Ariel was born and raised as the sole heir of the Robeheim family, which is one of three most prominent houses in the empire.

Since the time she was able to start walking and talking, her experiences were different from those of other ordinary childrens of the same age as her.

Adults who were larger than her body size by two or three times were busy bowing towards her and her breakfasts were always at a burdensome long and wide table.

Her mother, Helena, was devoted to her daughter and she is a caring woman, but she often couldn’t care about her daughter due to official affairs.

Sometimes, she would have to skip breakfast and head faraway to support her husband’s official duties and only return after the next day.

Every time, her nanny, Mattel, would stand by her side whenever her mother was away, but that’s all.

She would lead her small body to the wide table and sit alone, cutting the steak and putting it in her mouth as she had always done from a young age.


It was clear that it was a high-end variety of meat that ordinary people would not be able to eat in their entire lives, after a serious inspection and processing.

It was clearly a high-end meal with a variety of meat that no ordinary person would be able to afford even in their entire lifetime.

‘Nevertheless, why can’t I feel any taste in my mouth?’

She felt that what she was chewing in her mouth was a piece of paper.

The servants standing at the side all had their heads down, unable to meet her eyes.

The still young Ariel looks like a wooden puppet, void of any emotions.

After finishing the meal, Ariel returned to the room and threw herself into a fluffy bed.

She was intelligent from a young age and didn’t cocoon herself up in her mother’s arms, but it doesn’t mean that she didn’t miss her mother.

Rather, she missed it more than any other ordinary child.

Because, her mother’s arms were not something she could always hold onto as she wished.

“I miss Ed…….”

She also had one person she could call as a friend.

A child of the Bilhark family who had a close relationship with her family.

She thought the boy was worthy for her daughter to befriend, so she made the boy her daughter’s friend at the age of a two year old kid, the boy who should have been brought in as a servant originally.

The result is simply splendid.

Ariel always looked like this in her room since the dispute between her and Edgar.

There was a longing in her heart, but above all, he was the person who showed Ariel the pureness of the world.

For example, even if she broke a precious ornament displayed in the house or acted somewhat over the line, the people around her did not say anything.

No, it is right to say that they couldn’t.

There was no one who could reprimand her except her parents.

Even her nanny, who took care of her, never blamed her for any mistakes she made.
Sometimes she looked as if wanting to say something, but she would always turn her head away.

It was about two years ago that she was first scolded by someone other than her father or mother.

The day she held her mother’s hand and was dragged into the social gatherings for the first time.

There, she met a young lady from another family, who was holding an item that she had never seen before in her life.

– What are you holding in your hand?

– This? It’s my favorite toy.
Would you like to see it?

She spread her skirt a little to prevent the light from touching the toy and it started to glow mysteriously in the darkness

Ariel’s eyes lit up at seeing the strange toy she had never seen before.

It was also a novel feeling for her since she had always owned many good items back in her home.

How would normal children react at such moments?

Ofcourse, they would beg their mother or ask the other child to let them touch the toy at least just once.

But that was the story of a child with a normal mindset.

– Can you give it to me?

– No.
I mean, I love it.

She doesn’t know why.

Even though she was only eight years old, Ariel was no fool.

Taking other people’s things without permission.
She knew that it was the wrong thing to do.

Still, her unintentional outstretched hand grabbed the child’s thing, and as she pulled it toward herself with all her might, the child lost her balance and fell, bursting into tears.

– Mom… !

– … … .

The child should for her mother as she lost the footing and her beloved toy.

Not long after, the girl’s mother heard her crying and came to see her.

Ariel tried to calm down her pounding heart as the girl complained that her toy was snatched by Ariel.

At that moment!

– You must have taken a liking to the toy.
It is fine, so just keep it.
Well, you too.

Her eyes told Ariel as if she was telling her to go away with it, as she wiped her daughter’s tears.

It was like, she doesn’t want to get involved with Ariel and doesn’t want to make any unnecessary noise from this incident.

Since you’ve got what you needed, then just go back and let’s not escalate things further.

Ariel felt a lump stuck in the corner of her chest.

Why doesn’t she blame her?

Anyone can see that this is her(Ariel) fault.
Then why does she blame her own daughter instead of blaming her.

– Mom, that’s my favorite… … !

-Come on, mom will get you a new one.

The mother and daughter left just like that.

Soon, Ariel returned to Helena’s side, with the glowing toy in her hand.

Her heart raced again at the soft voice of her mother asking where she got it from, saying she had never seen it before.

– Uh, someone gave it to me!

– Oh? You are a good girl.
Did you say thank you?

– Yes!

Say thank you? Did she?

She couldn’t even deliver a proper apology, and say sorry.

But even in the midst of this, she was looking forward to meeting her friend next week.

Looking at this novel toy in her hand, the boy will surely have starry eyes just like she did.

With that thought alone, the sense of shame was washed away completely.
This was what she thought.

A week passed like that, and Ariel visited her friend Edgar’s home.

Although he was always annoying, he would always fulfill any of her requests.

Even if she asks him to play with her, or if she asks him to bring her the fruit that grows in a place that a child’s height is unreachable, even if she asks him to get rid of the disgusting spider.

Today, in order to repay him, she was going to give him her favorite toy.

Although she had been nothing short of her extortion, she assumed that he would surely forgive her.

There were very few people who hadn’t forgiven her behavior until now.

– Ed! look at this!

– Oh, what? Does it shine when you turn off the light?

– Isn’t it amazing?

As expected, Edgar showed interest.

Ariel shrugged that she wasn’t wrong either.

He asked her where she got it from.

– I followed my mother somewhere before, but then I got it from a kid!

– You brought it, do you mean it was stolen?

– Yes… … ?

His voice suddenly became cold.

Ariel sensed something was wrong at that time.

It was clear that she had stolen the toy.
From the girl’s point of view, she is ruthless and cold enough to use violence.

– Say.
Did you steal it?

– The fact is… yes.
Ed is right.

– ha.
Did you tell your mother?

Her friend asked her about the story from start to end and then let out a deep sigh.

Ariel carefully put her toy down and shook her head softly.

Should she have said it? Even if she tells the truth, she’ll be fine, she’ll lay her scorn on her plate and she’ll lie.

When she told him the truth, he took the toy and put it in her hand without a word.


– If you meet that friend later, be sure to return it.

– I-I want to give this to Ed… … .

– I don’t want to take anything that was stolen from other’s.

It was the coldest, most emotionless and most painful voice Ariel had ever heard.

It feels like cutting through the skin with words.

Ariel felt like she was about to burst into tears.

– Do not cry.
I won’t forgive you even if you cry.

– Hehe… I’m sorry, Ed… Because I won’t do it again… hic.
do not do that.

Ariel clung to him with tears streaming down her face, as she thought that he would never see her again.

She said she did something wrong and even though she knew it, she took it away at will.

As soon as she confessed her honest feelings, Edgar’s expression became dull.

– First of all, give it back to that friend and apologize.
In any way.

– yes… okay.

Why? She didn’t ask the question.

If she had asked, she felt that he would jump out of his seat and leave her forever.

– And tell Madame Helena the truth.
Then maybe she’ll help you find that friend.

– yes… … .

That meant telling her mother the truth, even though she would have to listen to her admonitions, she(Helena) would lend her hand to search for the girl.

Perhaps this boy wants her to confess all the sins she has committed so far.

That’s why he has told her this solution on purpose.

– I won’t be friends with you until you apologize to that child.

– Now, wait! I’ll go to my mom soon!

As the decision was made on a whim, Ariel hurriedly got up from her seat, picked up the toy and rushed to find her mother.

When Helena found her crying daughter and asked what was going on, Ariel revealed everything she had been hiding.

A while ago, a girl’s toy was stolen without permission.

Lying to her mother in exchange to keep the good she had stolen.

And it led to the current situation that has resulted in the loss of her friend.

Hearing all of her confessions, Helena neither scolded nor blamed her.

She thought Ariel will probably be able to grow up fine with her friend’s teachings and knowledge, so she doesn’t have to worry about it from now on.

Her daughter has a really good friend.

– Mother will find that child for you, so don’t worry and you can give it to her the next time you meet.

–Yes, Mom… … .

– Come on, hurry up and let’s go to Ed together.
It’s going to take some time before we can find the child, so let’s go and make up with him.

– Wouldn’t that make Ed angry?


Helena stroked her daughter’s hair lovingly as she heard the childish innocent concern.

She’s pretty sure, the boy probably had made his move on purpose.

She wondered if Ariel would show any signs of trying to drag her time and somehow smooth it out.

If it came out like this, at least Ariel would tell her the truth to her mother, her mother.
(I seriously can’t decipher what these two phrases mean, so I’m sorry.)

– It will be alright.
Has mom ever lied to you?

–No… has never.

–Now, shall we go together?

Ariel was able to get Edgar’s declaration of withholding the matter with the help of Helena, when they returned to the room.

It was about three days later that she found the girl, who had her toy stolen, at the end of her search.

Along with the stolen toy, Ariel took another toy of her own that she cherished greatly and held it out as a token of her apology.

It was thanks to one friend of hers that she learned a lesson she would never have again in her life.

Even if everyone around her forgave her, sometimes she had someone who could scold her.

In the girl’s heart, who realized this belatedly, the influence of the little boy named Edgar grew bigger and bigger.

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