently at Kazen and I.
He appeared to be intrigued by our conversation.
Kazen glanced at me and shrugged.
That smile on his face was a little troublesome.

What’s more, everyone’s eyes in the cafeteria were focused on us……The amount of attention was unpleasant and I wanted to leave in a hurry.

Even so, I wasn’t sure what to do either.
I stuffed a sausage into my mouth.

“Bree is eating well.”


“I think I’ll have to go now, so if you have any concerns, please contact me.
To contact….maybe by a note or a letter? It will be easy to send that anyway.”

He said, probably remembering the magic I had casted on him earlier.
I didn’t think he’d recognise the spell right away.
As Kazen got up and left the cafeteria, I could feel that Leto was looking at me with a grim look.

“Are you going to the ball?”

He asked me.
Maybe Leto was interested in it as well.

Struggling to swallow the sausage that was filling my mouth, I nodded.
Leto stared at me before he resumed eating his soup without saying a word.

“I’ll die if I don’t go.”

“By who?”

Leto’s eyes flashed at what I said.
Oops, that came out wrongly.

“…..I meant I’d be scolded by my mum.”

“Is your mum forcing you to go?”

Leto looked at me with pitiful eyes.
There seemed to be a misunderstanding.

“No, you’re mistaken……My mum asked me.
Pleaded me to go.”

“You can’t miss it, right?”

Hey, why were there so many questions today? When I nodded, Leto sighed deeply and stood up.
I thought he had finished his meal, but Leto barely touched his soup, let alone his bread.
There were still two hours left before the next liberal arts class.

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When I tried to get up as well, Leto pressed my head with his hand and made me sit down.

“I’m going to the library to study, so eat.”

As expected, you were diligent.
When I nodded, Leto left the cafeteria first.

* * *

I went to the dormitory instead of the library and was greeted with an empty room.
First off, I watered and stroked the Polmion on my desk.
The initially hostile Polmion was surprisingly obedient with me.
It appeared to be the same case with Leto’s Crunch.

Perhaps Leto had forgotten to water Crunch today, Crunch was slightly drooping .

I felt a little sorry, so I tried to pour some water to Crunch.


Suddenly, Crunch bared its teeth and bit my finger.
When I pulled my hand back in surprise, Crunch looked sullen and lowered its head again.
It seemed that it hadn’t meant to bite my finger, but rather display its affection.
When I held out my finger again, Crunch exposed its teeth and slightly nibbed my finger.
I thought it follows me better than Leto did…..

“Good boy.”

The moment I was about to smile and pat Crunch’s head, the door opened and Leto appeared.
Perhaps he had forgotten a book, but when Leto entered the dorm, his eyes widened when he saw Crunch and I.
He immediately ran towards me, hugged me and stepped backwards.

He noticed the tiny blood on my finger.
It was the blood from when I accidentally cut my finger from pulling my hand away from Crunch earlier.
Despite the small amount of blood, Leto’s face went pale.

“Are you okay?”

He looked at my finger then turned towards Crunch with a cold gaze.
Leto, who was staring at Crunch, suddenly lifted it up and strode towards the window. No way? When Leto opened the window, I hurriedly grabbed Leto’s arm that was holding Crunch..


“Let go! I have to throw it away!”

When Leto shouted, I held onto his arm tightly without letting go.

“Crunch was just nibbling my hand! It was only expressing its affection!”

“….You’re bleeding!”

“That was my fault! Come on, stop it!”

When I screamed loudly, Leto exhaled gravely and gradually lowered his arm down.
Crunch shrank down, unable to do anything from Leto’s sudden action.
I hastily took Crunch from Leto and held it in my arms.
Leto looked alternately between me and Crunch.


I understood it.

He must have mistakenly thought that my finger was bitten like how Crunch had bit his finger in the past.
As Leto stood silently with shaky eyes, I quietly placed Crunch down.
Nevertheless, I was still touched that Leto had protected me, so I gently touched his hand.
Leto’s hand was dragged helplessly by me.

Thank you for worrying about me.”

When I said that, his eyes widened and he simply stared at me.


“But Leah, don’t try to hurt anything with these hands anymore.”


Silence briefly lingered in the air.
He glanced at Crunch on the floor before finally opening his mouth.

“……You broke the rules.”


“Ninth, do not touch or trigger the other person’s Polmion.

I did.

“Sigh, but I was just trying to water it.”

“Anyway, you touched it.”

It was unfair.
When I pouted my lips, Leto looked at me with a slightly softened face.

“Give me a massage.”

It couldn’t be helped.
I had no choice but to use my talented hands to make Leto fall in love with me.
I placed Crunch back on the desk and nodded.
There was still an hour left until our liberal arts class, so I would loosen Leto’s stiff muscles in the meantime.

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After Leto laid on the bed naturally, I stretched my hands out and sat on Leto’s hip.

“W-What are you doing?”

As Leto exclaimed in panic, I placed my hand on his back without hesitating.

“Well, it can’t be helped.
I usually do massages like this.”

“What do you mean…..Ooh.”

A soft moan escaped Leto’s mouth as I pressed down the muscles on his back.
Leto’s shoulders were stiffer than I thought.

I could feel his muscles, perhaps he had worked out a lot.
His bones also felt thick.
Overall, he was in good shape.
He also had a good body.
Out of the countless people I’ve massaged, have I ever touched such a wonderful body?


But the problem was…The sound.
It was a little erotic for Leto, who was completely accustomed to my taste, to make that noise.

“….Uhm, there.”


A little more……Feels good.”

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Leto’s voice, which was completely relaxed and drowsy, felt even more seductive.
I was wondering if I should continue, but at the sight of Leto’s contended face, my hands regained their strength.

This time, Leto flinched when I moved my hand to his sides rather than his back.
When he hurriedly lifted himself, my body, which was sitting on his hips, fell down to the bottom of the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“No you, what are you doing? Where are you touching me?!”

He cried out with a red face.
No, I haven’t even touched your side yet, did I?

“Your side! You asked for a massage!”

“Yo-You, do this to m-me…..!”

He stuttered.

“No matter how much I like you, I won’t attack you recklessly, Leah.”

When I said it blatantly, Leto’s face turned completely red as if it was going to explode.

“I’m leaving!”

“To where?”


He hastily grabbed the book on his desk and left the room.
Leto, who was weak in this aspect, was adorable so I hurriedly grabbed a book and followed after him.

“Let’s go together, Leah!”

The problem arose the next day in the dormitory, ‘No men are allowed to enter.
Sexual interactions in the dormitory are strictly prohibited’.
Leto and I, who had caused a huge misunderstanding, eventually agreed that we should remove the massages if I broke the rules.

Instead, we made a new penalty – If I broke the rules, I would do everything Leto asks me to do for one whole day. 

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