’t do much damage.”

“Doesn’t matter, damage is not the goal.”

Otto shrugged.

“The night air is cold.
Let’s go inside.
It’ll be quiet for a few days.”


Another few days passed.

“The merchant guild has requested to stop here for a while.
I’ve confirmed that it’s the merchants who regularly pass this way.”

Camille reported to Otto.

“Oh, them? That’s Condor and his men.”


“The merchants are all knights of the Orth estate, and there are probably soldiers in the wagon as well.
Grab them all and put them in jail.”

“I understand.”

Camille, feeling deceived, obeyed Otto’s orders.

The result.

“Let go of me, you filthy Iota!”


Otto was right.

It turned out that the entire merchants of about fifty people were knights and soldiers of the Orth estate.


Condor was furious at the report that the operation had failed once again.

“Damn it,’ he said, ‘Let the people riot immediately!”

But even that failed.

“My lord… those who were supposed to stir up the people… they were all forcibly enlisted in the Iota Army and sent on a mission to exterminate monsters in the northern mountains.”


Condor honestly couldn’t believe the report.

The identity of the people who were supposed to be encouraging the commoners was a secret that only Condor and his loyal knight Alan knew.

And yet, they were all enlisted in the Iota Army?

Something was wrong.

It felt like Otto was reading his thoughts.

And the conclusion it drew was… Suspicion.

“ALANNN..! Where’s Alan?”

Condor immediately summoned Alan.

“Yes, my lord.
You called for me?”

“I trusted you.”

“Yes? What do you suddenly mean by that…?”

“You were the only person apart from me who knew the details of the operation.”

“N-no, my lord, I never betrayed you….”

“You filthy traitor!”


Condor’s sword slashed through Alan’s throat.

Suspicion had led him to cut down the knight he trusted most.
The one who had been most loyal to him.

“All… all listen….”

The enraged Condor held up Alan’s bulging-eyed skull and commanded his men.

He doesn’t realize that he’s just beheaded an innocent Alan.

“Whoever… whoever… betrays his country will meet this same miserable fate… do you understand?”

“””Y-yes, my lord!”””

The men shuddered in fear at the sight of Condor’s murderous stare.

“Otto de Scuderia, you treacherous bastard… you must be laughing at me by now… but from now on it will be different… for I have dealt with the traitor within… and you will no longer be my foe.”

Condor gritted his teeth as he remembered Otto’s face.

Little did he realize that he was walking into a Pit-Hole, that Otto had dug for him, and that he was becoming increasingly corrupted….

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