Anxiousness won’t disappear just because you have made a firm descion.

The problem he has to face is still there.

Edgar, who stayed awake all night, left the mansion as soon as morning broke.

The sword he had received from Helena was stuck in his waist, and a wooden sword that had been replaced with a new one three times already was in his hand.

When you have a lot of worries, it is best to move around your body alittle to distract yourself well.

Originally, it would be better to go to sleep after a simple breakfast, but it is hard for him to fall asleep easily given his state of mind.

“It’s a bit late today”.

“What, what brings you here?”

When he reached the spot he used to practice daily, there was an unexpected guests and she seems to has arrived earlier than him.

Ariel, after confirming that the person she has been waiting for a long time has arrived, she got up from the shabby wooden box she was leaning against earlier.

“Since I have already woken up earlier, I decided to come see the progress of your magical abilities.”

“I was actually thinking about asking you to test me yesterday, but there were a series of events and yesterday’s atmosphere wasn’t good enough, which prevented me from doing so.
Thank you.”

Ariel slowly approaches him, smiling as if she knew everything.

Her left little finger was decorated with a magic-catalyzed ring that could help her use magic better, as if to inform her that she was ready.

Ariel – “Why? Do you want it?”

Edgar – “I can’t even use it even if you give it to me, still I want it though.”

Edgar shrugged his shoulders towards Ariel, who asked him in a subtle tone, and pulled out the sword from his waist.

It’s a kind of ring that catalyst the use of mana sufficiently and he also knew that it is something that a rookie like him couldn’t handle recklessly.

It is an item that maximizes the user’s mana, but in return, it also consumes a considerable amount of mana.

It also meant that it was an object that could not be used recklessly unless he/she was born with a vast amount of magical power like the domination like the blood descendants of the Grand Duke.

“You’re only here to test my measly magic power, is there a need to take such a powerful item with you?”

He atleast knew about the information on the ring, an objest which can demonstrate her magic prowess beyond her limitations.

Therefore, he wondered if she really had to wear it to come here just to take a small test at others’ magic which will only last for a few moment, but Ariel rebuked with a firm tone as if she was confident in her actions.

” I’m not an idiot.
I have something to show you, that’s why I’m wearing it.”


It was also true that she was not a fool, so Edgar could only swallow back the words that he had intended to say at first.

Well, regarding the talks about magic, he really doesn’t dare to talk back to Ariel who started using magic at the age of ten and already touched the higher realm of magic at the age of 14.

He can only praise with all his heart at the natural pedigree genius.

“In my eyes, you’re only a dumb princess.”

It’s also a kind of charm.

At least for Edgar, an immature princess with a tough side was better than the young miss, the genius of the house of Grand Ducal.

“Um, what is it? Your eyes are making me feel bad.”

“There’s nothing you can’t say to your friend.”

“Sigh, then don’t look at me like that!”

Edgar, who covered his ears to prevent the high pitched voice in the morning, stuck out his tongue to his childhood friend.

It was a provocation method that worked well even when she was ten years old, but if you use this method on her who was in her angry state.….

“You better not get caught!”

“Just catch me if you can.”

She was busy charging like a wild boar.

Like that, a sudden run and chase took place at the broad daylight, but the winner was already decided even before the match ends.

Ariel’s stamina wasn’t that bad either, but it wasn’t enough to chase Edgar, who had been training every day.

Her stamina run out eventually and she gasped for air as she sat down on the wooden box which she was leaning against just a while ago.

“What are you going to do if you are already tired even before the training?”

“Gasp, gasp… Go away.
Now, I don’t even have the strength to answer….”

Hmmm, was the prank a little too much for an early morning?

And thanks to this, he warmed up properly, but he seems to have overworked his teacher who has come to teach him, early in the morning.

Edgar personally opened the lid of the container he had brought and handed it to Ariel.

When she asked him what it was with her eyes, he urged her to just drink it quickly, and Ariel, who took it as if she were catching on to her dear life, drank the water as if she was a traveller in the desert dying of thirst.

“You’re tired too, so let’s take a break from training for a while.
I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“About yesterday.”

Then Ariel, who realized the subject he was trying to bring up, let out a short sigh.

Although he had already said he would accept the offer Helena gave him, he added that he still had more to think about, so there was no need for her to feel nervous unnecessarily.

Maybe he’s trying to refuse.
Why, didn’t he seems to like the offer?

It was indeed not easy to suddenly leave behind the family that he had stayed for his whole life..

As for Ariel, she wanted to him to be by her side even though she knows that he has to be separated from his family if he follows her, but just yesterday, everyhing was going so well.

In addition, it was Helena, her mother, who gave this suggestion, not her.

And Helena has clearly added her statement that she would respect his descion no matter what he decide, so Ariel was not entitled to interfere.

“…You can do as you wish.
My mom also said she respected your choice.”

For her, who had to spend time in a castle without any suitable friends, the fact that Edgar, who could said to be her lifelong best friend, accepting Helena’s proposal was nothing short of unprecedented good news.

Thanks to that, Edgar wasn’t the only one who stayed up all night with his eyes open.

It’s a pity, he said that it’s something that he still needs to ponder carefully.

As she understood that, she nodded her head, and a puzzled voice came to her ear.

“What are you talking about? I had already said I am going.”

“… uh? Oh, are you coming? Then the thing what you just said is… … ?”

“There are some minor problems we still need to consider if I were to go.
Besides, there are many things I don’t know yet, so I need you to discuss about them together.”

The residence he will reside in was also a problem, and his relationship with Ariel when he went to Hespania will also become a problem.

Even though they are friends in private, in public, the two are the heirs of two families who are in a master-servant relationship.

Even if he had Helena’s permission, it would be difficult for him to be comfortable with her in front of others.

It was also a more important issue than expected in an aristocratic society that values ​​honor and courtesy.

“Even if I stay in your family, there will be many problems.
I don’t think there are many people who will have good impression of an outsider who suddenly rolls in.”

He had no idea how Helena is going to tell about him to the people around her, still he was just a son of an aristocratic family which is far inferior compare to the house of Grand Duke, not to mention him being talentless, so it is impossible for most of the powerful family in the empire to look favorably about his present.

The problem doesn’t lie in the difference of origin or some absurd culture, it’s just a matter of fundamental distrust upon his abilities and status.

Ariel-“I can handle that.”

Edgar-“You idiot.
It’s not that simple.”

Ariel casually dismiss this problem as nothing, but from Edgar’s point of view, it was just the idealism of a person in power, someone who could walk in such situations casually because he/she had never experienced such situations in real life.

In any case, in order for Edgar to live in the huge family such as the Robeheim family, at least an opportunity to prove his ability to the public must be created.

If not, even if there is the protection of the two — Helena and Ariel— combined, his life there would be bitter.

It was the worst outcome Edgar could ever want.

“So it seems to me… Avoid appearing in the publice for at least a few months will be nice.”

“Why? Do we really have to be carefull because of other people?”

“It is a difference of perspective.
Of course, you will find it difficult to understand.

If he tried to explain the situation to Ariel who has lived her entire life without a care for the world, it will only lead them to a loop of circles and circles without an end to it, one explaining and another listening with confusion.

But in Edgar’s eyes, this was the best solution.

It’s not like he’s going to hide for a long time anyway.

He just had to endure alittle until he proved that he was worthy of staying with the Robeheim family and being under Helena’s protection.

It is to change the order of people’s perception.

If he sticks around  Ariel even before he made a name for himself and takes a seat next to her, it’s easy for him to be look down upon as he was just a young master with no real ability, he will be talked for being ambitious and using his personal connections.

However— if only people could recognize him as someone who could stay beside the future successor of the Grand Ducal— then their perception of him would be much better than the former conclusion he has drawn by himself.

‘Its better to be careful in the first place than to be sorry later.’

Even if a hawk hides its claws, it will eventually be revealed.

Even if Edgar wasn’t confident in his skills, he was at least aware of the fact that he wasn’t objectively bad.

This is the hurdle he had to cross someday in his life anyway.

Since he decided to stay beside the girl named Ariel, whatever comes, he had to face everything; he will also prove himself to be worthy to stay beside her.

It’s just that, fortunately, with the help of his benefactor Helena, this long expected opportunity was granted earlier (the expect here does not means him looking forward to greedily, he guessed such hurdles will comes anyway).

“Why do you want to do that? If I were to use my influence, at least you can… … ”

“What are you saying?”

Of course, if he borrowed the help of his friend, he would be able to stay by her side ignoring the different opinions of the crowd.

However, it will not be his own strength, but only a façade created by the breath of the successor of the grand duke’s family.

“A man has pride.
I must make a name for myself.”

He smiled brightly as he rolled up his sleeves and proudly spat out his words, and Ariel, who had been watching him blankly, burst into laughter.

“It’s stupid.
Why do you want to take the hard way when there is an easy way?”

“I don’t need any easy roads.
One just need to make sure one gets the steady road to one’s destination.”

Borrowing her hand was tantamount to walking down a well-polished road shrouded in her fog.
(Her influence)

The destination will be unclear, and the road is walked only because it is comfortable to walk on.

On the other hand, the road he wanted to walk was a road with a clear destination, the top of the summit, although it might be a bit rough while climbing up.

And Edgar chose the latter.

Because when he first met this girl, it is already fated for him to stay by her side in any position in order to fulfill what she was determined to do.

“I’m going to tell Mrs.
Helena today, so come and listen.”

“Hey, don’t you dare try to run away in the middle because it’s hard.
Because I am not letting you off easily”

“Isn’t that what you’re hoping for?”

Edgar throws his words away in a playful tone, grabs the canteen that Ariel had put into her mouth a moment ago, and starts drinking water.

Ariel was watching this with embarrassment in her eyes, and her cheeks turned red like the red-orange color of the sunset she saw as a child.

“Hey, that’s cool.
After all, we just spent time talking… huh? Are you sick?”

“Oh, it’s boring.
You look so stupid I just don’t want to make eye contact.”

“Hey, you can’t shrug off your friend’s care… … .”

In the end, the two of them had to finish their morning routine in idle chatter without training properly.

The two returned to the mansion only when the cool morning wind stopped blowing their hair.

When Helena asked where they had been together, Ariel went into her room without answering, leaving with her face blushing red.

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