I have something to ask you.”


“The curse that hangs over me.
Is there any way to completely break it?”

He thought for a moment, then opened his mouth.

“There is Allegro Bian.
He is the master of the Magic Tower.”

If it was Allegro Bian, she knew about him.
Because he was described simply in the book.
Was he the eccentric and materialistic type?

“…I’ve heard of him, but what about him?”

“He said he really wants to see you.”


“He heard everything about your curse from me.
So it might be helpful to meet you too.”

“I’m sure it is.
But what about him?”

What’s the reason for wanting to meet her? Just using him… she sensed that the Duke didn’t like him very much.
He said he had such an eccentric temperament, so he wouldn’t be happy to say that he was a Duke.

“I’ll arrange a place soon.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, take good care of Deliam.”

“Don’t worry.
I’m doing my best to take care of him.”

The Duke snorted lightly.
He was dumbfounded by the look, but he wasn’t in a bad mood.
Contrary to what she initially feared, the walk with the Duke ended well.

* * *

A few more days passed after that.
In the meantime, big and small changes have taken place in the mansion.
Goods were brought in and out of the mansion, and the employees changed noticeably.
Anyway, the hectic days continued, and today has finally calmed down.

She looked at Lubart, who said something unexpected.

“…Are we going out?”

If you don’t mind, how about taking a tour of the capital together with Lord Deliam?”

“It doesn’t matter to me, but will the Duke give us permission?”

“Of course, the Duke allowed it.”

No, that person gave permission?


That’s right.
He also said it would be nice to go out with the young lady.”

“Anyway, why visit the capital?”

Just as Lubart was about to reply, Liam burst inside.
The child was strangely excited.

“Elia! Are you going to see the capital? Is that so?”

He said he was only at the mansion and went out, so he must be doing it because he liked it, but was it her imagination that it looked like there was something more? At that time, Lubart whispered in her ear.

“Actually, the first day of next week is Lord Deliam’s birthday.”

In an instant, her mind flashed.
Deliam’s birthday was next week? She was embarrassed to know now, but it was even more confusing that there was less than a week left.
No, why didn’t anyone tell her until now? She looked at Lubart with an absurd feeling.
And the butler cleared his throat and hinted that he hadn’t thought of it.

She whispered to Lubart while watching the child running around in place, still excited.

“What does that have to do with going out today?”

“Lord Deliam said he wanted to receive a birthday present in advance…”

“Then, is the present that Liam wants to receive in the capital?”

“Yes, it is.”

Now she understood the situation.
Apparently, the Duke had to protect his baby so much that he would hardly ever leave the mansion.
So, he must have wanted to visit the capital without knowing it.
He tried to endure it until his birthday, but it seemed like he decided to go today because he couldn’t wait anymore.

“Do you want to go out with me?”


Let’s go then.”

Going out was no problem.
However, she wanted to prepare something as a birthday present for a child with less than a week left.
Before that, she would have to have money to do anything or not.
After thinking for a while, she whispered to Lubart.

“Then you give me money separately?”

Even so, the duke told me to buy it freely if there is something he wants to buy.”

If that were the case, she would buy a birthday present without the child’s knowledge when they go out today.
She didn’t know if she would b able to do it without being caught by the child, though.

“When are we going? Are we going now?”

Looking down at the child stomping his feet, she asked Lubart.

“Can we go now?”

“It doesn’t matter.
If you return to the mansion before sunset.”

“Then we’ll go now.”

“I think it would be good for both of you to wear this before then.”

Lubart handed her what was in her maid’s hand.
It was a rob that covered all the way down her head.

“Anyway, since both of you have outstanding looks, I thought they needed something to cover up, so I prepared it.”

“Surely so.
Thank you.”

Quickly putting on their robes, she and the child followed the maid.
As she left her mansion, she saw a carriage ready right in front of her.
In addition to Jade and Richard, who originally followed her, there were three other knights standing next to it.
Somehow, she thought that Richard and Jade’s outfits look simpler than usual.
It seemed that they had already heard the story and were ready.

She climbed onto the carriage with Deliam and the door closed with a click.

There must be a lot to see in the capital, right?”

“Is this your first time visiting the capital?”


“Where are we going?”

“A library!”


“They say there is a central library in the center of the capital! They say there are a lot of books there.
So I’m going there.”

Of course, she knew he would want to go to such a noisy place like a market or a shopping mall.
It reminded her of the fact that the child had a high academic fever.
By the time she was talking with the child for a while, the carriage stopped.

[Lord Deliam.
We have arrived at the Central Library.]

At that, the child grabbed her hand and opened the door.
Richard, who was about to open the door from the outside, looked a little flustered.
The child didn’t care, got out of the wagon and led her.
The carriage seemed to have been parked right in front of the main entrance of the library.

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