They didn’t encounter any dangerous situations at the mountain they visited.

Even though they have only been here for once, they seem to be more familiar with the mountain road than the last time they came.

‘The only trouble was that the path along the mountain was wet and slippery.

It had rained two days ago, but since it was quite a heavy rain, there were several places that weren’t completely dried yet.

Normally, it should be snowing rather than raining in the Northern Region, but Ardenum, where Edgar resides , was a different story.

The temperature is relatively mild thanks to the location being in the southernmost part of the northern region.

In addition, since it is right next to the sea, it was also a place where it often rained rather than snowed.

‘The trees haven’t completely dried up yet.’

Not to mention, he couldn’t even get some sunlight in , because of these thick vegetation.

If this was flat area, the fact that the mid was rather soft could help, but on a mountain road, it could act as a landslide by the slippery grass.

“Ariel, walk carefully.”

“Don’t worry.
Are you afraid that I will fall again?”

“… … .”

Although Edgar had many things he wanted to say, but he struggled to swallow them all back.

Although she was only ten years old, or perhaps because she was ten years old, Ariel was often overconfident in her abilities.

Watching her like that by her side made him feel uneasy, like his own child who was always being put on the water’s edge.
(Meaning he is always afraid of her getting into trouble.)

When he turned his head and looked back at the way they had come, he could see that they had already walk deeper than he thought.

Going any further than this would be dangerous.

He wanted to avoid situations that could be dangerous since he knew that wild animals such as wild boars also live in this mountain.

‘Besides, it’s also hard to tell the way back.’

There was no man made path for people to walk on, but it was a situation where they had to skimp through the branches and grassy patch of the forest.

If you went deeper into the forest by mistake, you probably won’t be able to find the way back down the mountain.

He doesn’t wants to be the center of the joke about being the young master in distress trapped on the mountain behind his own mansion, so Edgar decided to stop the girl’s steps by turning her attention appropriately at this point.

“By the way, Ariel, how did you make that magic?”

” Yes? Magic?”

Edgar stepped onto the flat rock right next to him and asked casually.

If the person accompanying you on a hike like this stops, you naturally follow and stop.

Only then did Ariel stop her busy legs and respond to Edgar’s words.

“I heard that few people can use magic, even adults.
But how did you learn?”

“Ah, I don’t know too much, but in my family there is something called the magic of dominance.”

‘As expected.’

‘I had a glimpse of it in a book.’

The sole power that made the present Robeheim family exist, and the reason why they were able to reign as the rulers of the north.

The lineage of the Robeheim family consists of enormous magical power.

The name of the magical power of domination, comes from the legends, that the first head of the Robeheim family used this magical power to make all the Northern peoples submit to him as his subordinates.

‘The legend may be false, but the lineage is certain.’

Just by looking at the aura he had seen earlier, it was easy to envision how much enormous the magical power she had in her possession.

Because she is still young, she must have magical powers leaking out to the surroundings according to the changes in her emotions.

Now, he just prays that he doesn’t fall victim to that unruly magical power.

“That magical power has a unique nature, so people in my family were able to weild the magic like our own limbs from their young age.
Awesome isn’t it?”


This time, it wasn’t a flattering tone to please the princess, but an admiration that came from the heart.

Because there is distance of a whole world apart between Edgar and the word magic.

Edgar was born with less magic power, but above all, it was impossible to use magic because he had a special constitution that did not circulate magic power.

In other words, there is magic in the body, but the cannot be exercised.

He has one of the rarest and most miserable constitutions in this world, and thanks to that, he is unable to use magic at all.

It was to compensate for these shortcomings that he decided to improve his body more.

Perhaps that’s why he is envious of Ariel, who was born with a talent that he did not have.

‘I envy the little 10-year-old kid .’

In addition, those with great power were also given such responsibilities.

The eldest daughter of the Robeheim family, someday the title will weigh on the little girl’s body.

Although he don’t know if he will be able to stand by this girl side when the time comes, at least to be able to catch up with her, I can not have envy but confident.

He was so lost in his own thoughts for no reason , that he couldn’t even pay attention to Ariel.

When Edgar groaned and came to his senses, worried red eyes were already watching him.

“Ed, what happened? Your face is wierd.”

“You are the one who is wierd.
It sounds strange when you say that.”

Of course, he has never thought of himself as handsome.

In the first place, he was born with the face of Chi Wo Wo , his former self from his previous life.

He particularly didn’t remember thinking that he was ugly, but compared to the characters from the romance fantasy world, he was nothing more than a squid.


On the other hand, Ariel was already in the shape of a beautiful flower bud before blooming , at the age of ten.

He sees this kind of face from time to time, so how can he not lose his self-esteem about his own face?

Ariel: “Well, I didn’t mean that.
You stupid.
I asked because you looked serious.”

Edgar: “I know, I’m just kidding.
It’s nothing, so you don’t have to worry.”

Ariel: “I’m glad to hear that, but…….”

Ariel examine Edgar’s facial expressions until the point where he feels uncomfortable.

‘I appreciate your concerns, but your eyes really bothered me.’

In the middle of the day, a clear shining crimson red eyes are staring at you, and how many people will be able to ignore it.

”You’re quiet quick to catch the change in expressions.”

Normally, she’s busy playing around, and she’s an immature princess who likes to play pranks on him, but she was sharp at this.

Especially since she was so good at examining the complexion of others or reading their mood that even Edgar was often caught off guard by her.

Maybe it’s the trait of the descendants of the Robeheim family, who have won the battle for power among the bloody nobles.

Ariel: “Let’s not worry about anything and sit down and rest.
My legs hurt.”

Edgar: “Did your legs hurt?” Then I’ll help you…….”

Ariel: “Actually, it doesn’t hurt very much.”

Still, it was the first time in a while that the maverick princess made such a face, so he decided to keep his mouth shut.

It’ll only be dangerous if they go further into the mountains anyway.

It would be best to talk moderately here, kill time, and quietly return to the mansion.

“Wouldn’t Mrs.
Helena be looking for us by now?”

“No, it’ll be fine yet.”

What makes you so sure?

Helena showed mercy the last time they run to the mountain, but this time it will be hard to get over it.

He, too, would be caught in the hands of his mother, Katria, and be very embarrassed.

A deep sigh escaped his lips as he imagined for the worst.

“It’s dangerous to go in any further, so let’s stop here.”

“Why? Is there anything scary in there?”

“There are rumors that there are wild boars and wolves lives on the mountain.
This is not a place for kids like us to go.”

Edgar deliberately exaggerated the rumors a bit.

If it wasn’t to this extent, the immature princess wouldn’t immediately accept it.

However, it seems that this girl’s curiosity and determination were bigger and stronger than he expected.

“A wild boar and a wolf!? Do you miss me!”

“… uh?”

The red eyes that had been dimmed a moment ago were relived instantly.

‘Did I choose the wrong wording?

Unfortunately, there was no backup function in the world, and there was no way to take back the words that are spoken.

“I’m doomed.”

Edgar cursed his poor judgement that he couldn’t even anticipate his childhood friend’s behavior.

“Honestly, this is unfair.”’

If God is watching this scene, wouldn’t it be ethical for him to rewind the time to five seconds ago?

He thought it could happen so from the bottom of his heart.

Helena, holding her daughter’s hand, visited the Bilhark family after a long while of absence.

Having a nice and cozy chat with her old friend Katria, Helena raised her eyebrows at the behavior of the maid who burged in without knocking.

“Lady, My Lady! It’s bad!”

“What’s going on? Sheffy.”

It wasn’t because it broke the fun atmosphere.
Because she wasn’t that sensitive.

It is just because she saw Sheffy, who usually maintained her cool demeanor, now losing her composure and sweating profusely.

“Oh, the lady is gone! Master Edgar……!”


It was not Helena, but Katria, who reacted abruptly to Sheffy’s words.

A similar thing happened the last time Helena and Ariel visited together.

At the time, Helena didn’t reprimanded them much and pass it on, saying that such things will happens when children are playing together.

But if such an accident happened twice, the story was different.

“…Have you searched in the mansion throughly?”

“Yes… I searched everywhere outside, including inside the mansion, but I couldn’t…….”

“Okay, let’s calm down.
Katria, you and Young Master Edgar are the only ones who suffer because of our immature daughter.”

“Oh, no.
How can it be the princess’s fault?

Even if it was actually Ariel’s fault, there was no way she could say such a thing in this situation.

Katria scolded herself with her head down, saying it was her fault for not teaching her child.

Helena watched this with a pitiful expression, and reached out and patted her shoulder.

“Let’s find the children first.
Sheffy, release all the soldiers right now and search the area.
It’s likely that they gone to the mountains like last time, so search mainly around there.”

“Yes, My lady.”

Sheffy busily run out of the living room.

Helena, who gave a series of instructions without losing her composure as much as possible, now slumped in a chair as if she lost all her energy.

She was worried about her missing daughter, but she was not concerns about what should be done when the little girl returns.
It’s easy for a child to commit the same mistake again.


A deep sigh flowed out and filled the room.

That immature princess must be running around not knowing that her mother is so serious.

If she had gone to the mountains again, Edgar would have stopped her.
Because he was born like that so.

Nevertheless, repeating the same behavior without listening to advice means that it is time to strongly admonish her as a mother.

“Don’t worry, ma’am.
I’m sure the soldiers will find it in a short time.”

“Yes, thank you, Katria.”

Dark clouds instantly filled the peaceful atmosphere.

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