“…Remove Delian.

At the Duke’s command the knight reached out to take his child from her but before he could reach it, the child started to cry.

A knight paused for a moment, then took his hand and looked at the Duke.



The duke glared at her with a murderous intent, so she averted her gaze.
She didn’t do anything, but that man…

“Take it off.”

The duke gave the order once more.
The knight took a breath for a moment and then he forcibly removed the child from her.

“Take him out.”

The knight took the crying child and hurried out.
In the room, where the cries of the child had disappeared, an atmosphere of incomparable silence flowed.

“What the hell did you do to Delian?”

“…I don’t know either.”

“You seem calm about not knowing.”

No matter what she said, the Duke only accepted it crookedly.
As expected, the Duke seemed to have completely concluded that she was the kidnapper of his son.

‘Let’s pour out everything we have to say.
Wouldn’t that be less embarrassing?’

Whether she was going to be put in jail or whatever.

“Does the Duke think I’m one of the people who kidnapped Delian?”

“What excuse are you going to make again?”

The Duke let out a sneer.

“Isn’t this an induction, because there is no physical evidence that it was me and that’s why I was brought to this place and not a prison?”

His eyebrows twitched slightly.

“There is no evidence, so you brought me here to dig it up.”

It was a guess, but she thought it would be almost tasteless.
As described in the original book, the Duke tended to wait a little longer for uncertain situations.
That’s why he brought her to himself, not to prison.

“…Contrary to rumors, it seems that your head isn’t bad at all.”

The Duke stared at her with narrowed eyes before giving an order to the knights.

“For now, put her in jail.”

The flight attendants got up and dragged her outside.

* * *


She let out a sigh at the loudly ringing stomach.

“…I’m starving to death…”

It must have been half a day since she was trapped there.
She couldn’t check the outside, so it was difficult to count the exact time.
It’s fortunate that the conditions in the prison weren’t very bad.
It was a flaw that her arms and legs were still tied, but it seems like she escaped the worst for now, but that was the problem.
She didn’t know how the Duke would draw conclusions in an unconventional way.
She couldn’t even guess.


Leaning against the wall, she stared into space.
As she tried to remain tied up, her mind kept going blank.
Was the child still crying? Earlier, when the knight forcibly took him off, he was screaming and crying.

Why did she possess such a character in that book? Why did she have an accident before possessing it? Why was the peacock Duke so handsome?


Even in that situation, why was she thinking about the Duke’s appearance? It was absurd even when she thought about it.

She shook her head.

“What if he is handsome? He is a human who doesn’t hesitate to do crazy things to the female lead.”

Duke Kayden Nathan was praised for his outstanding abilities in all fields.
Study if study, swordsmanship if swordsmanship.
He was, indeed, gifted in many ways, drawing too much attention from those around him.
After he inherited the title of Duke, he followed even the coy check of the emperor.
And the premise has become severe enough to show on the outside.
Because of none other than the heroine, ‘Diana Blond’.

‘Ivan Recardo’, the emperor of the Rotancia Empire, was the main male lead in the book.
In other words, the emperor was a person who was practically connected to the female lead.
Unlike the Duke, who was the sub-male lead.
Perhaps because of his position as a sub-male lead, the Duke couldn’t win the heart of the female lead at all.

Obsession was the basics, and there was no way that good feelings would arise from humans who go further and commit crimes without hesitation.

“…It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.”

Recalling the countless acts the Duke had committed to obtain the female lead, she felt her tongue click.
Of course, the Duke didn’t always do crazy things, because he tried his best to be nice to his son, ‘Delian Nathan’.

Yes, Delian Nathan…

It was also the name of the child, a person related to the reason why she was put there in prison.
In practical terms, the child was not the Duke’s real son.
Delian Nathan was the son of the Duke’s sister, ‘Berca Nathan’, and the Viscount, ‘Liam Germann’, so the reason Delian Nathan became the Duke’s successor was because of a disturbing accident.

His parents, Berca Nathan and Liam German, lost their lives in a fall while out in a carriage.
After that, the one who took Delian Nathan, who was left alone, was, of course, the Duke.
Because the only thing that was precious to the Duke was his sister, Berca Nathan.
There was no way the Duke would not have spared the child, who was the blood of his sister.
In fact, if you put all the contents described in the book together, the quality was so high that it was extreme.

And in the mind of such a character, she was one of the culprits who kidnapped Delian.

As she let out a sigh, her limp body came into view.

“But why is my body like this?”

She didn’t know it before, but her body was strangely heavy.
It seemed like a sign right before one got sick, did she have a fever? It seemed a little hot, so she let go of her breath.


She had been tied up and dragged around for a while, and she hadn’t eaten properly, so that’s understandable.
She thought she might be a bit sleepy there.

She blinked her eyes slowly.
It’s still bad news, so it’s okay to sleep a little bit.
She thought she would fall asleep like that.


She barely lifted her heavy eyelids at the sound of footsteps coming from somewhere.

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