The whole room was dark.
It was so dark that not a single light could be seen.
Standing in a room full of darkness, she looked around.
Wasn’t the Duke there? Just as she was about to expose a little doubt, a familiar yet unfamiliar smell lingered at the tip of her nose.

She took a deep breath.
The Duke, who she did not know when he came, was standing right in front of her.
It was dark in the room, so it was hard to see, but the outline was clear.
The Duke silently looked down at her without saying a word.
She swallowed her saliva as she felt her skin stand up.

At that time, a twilight light began to enter the room faintly.
She looked up and saw a golden full moon floating in the sky through the window.
The moment she moved her gaze again, she was startled by the dark red eyes she met.

“…So, what do you want to talk about at this hour?”

She had to answer, but somehow her voice didn’t come out easily.



“That is…”

“That is?”

She could feel the Duke’s voice gradually changing into something she didn’t like.
That was how it should be.
Whatever it was, why did it suck?

“I mean bread.
If it’s disappointing… Did you finish it? Actually, it was delicious, but you didn’t show it because you were shy? Shall I make it again?”

But she soon regretted it.
Even if she had to say it, what was the point of asking such a thing? It was embarrassing enough to make her want to hide right away if there was even a mouse hole.
It was a time when she took a step backwards thinking that she should just leave like this.

“That’s it.”

She was rather surprised by the Duke’s completely unexpected reaction.


“Make it again? I wonder how much worse it will taste.”

Having said that, the Duke stretched out his hand toward her.
For a moment, she closed her eyes without realizing it.

“Don’t just stand there doing what you’re doing.
Sit down on the cow.”

When she opened her eyes, the dark room was suddenly bright.
Oh, he was just trying to turn on the lights.
She was scared for nothing.
Embarrassed, she quickly walked over to the sofa and sat down.

The Duke sitting on the couch across from her stared at her obliquely.

“So what do you say?”


“Didn’t you come here because you had something to say?”

He was right.
She thought for a moment.

She couldn’t figure out what to say to make the Duke listen to her properly.
The man in front of her had no clear evidence, so he was the type of person who wasn’t immediately convinced.
She didn’t think she could convince such a person with words.

“Do you remember the last time the Duke grabbed my shoulder?”

The Duke’s brow furrowed slightly at her sudden words.
She didn’t care and continued talking.

“Well, looking at it, I noticed that my shoulder was black and bruised.
What’s the point of leaving it as it is? So, where are you going?”

The Duke got up from his seat, opened the door beside him, and went inside.
She stared blankly at the door the Duke entered in absurdity.
Did he decide that he didn’t even need to listen to what she said and went in alone?

As she was contemplating whether to wait or leave, the door opened and the Duke came out.
There was something in his hand, and it seemed that he had risen from his seat on the way.
The approaching Duke jerked the rope at her from what was in his hand.
She was momentarily surprised, but she dutifully received the thrown object.

“What’s this?”

“It is medicine.”



No, why all of a sudden the medicine? Was he giving it to her because she said she was bruised because of him? However, the man in front of her was by no means a kind person.
Had he gone insane after eating the bread she gave him?

“Now you won’t be able to say unnecessary things.
Talk about the main topic.”

Then it was.
She shook her head and brought out the theory that the purpose of coming here was capital.

“The reason I’m looking for this is because of the lady-in-waiting.”

“…the lady-in-waiting?”


“There’s a situation that feels a bit suspicious, so I’m going to go talk to the Duke.”

The Duke’s eyes narrowed slightly.

He didn’t do anything to figure out what her words meant.

“Who are you talking about?”

“A girl with short hair named Ann.”


The Duke’s answer was not very refreshing.
He thought she was saying nonsense, so he’s acting like that.

“A while ago, while I was sleeping, a lady-in-waiting entered the room without a sound.
I saw that she was sharpening candles.”


“The lady-in-waiting said that it was a candle with herbal ingredients, but she said she had to sharpen it.
But to me, it was a candle that was barely worn out, so it was strange to bother going.
Besides, when I woke up, I was overly surprised.”

“So it’s just a heart attack.”

“But don’t you think it’s suspicious?”

“Well, I’m not sure.”

The Duke laughed at her with a sneer.
Momentarily, she was slightly moved, and she even said something that she didn’t have to do.

“Even the Duke couldn’t find the proper evidence that I kidnapped Lian.”

The Duke, who had been leaning loosely on the cow, brought his face closer to her.

Things are a little different now.
Because the curse hanging on you is proof of the kidnapping.”

She couldn’t help but question that statement.

“What the hell is the curse hanging over me?”

“Do you think I don’t know that you are pretending not to know?”

“I don’t know, so I ask.
I have nothing to do with that wizard.”

At this point, another question arose.
He didn’t believe her, but she wondered why the Duke was so full of distrust of people.
Was it because his sister died in a carriage accident and her son, Delian, was even kidnapped? For that reason, she was somewhat convinced.
But he was still doing it too much.
How could he not believe what people say?

Just before she exploded, the Duke pulled her back and said,

“You seem to want to hear it through my mouth, so I’ll let you know.”

The Duke decided to put up with it without much luck.
But, shouldn’t they find out what kind of curse it was?

“It’s a brainwashing method for obeying you.
Curse-type magic in which action and subordination are intertwined is a kind of magic.”

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