What the Robeheim mother and daughter felt every time they came to Arsenal was how comfortable they were.

It wasn’t their hometown, at most it was just a place they often frequented, but there was something like a strange warmth coming from this place.

The city of Hespania, where their home is located, is very large and magnificent, and the castle there is something that is overwhelmingly huge even at a glance.

On the other hand, the region of Ardenum exudes a relatively simple and tidy atmosphere, except for the surnames of some families.

The splendor and grandeur are captivating at first sight, but once you get used to them, even that becomes an ordinary foreground.

Perhaps the reason why the two preferred the scenery of Ardenum was because they could feel the ease in their daily life, where they had always seen only splendid things in their usual life.

“We have arrived.”

After getting off the carriage, Helena breathed in the fresh air and fully enjoyed the fact that she had come to Ardenum.

On the other hand, the two private soldiers of the Billhark family who were guarding the gate widened their eyes at the sudden appearance of the big figure.

They had heard that the two were coming, but how many times had the two of them, who had been assigned to this place relatively recently, had the opportunity to face the mistress and daughter of the Robeheim family?

It’s fortunate that they were informed in advance from above, otherwise it was clear that they would have made a fool of themselves right away.

“Is it okay if I come in?”

“Yes, yep! Please wait a moment!”

As Helena approached and cautiously spoke to them, they performed their duties to the fullest, stiff enough to be uncomfortably hard for all to see.


“You can go in, ma’am.
Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Now, let’s go, Ariel.”

“Yes, Mom.”

Today, of course, there was no Sheffy, so Helena had to do everything Sheffy used to do as a representative.

Still, sometimes, she thought such things weren’t too bad.

Normally, it was a role where she would always wait in the carriage and came out secretly, so there were often times when she felt embarrassed for no reason.

She smiled and thanked the guards and stepped inside, followed by Ariel.

Originally, it would have made no sense for the grand duke’s mistress to have no welcoming party when visiting, but this was also because of Helena’s words.

She came here so often, and every time she came, she felt that it was burdensome when the gate was full of people, and asked the hostess of the house to treat her lightly, as if she were just a common visitor.

Of course, her suggestion didn’t work out well at first, but gradually, through trial and error, the present atmosphere was achieved.


On the way to the mansion through the long road from the gate, there was a boy who was standing still caught the eyes of the mother and daughter duo.

The figure standing blankly, leaning on the pillar in front of the door as if waiting for someone.

Helena let out a small laugh, at the figure who gave out the vibes of an old woman who was spending her leisurely free time, as if detached from the mortal world.

“You don’t have to come out and wait, but you have worked hard, Ed.”

“It’s something I love to do.
Please let me help you with the luggages.”

As time went on, Edgar’s treatment of Helena was no longer as rigid as before, but his unique, not excessive courtesy was still the same.

Seeing her and realizing that she had arrived without a servant, Edgar immediately reached out his hand and took her luggage.

On the other hand, Ariel was in a state of turmoil at the attitude of her childhood friend who did not even say hello to her.

‘Tch, are you ignoring me?’

Is it a good manner to not welcome your guest even if they were your childhood friend?

Ariel, was so busy mumbling inwardly about manners that she wouldn’t have bothered with normally.

Whether they knew what she was thinking or not, Edgar and her mother were busy sharing each other’s updates in their recent lives and we’re giggling.

She was mumbling inwardly while walking with her elongated feet, she stumbled upon something on her own.


A cute scream was let out and only then did she come to her senses that Helena had already walked away first.

It was actually Edgar, who was already half a head taller than her before she could realize, was standing in front of her and staring at her with a blank look.

“What, what… Why don’t you follow after Mom?”

“… … .”

Ariel, unable to stand those eyes suddenly pouring attention entirely on her, tried to shift the attention by pointing at Helena.

Edgar just stared at her silently despite her words.

As if trying to find something.

“No, speak.
Why? I feel bad.”

It’s probably more than embarrassing but that’s the way most girls her age would speak in this kind of situation.

How much longer would you keep standing like that?

Eventually, being convinced, Edgar opened his eyes wide and pointed at Ariel’s belly.

“It is pretty.”

“uh… uh?

pretty? what? I?

He’s not the type to say things like this, so what happened all of a sudden? Has he had any change of heart?

While Ariel lost her senses at the sudden attack, Edgar’s comment continued to calm her down.

“That dress.
It looks like I haven’t seen it before, did you buy it new?”

“… …”

Those words he spat out, completely trample her expectations for once and all.

Along with the feeling that the blood in her whole body cooled down, the heartbeat that had been beating wildly returned to its original state in an instant.

That’s it.
What am I even expecting from this stupid man?

However, in contrast to his cold eyes, for some reason, she felt at ease.

Ariel poked his side with a feeling of half dejection, half comfort, and took one step forward.

The boy made a fuss about being poked at his side, but she just ignored it and continued on with what she had wanted to say.

“… Nak.
I didn’t wear it to show you on purpose.”

“Hey, I didn’t say that..
Did anything else happen anyway?”

” Nothing.
It was just the same as usual.”

To be honest, it was a little different.

She knew better than anyone that it is of no use to tell this dump mam anyway.

“Are you going to leave Mommy alone?”

“She told me to leave the luggages and play on our own.
Maybe she had gone to find my mother (Katria).”

“Well, it is a deal then.”

Although they have a master-servant relationship in terms of family, it is not only Ariel and Edgar who are comfortable friends in private.

Even before Ariel was born, Helena had a friend and a companion named Katria, and she would often come and go out of the Bilhark family gate.

Of course, if someone told Katria about this, she would probably wave her hand, saying it was too much for her to be friends with the Grand Duchess.

“You know the room, right? I’ll bring my stuff first, so come in and wait.”

“Wait, why?”

She was thinking of just lounging around in bed to take a break from traveling, but what happened all of a sudden?

Edgar smiled and disappeared at the end of the hallway without even answering Ariel’s questions.

‘It won’t be a big deal anyway.’

At best, he would show her the magic tricks he had been practicing, and it was clear that this wasn’t a big deal for Ariel.

That’s because Edgar’s magic teacher was Ariel during the past four years from the time he had started learning magic.

Perhaps that’s why he was busy asking about magic, but not even saying hello when she came.

It’s good to study hard, but at some point, Ariel seems to have been pushed back by magic, so Ariel has rarely visited the Billhark family for the past year.

‘Whoops, you idiot.’

When she stopped the guest room she always used whenever she came over, she put down her luggage and stared at the full-length mirror next to the bed.

If he’s going to say it’s pretty, he ought to include herself.

She can’t help but wonder as to where that man learns to speak from, only praising the pretty clothes.

On the other hand, however, she wonder if she should be grateful just for the dull man realizing that she came in new clothes.



I’ll be your teacher for a day now that you’ve checked out my clothes.

Her eyes rejuvenated as if she had shaken off all her feelings, including her disappointed heart, with a short sigh.


“What? You have come back quickly.”

” I can unpack the luggage after we come back.
Go ahead, I will guide you.”

You want me to watch the magic anyway, right?

Ariel said as if she could clearly see what he’s thinking inside while flipping her hair flamboyantly.

Then she strides to the garden as usual.

However, the confused voice from behind forced her legs to stop quickly.

“What do you mean, magic?””


A large question mark appeared over Ariel’s head at the behavior of this childhood friend, who was scratching his ears and tilting his head.

Didn’t you call me to see the magic? Then what business is it?

Only a few years ago did we run around the mountains and dig in the garden together.
However, we are past the age to do so.

But sitting quietly and drinking tea and talking didn’t fit in with this guy…….

As the question deepened, something appeared before her eyes.

It’s none other than the hand of her childhood friend, which was calloused from weilding a wooden sword all year round.

It was Ariel’s turn to tilt her head this time.

“I told you.
Helena told us to play by ourselves.”

“So what?”

It wasn’t like him to talk in circles anyway.

In fact, he was even more direct than her, and he say directly what he had to say.

Edgar scratch his cheek shyly when being asked about the deeper meaning of his words.

“Let’s go out for a while.
Even if it’s in the countryside, there’s something to play if you go out to the village.”


Does that mean…?

“Are you asking me out?”

“Is that carzy?”

You have to say something that makes sense.

However, Edgar himself felt awkward because he felt that way for no reason, so he tried to ignore it.

“Phew, that’s good.
Let’s see how good you are at escorting.
I want to have dinner somewhere nice.”

“I’m going to rip it off very properly… It’s me who said this to you.”

“Bae, I can’t hear you well.”

Of course, the reason why he asked for a date is not the kind of person he wanted, but anyway, I was excited by the long-awaited proposal.

Ignoring Edgar, who was following her in the background, Ariel left the mansion with a light step like a rabbit.

The sunlight, which had felt hot until a while ago, somehow felt warm now.

She nodded with a smile on her face, pledging to eat fully because she had been victimized so far.

I don’t like him at all, but it wouldn’t be polite as a lady to turn down a long-awaited offer.

He at the one who proposed today after all.

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