r head at the lady-in-waiting’s words.

“Liam, I’ll be back then.”

“Yes, please come.”

“…But, can you be well?”

It was true that she was a little worried.
She didn’t know before, but now the child would be terribly depressed if she was away even a little bit.
The child who blinked his eyes tilted his head.

“But you’re coming back, aren’t you?”

For a moment, without realizing it, she shut her mouth… Yes, of course she would come back, but she wouldn’t be able to keep coming back.
As written in the contract, when her reputation was completely cleared, then it was goodbye to this place.
But there’s no need to even say that so she smiled at the child, hiding her true feelings.

“Of course.”

“That’s all right.”

“I’m really going to go now.”


Leaving the child in the room, she came out with the maid.
As she crossed the hallway, the eyes fixed on her were more than usual.
Every employee passing by was glancing at her.
She’s wearing a mask, so she wouldn’t be very impressed because her appearance was covered… As soon as she left the mansion, she immediately got on the carriage that she saw.
The Duke was already riding in the carriage.

She sat across from him, careful not to wrinkle her dress.
Soon after, the wagon started moving.
The scenery outside the window gradually passed by with a sense of speed.


She turned her head at the sound of paper falling.
The Duke was looking down at the thick paper roll.
She knew he was busy, so she didn’t care.
Rather than that, she couldn’t take her eyes off the Duke’s appearance.
She couldn’t look closely because of the situation earlier, but the Duke’s current appearance deserved admiration.
It was as if a halo shined through the already splendid appearance.

As she was staring at him, the Duke raised his gaze.


“Because I thought you were handsome again.”

“You wouldn’t be able to see it because you were wearing a mask, but you say the right thing with your mouth.”

“It’s only covered up to the bottom of the eyes.
And you’re really handsome.
You know that, too, don’t you?”

The Duke suddenly shut his mouth.
It seemed a little flustered, so she felt strange.
She looked at the Duke quietly, but his mouth opened.

“If you have something to say, say it.”

“So what?”

Was it okay if she asked?


“My father, is he in prison?

“For now.
Are you curious?”

“My father must have made a fuss about it.”

“According to reports, yes.” 

“What do you plan to do?”


The Duke gave an ambiguous answer.
She was very suspicious of the Viscount’s conduct, so she would like to ask him to do a background investigation… It was time to look into the Duke’s eyes for a moment.

“We plan to lock him up for a few more days and release him outside as appropriate.”

“…Release him?”

“Assisting someone to monitor his every move.”

The Duke looked at her closely as he said that.
It’s as if he was expecting her reaction.


“Do you have anything to say?”

“Yes? No.”

What could she say to him that he would do? After looking at her for a while, he lowered his head with a look that seemed to have lost interest.
And soon silence fell in the carriage.
But it didn’t feel too uncomfortable, so she was comfortable.

While she was looking through the window, she opened her eyes wide at the castle that was visible in the distance.
Could it be that there was a yellow castle? It seemed fitting that the majesty could be felt even from a distance.
After a while, the carriage stopped and a voice was heard outside.

[Duke, we have arrived at the imperial castle.]

“Get off now.”


The Duke, who opened the door, got out of the carriage first and held out his hand.
After hesitating for a moment, she quickly put her hand on the staring eyes and lowered it.
All the people at the entrance were looking in their direction.

It seemed that she was fortunate to be wearing a mask since her face was about to be pierced.
Thanks to the mask too, she could hide her facial expressions.

The Duke and she were escorting each other holding hands, mostly as partners pinning each other.
First of all, they were nominally partners, so she guessed it was ok to hold hands.

She looked down at the large hand that covered all of hers.
It was a thick, hard hand.
There were quite a few calluses here and there.
It wasn’t long before she reached the door leading to the venue.

“Kayden, Duke Nathan.
Just let them know that the person next to me is my partner.”

“All right.”

At the words of the Duke, the attendant nodded and shouted inward.

“His Excellency Duke Kayden Nathan and his partner enter.”

The moment I set foot on the coast, she became nervous by the enormous gaze of the people there.
Even though she went to the center of the league, the eyes were hardly taken away.
Because of nervousness, the gait felt unnatural and dirty.

“There’s nothing to worry about.
It’s all just pointless glances.”

The Duke’s voice made her raise her gaze.
The black eyes on the inside of the cage turned red towards her.
As they met those gazes for a long time, strangely, the seal began to peel.

“It’s been a while.
Duke Nathan.”

She raised her head at the cool voice that pierced her ears.
A man wearing a blue mask with long silver hair was standing in front of him.
The purple eyes on the inside of the mask glowed dimly.
She instinctively realized who that man was.

Marquis Pasion Dior.
The one who instigated Deliam’s kidnapping while having an antagonistic relationship with the Duke.

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