Edgar let a out a deep sigh while thinking about what had happened just a while ago.

Everything thing was good.
From the birthday celebration to receiving a precious gift and crying emotionally over it.

However, there was one big problem left.

“What are you doing, Ed?”

‘Oh, I want to die.’

The problem is that the scenerio of him bawling was witnessed, not by anyone else, but Ariel.

She cried non stop when she rolled a little bit on the mountain, but how could she ignore other people’s overwhelming emotions and teased him all day long for just crying abit.

‘Should I hit it or not?’

“I’m just here.”

“He he, are you upset? Are you upset because I teased you for crying?”

She has been poking his shoulder from the side for a while, and now she circle to the front to wriggle with his cheeks.

Edgar only found out today that his cheeks were so elastic.

“It’s just that…….”

“Why? Are you going to cry again if I keep doing it?””


This was the only way out.
What can he say when she would tease him saying crybaby Ed, for everything he says.

Edgar closed his eyes quietly and decided to ignore her.

It was a little cheesy method, so he hadn’t intended to use it at first, but with this kind of situation, no other method would be enough to deal with the little girl.

‘ Let’s just ignore her for about three minutes.’

At this point, it was clear to see that Ariel would have to stamp her feet and unwillingly concede for a reconcilation no matter what.

After all, Ariel has to stay in this mansion for another whole week and there is nothing to gain if she is to turned against Edgar.

Actually, it means that she would be having no one to play with.

“Crybaby Ed? Why aren’t you talking?”

“Do you think I’ll cling to you if you ignore me like that? Humm.”

‘What’s this? It doesn’t work?’

In fact, Edgar had never used this trick on Ariel.
He just used it on a whim because he had heard it in the past that it works well on little childrens.

Maybe there’s a difference between each individuals.
If so, the situation will be more serious than expected.

“What, are you really going to ignore me? I was just teasing you a little bit.”


‘So it was how she thought in her mind?’

Actually, this was the time Edgar has suffered the most by Ariel, but the culprit said as if it was not a big deal.

‘It’s a shame.’

This seemed to have to been a misunderstanding.
And now this is the time to correct the mind of this immature princess.

If so, a little more pressure is needed for the immature princess.

Edgar opened his closed eyes and jumped up.

Ariel, who was naturally strucking and wriggling Edgar’s cheek was flung by the sudden jump.
Oh, my!

“Hey, how can you do this to me?”

Edgar took a step naturally this time without looking back.

To be honest, he was nervous.

What if Ariel snitch at Helena about this behavior? He was very worried.

But what can he do now? He had already pulled out the knife, so there is no possibility of backing out before cutting the radish.

“Eh, Ed! Let’s go together!”


As Edgar opened the door silently, Ariel hurriedly run over and grabbed his sleeve tightly.

Don’t tell me that she’s going to swing a fist at my face.

The little boy’s heart was pounding because he thought it wasn’t an impossible thing.

As Edgar turned his head and cast a glance, keeping as calm as possible, Ariel’s eyes were seen tearfully.

Huh? Hold on.

“I won’t make fun of you, so…Don’t ignore me.
I’m sorry….”

Soon after, crocodile tears fall from Ariel’s eyes.

You weren’t angry but crying? The outcome was in a category he hadn’t expected at all.

The least scenario he thought of was her asking for a reconcilation, but the crying was never in his expectations.

“Oh, no! It’s okay! It’s okay, so stop!”

“Because I always bully you… huuhuu..
… ”

‘That’s true, but…’

He couldn’t bear to bash those words at the crying face of the little girl, and now calming her down is his first priority.

This princess was like that four days ago, and why does she always seems to cry whenever she is at a disadvantage?

The problem was that the tears were the most leathal weapon for Edgar.

‘Crying is against the law’

Is there any crying prohibition law or something like that?

Edgar took out a handkerchief and hurriedly wiped Ariel’s tears while thinking about these nonsensical things.

Clear crystal drops of tears flowed down from the red eyes, which somehow felt like a heterogeneous sight.

“It was a joke.
There’s no way I’m angry about that.”

He tried hard to comfort her somehow with an appeasing tone, but it seems it doesn’t work and more tears were gushing out like a waterfall.

What if Mrs.
Helen came out to see her bawling her eyes out?

Still, when he patted her little shoulders in his arms, her shaking body visibly slowed down.

‘I almost had to write a will today.’

Even if Ariel usually cries, it doesn’t matter because it’s her own fault, but for today, he felt deeply guilty.

Even Helena, who is usually kind, will not be able to pull a smile at the sight of her daughter crying.

“Don’t cry, let’s go see the stars.”


Edgar patted his chest with high spirit when he finally heard the little girl’s blurry response.

“The stars are pretty today.
You like stars, right?”

“I like it, but… How did you know the stars will be pretty today?”

“Huh? It’s from a book.”

It was an excuse of wool, Edgar tried to pull over the other’s eyes.

Of course, there is a book about the flow of celestial bodies and stars, but it is a book about a million light years away from Edgar.

It was just a trick to drag Ariel out somehow.

He thought it would get better if she got some fresh air.

Fortunately, as if his earnest wish had reached heaven, Ariel quickly regained her brilliant smile and nodded.

The two immediately put on another layer of clothing and left the mansion.

“Ed, where are we going?”

“There’s a place behind the mansion where you can see the stars well.
Follow me.”

Edgar took Ariel’s hand and led her to a separate room built behind the main building, not the garden.

This was a place where servants and other people lived, and right next to it was a warehouse that was mainly used by gardeners.

The height of the warehouse was so high that even an adult could not climb it without a ladder.

Edgar circled around the warehouse building and smiled when he found the item he was looking for.

“Ariel, can you climb on this?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“All right.”

Outside the warehouse, there were several pedestals that were smaller than the height of the two.

It is unknown to him how exactly it is used, but he thought it was probably an item used to clean the garden.

The two climbed the ladder after one another and soon reached the roof of the warehouse.

“Lie down here.”

“Wouldn’t it collapse?””

“Don’t worry, it’s strong.”

Edgar confidently replied to Ariel, who asked in an anxious voice.

That’s right.
He’s been here quite a few times.

It was a coincidence, but after that, on days when there were especially many stars, he often came here.

Thanks to that, it has also been verified that the roof of the warehouse would not collapse under a moderate weight.

“You’re not cold, are you?”

“A little bit?”

“Then cover this up.”

He laid his coat over Ariel’s body, and Edgar went to lie down next to her.


“It’s amazing, right?

“Yeah, I think stars are going to fall down.”

Unlike the night sky Ariel usually looked up, the night sky while lying down and looking up was as vivid as if it were right in front of her.

It’s like lying down with a blanket of night sky with full of stars.

“How did you know this place?”

Do you like it?”

“Yes! I love it.”


Ariel, who giggled like a child, immediately reached out a small hand to the shining star in front of her eyes.

The one that shines especially bright.
It could be spotted easily in the bunch of stars those are less shiny than it is.

“Why do you like stars?”

“I guess it’s because my mom told me a story of a star when I was young.”

“A Story of a Star?”

By the way, you are not that old to use words such as ‘when I was young’, ain’t it?

Again, it’s about stars.

He just wondered what the content of the story was, that made the princess pay attention to the stars.

“It’s Love Between Stars”

Edgar tried to draw a creative conclusion, but he couldn’t come up with anything idea that is comparable to the phrase utter out by the little girl.

Rather, he might turns nut if he keeps thinking.

He glanced at the side.

When he turned his head slightly to check Ariel’s side profile, he saw that somehow she was looking in his direction.

Fortunately for him, the distance wasn’t too close, so no accident happened, but he wondered why.

“Why are you looking this way? Your favorite star is over there.”

“Then Ed, why are you looking this way?”

“uh… … .”

Yeah..it is so.

Edgar, who had been refuted at once by a ten-year-old, scratched his cheeks sheepishy.

There’s no particular reason.
He was only curious about how bright Ariel’s eyes would be when she is staring at the stars.

The speechelss Edgar fumbled around for awhile to start a conversation, but then he decided to return to the previous topic about the tale of a star

The tale of a star.
What the hell is that about?

Since he is the one who brought her out here to view such a night scenery, even though it is mainly to lighten up her mood, well he wondered if he could exchange some information from her for taking her out.

“Ariel, what is about the tale of a star?”

” You curious?”

“I wonder.”

It was a nasty thing that she made him curious first only to leave him with gaps in the story, but he decided to answer honestly.

Then Ariel, who sat up with her upper body, showed a strange smile that was neither mocking nor smiling, she said.

“I won’t tell Ed yet!”

“What, are there any conditions for the information?”

That’s mom’s condition! ”

He can’t push it further since it’s Madame Helena’s words.

Edgar licks his lips regrettably and shook his head, he tried to focused on the starry night sky though a part of his heart itched with curiosity.

It would have been fine if she hadn’t said it at first, but after she had spoken out the bits and pieces of the story, it only made him all the more curious.

“Isn’t it just an ordinary fairytale?”

“What, why are you smiling silly?”

Edgar, who was looking up at the night sky, noticed Ariel’s gaze and turned his head away.

She was still staring at him with a strange smile on her face, and the atmosphere was so mysterious.

The usual careless princess was gone, as she observe Edgar with her eyes wide as if wanting to carve out his image jn her mind.

“Nah, it’s because the stars are pretty.”

“It’s pretty.”

“What about me?”


‘Yes, it’s pretty.’

Her sudden question made him stutter, but fortunately, Edgar made out a satisfactory answer.

What’s wrong with him today?

Edgar felt very unfamiliar to the little princess who appears strange today.

(Boohoo.Thought their love story only starts after they grew up.)

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