The two did not know what the other had written on their respective paper.

Curiosity was bound to rise, but the beauty is in enjoying it.

Edgar wrote for a long time, then slowly rose up after finishing the letter.

“Ed must have finished writing already, then is Ed ready to hand over the letter?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

When Helena received the paper, she took out the spherical object she had brought with her bag earlier.

It was literally an object to bury the folded letter in a close-lidded sphere.

But the sphere that Helena was holding, looked nothing like an ordinary one.

In other words, there is nothing similar to a lid.

‘How are we going to open it then?’

As Edgar’s curiosity piqued, Helena picked up the sphere and smiled at him as if asking him to look closely.

Then she placed the folded paper on the sphere shaped object and recited an audible short spell.



Then, small specks of light formed from the sphere and covered the paper.

Soon, the paper was enveloped by the light and it was no longer visible to be seen by the naked eye, and by the time the light was scattered and vanished completely, the paper was nowhere to be seen anymore as if it had vanished into thin air.

“Amazing, isn’t it? This is how it’s used.”

“Can you keep something else?”

“Yeah, but you can’t hold things that are too big, and in the case of food, they will even rot.
Its uses are a lot more complicated than it seems.

However, it means that it was enough to be used as a substitute for a space pouch.

For example, paper which has no weight and is difficult to rot.

When Edgar sorted through his thoughts and nodded his head in enlightenment, Helena stroked his head with a smile.

The red strands of hair were a little bit darker in shade than her daughter’s pupils.

The hair color was rare, so she often ran her fingers through them once in a while.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to dislike it, so she seems to have been stroking it often lately.

“Mom, I’m done, too!”

“Already? Pass it to me.”

Helena stroked Edgar’s head with one hand, and took the paper with the remaining empty hand.

Then she put Ariel’s paper into the sphere in the same way she did just a while ago.

Ariel, who was watching this from the sideline, saw the specks of light scattered, shouted “WOW” and she even clapped her hands.
She seems to be quite fascinated.

“Now all I have to do is bury it in the ground…Oh! Look at me.”

“What’s wrong, ma’am?”

“I should have brought a small trowel, but I forgot.
Wait a minute.”

The soil is soft, so it might not be a big deal if one digs it with bare hands, but the crux of the matter is that the person is bound to get dirty.

Well, when has there ever been a situation where the mistress and the young lady of the Grand Duke had to dig the soil with their bare hands?

Ariel, at the very least, has once tried to dig the soil in the past, saying she wants to take back the flowers she liked to her home, but even at that time Edgar had stepped up to do it for her.

“It’s just some mud.
I can wash it off later anyway.”’

He’ll be scolded if he gets caught by Katria, but he doesn’t really care.

Wouldn’t he even be praised for stepping up for Helena while she was going to do such miniscule work?

As a last resort, it is still possible to cover up the matter.

When Edgar finished thinking, he restrained Helena from trying to get up.

Helena, standing awkwardly, tilted her head, and was surprised to see her arms rolled up and stopped him.

Helena was forced into an awkward situation and when she tilted her head in his direction, she saw the little boy rolling his sleeves so she hurriedly tried to stop him.

“Ed, you can not dig mud with your bare hands.
Your clothes will get dirty, so stop.”

“It’s okay.
I’ve dug a few times and I can wash my clothes later.”

Of course, the maid who is going to wash his clothes will have a hard time, but there was nothing he could do.

He felt bad about letting Helena walk back and forth to get the trowel.

He thought about going to get the trowel on his own, but digging with his hands will be much faster and it’s more convenient.

“Ed, can I help you?”

Ariel tried to step up as she did not realize Ed’s consideration to help, so Ed shook his head firmly to reassure her.

What’s the point of Ariel helping him out here when he just told them not to work.


Edgar was afraid that he would get caught in the roots if he dug near the tree , so he decided to dig a little bit far away.

Ariel’s eyes glistened as she watched him digging into the ground with his skillful hands.

As a child, even the precious princess seems to be unable to resist the temptation of playing with mud.

‘This is deep enough.’

When the pile of mud was removed to some extent, a pit of appropriate size appeared.

Edgar decided to stop digging at this point since it will only be harder to dig if he goes deeper than this.

“Madam, I’m sorry, but could you please put it in here?”

He had a lot of dirt on his hands, so it was ambiguous to receive the item from Helena and put it in himself.

Helena, who understood what he meant, nodded and stepped over carefully so that she did not step on the pile of dirt and put the sphere in the pit.


Two spheres bumped into each other in the pit and made a small sound.

There was a strange sense of difference in color combination as the yellow shining ball was inside the bronze mud.

Edgar confirmed that Ariel’s letter had also been put in and started to knock the pile of mud into the pit, soon the ground was covered again.

Soon after Edgar covered the soil back to its original form, he went to a corner to shake off the soil.

He was a little nervous that he might slip up by a stone and fall down during the process, but fortunately, his job was completed without any problems.

Ariel, who followed up after Edgar, suddenly tapped him on his back with both hands as if she was beating on a drum.

‘What’s it this time?’

When Edgar asked his thoughts out loud on what was going on, she cheerfully replied “Good Job!” with a bright smile.

“Is this a compliment?”

I tapped it for you because you did a good job.”


That’s a very unique compliment!

Edgar made up his mind that, if he ever had a chance later, he would also have to give the same pat on her back, calling it a compliment.

How will Ariel react then?

‘I am a person who keeps what I said rather well.’

He couldn’t do much to provoke her, but isn’t it enough if he manages to get her to sulk?

‘That sounds fun.
I’ll have to try it.’

Edgar made a resolute decision at the time.

“Ed, let’s go back and wash our hands first.
Your clothes are so dirty…….”

“Yes, ma’am.”

When the two kids were stuck in a corner and did not come out for a long time, Helena, who came on her own two feet, led them back to the main building.

Ariel couldn’t wait to ask Edgar about what he had written on the paper.

If he is to tell her now, wouldn’t it be meaningless to go to the extent of burying it underground?

Edgar, who was dumbfounded by her curiosity, replied drily while staring at her with his squinted eyes.

“Didn’t you bury it to watch it together in 9 years?””

“But I want to know a little in advance.
Huh? Can you tell me a little bit?”

Usually, she was busy thinking about playing, let alone acting cute, but at times like this she can really act cute very well.

Maybe it’s possible that she’s using her appearance as an advantage.

Even in Edgar’s view, when Ariel asked for a favor with a nasal voice, few of his peers were expected not to pass.

“No, I can’t.”

Except for himself, of course.

” You see, if I tell you now, then where is the fun in burying it underground? ”


He can’t help it.
Shall he also take out a secret weapon?

Ariel seems to be quite upset, but she took a step away and inflated her cheeks.

Edgar tapped Ariel’s shoulder with his index finger, and gestured as if to come near.

‘Huh, that’s right.’

‘You don’t want to tell me?’

It was Ariel who already knew enough that Edgar was weak against her, even if he pretended to be nonchalance.

Strangely, her secret weapon didn’t work for him all the time, but there are exceptions, he did a lot of things within a certain range.

She’s earned one win today as always.
Here, with the winner’s smile on her face, Edgar’s face was pushed as she approached.


‘It’s too close.
Is he trying to whisper?’

It was natural for Ariel’s mind to be confused because Edgar had never approached her so earnestly.

Her heart also thumped naturally and heat sprang up all over her face.

She could even vividly imagine the next scenario.

Suddenly, her vision flashed and she felt a stinging pain on her forehead.


“Wait nine years, you idiot.”

Ariel, opened her eyes wide in shock.

What she could see was the face of her childhood friend, smiling cheekily, revealing his hand where the middle finger and thumb were connected.

Ariel’s eyes were filled with anger after she understood the situation belatedly.

If he had said nothing, she would have let it go, but how dare he slap her?

“You, you just hit me…”…!?”

“I hit you”

On the head.

Edgar, who teased her with his tongue sticking out, ran into the mansion like an arrow.

Ariel, who was one beat slow in response, chased after him belatedly, but the natural speed difference between them was too big.

“They’re full of energy, just in case they don’t know.”

Helena, who pretended not to know even though she knew the disturbance behind her, put her hand on her face and laughed helplessly.

It would be great if they could continue to be as pure and bright as they are now.

She hoped they would stay as a close friend, not a relationship between families, at least until they take out the letter buried in the ground.
If it’s possible…….

‘It may be too much to ask for it now.’

After thinking about what would happen next, Helena shook her head again.

Hopefully, these children can grow up without any problems.

As a mother, that was the only thing she wanted the most.

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