Ch 2 – Possession (2)

When I came out of the room, a girl with long black hair, wearing a spacious formal dress, was standing there.
She had lifeless eyes, like an emotionless doll.
When our eyes met, she bowed her head 90 degrees.
“What can I do for you, sir?” Her voice was calm and emotionless.
“…” Of course, I knew her well.
Her name was Amy.
She was a named character who silently protected Neike, the protagonist of most routes.
Many users complained about her lack of romantic involvement.
Originally, she was Theo's servant.
She was involved in many of Theo's numerous deaths.
There were clearly two described routes, but probably more.
Amy was actually an assassin, disguising herself as a servant of the Waldeurk family.
She was someone who should never be crossed.

[Name: Amy Watson] Gender: Female Age: 17 Race: Human Affiliation: Waldeurk Family / Equilibrium Strength 7 Stamina 7 Mana 9 Tenacity 14 Traits: Light Movement (Passive Effect / Bloodline Ability) Endurance (Passive Effect) Mana Control (Passive Effect) Signal Blocking (Passive Effect) Acrobat (Passive Effect)

Thankfully, it works.
For a simple servant, Amy had an impressive set of stats.
Named characters really are different.

[Tenacity 14]

Her tenacity is still high now.
Her innate tenacity is clearly apparent since the protagonist starts with 11.
Stats become much harder to increase after 10.
Even in the middle of the story, a 14 stat is rare.
She's definitely a named character.
Or maybe Theo is just stupid.
“…” Amy's brown eyes stared at me, waiting for a response.
“No, it's nothing.” I wanted to speak more warmly, but my character's traits limited me.
“I heard a loud noise from your room.” “You don't need to worry about that.” “I'm sorry for overstepping.
Are you going out?” “Yes.” “I understand.
I'm truly sorry, but could you wait a moment? I'll be ready to accompany you immediately.” Amy tried to enter her own room.
I took a quick peek inside.
It was about one-fifth the size of my room.
Her room felt barren, with no personal touch at all.
It was filled with items for serving me, like umbrellas and textbooks.
It felt more like a storage room for Theo than Amy's room.
“You don't need to prepare.” “Even so, shouldn't I bring an umbrella, sir? The sun may have set, but your fair skin could still be damaged.” Amy put her hands together in front of her and bowed her head.
By the way, her mentioning my “fair skin” made me feel sick.
Theo was certainly handsome, but he was still a man.
I felt disgusted.
And serving me with an umbrella? I absolutely didn't want that, and I needed to go alone.
I was going to look for Neike, and I couldn't take Amy with me.
I looked into Amy's eyes and said: “I told you not to prepare.
Don't make me say it again.” “I understand.
I'm sorry for overstepping, sir.
Please forgive my impudence.
Then, I'll be ready to serve you immediately.” Amy stood in front of me.
“Today is Sunday, and you said you would rest all day, so I canceled all appointments.
Where are you planning to go—” “Take a break.” “I'm really sorry, sir.
Could you please repeat that?” “Take a break.
I don't need your help.” A slight crack appeared on Amy's emotionless face.
“Did I upset you, sir? I'm truly sorry.
As a foolish servant, I must have failed to meet your noble expectations.” “Enough.” Amy's eyes started to tremble as well.
I stopped talking.
“I have to do this alone.
I'll say it again.
Take a break.” Amy hesitated for a moment and then bowed her head.
“Understood, sir.
I apologize for causing you trouble.
I'll wait at the entrance of the dormitory until you return.” Amy firmly closed her mouth, looking humiliated.
Ah, this is annoying.
I expected it to some extent, but it's worse than I thought.
How much sugarcoating did it take for her to act like this? I patted Amy's shoulder.
“No.” I grabbed her.
“Rest in your room.” “…” “No need to wait.” “…” “Answer me.” Amy's eyes trembled.
Eventually, her tightly closed cherry lips opened.
I'll reflect on what I did to upset you until you return.” “One last time.” I bent my knees to match Amy's eye level, but she avoided my gaze.
It's going to be difficult to bridge this emotional gap.
“Take a break.
Don't think about anything.” “Understood.”


Raei Translations


After seeing Amy go to her room, I went outside the dormitory building.
It's evening, but Neike is a hardworking genius.
He's likely at the training ground.
The dormitory building where I live and the training ground are quite far apart.
It's too far to walk.
There's no academy shuttle on Sundays either.
I have to check Neike's route as soon as possible.
I have no choice.
I'll run.
Hopefully, the trait passive is minimal.


“Huff, huff, gasp…” The entrance to the training ground is in sight.
My whole body is drenched in sweat.
“Haa, haa…
Ugh, eugh…” The sharp pain still lingered throughout my body.
I wiped my sweat with a handkerchief and caught my breath.
I checked the time on my wristwatch.
Two hours had passed since I left.
The plan was to arrive within an hour.
My body's trait is the problem.
Of course, the trait activated while running disgracefully on the street.
I ran while enduring the pain, worried that Neike might leave if I was late.
Then, a more intense pain tormented me.
Unable to endure it any longer, I alternated between running and walking.
If not for this trait, I would have arrived quickly.
Darn it.
I'm getting annoyed again.
After wiping my sweat and calming my breath, I grabbed the handle of the training ground door.
With a creak, I opened the large door and entered the lobby, where several passages were visible.
The passages are long.
I can't see the end with the naked eye.
A scene I've seen countless times in games.
Magic, archery, spear art, unarmed combat, throwing, spellcasting…
Elinia Academy has many people with various talents.
Accordingly, the training ground is specialized.
There are various, diverse training grounds.
In which of these training grounds could Neike be? I headed to the magic training ground first.
Hoping desperately that Neike was following the mage route with lots of hidden pieces for me to collect.
An hour passed like that.


“Haa, haa…” Running down the long hallway and walking around left me out of breath.
In the game, training was just briefly mentioned, so I had no choice but to run myself.
But I still couldn't find him.
Neike, where on earth are you? …Now there's only one place left: the gym.
Did he go back? I hope not.
I opened the door to the gym.
-Phew, phew.
Ee, eee…
Aha! Thankfully, he's here.
But there are two people, not just Neike.
Another person was there.
Of course, I know them very well.
Short red hair, smooth skin with a mix of white and yellow, and a slender but toned figure; she was a noble named Piel, a fellow student in the hero department with Neike and me.
Piel was a named character in most routes, first a rival to Neike and then an important ally.
Neike and Piel are the top talents at the Elinia Academy, competing for first and second place.
-Phew! -Ugh, ugh! The two were so immersed in their workout that they didn't even glance at me.
Hmm, let's see…

[Name: Neike] Gender: Male Age: 16 Race: Human Affiliation: Elinia Academy Hero Department Strength 12 Stamina 12 Mana 12 Tenacity 12 Traits: Hero's Descendant (Passive Effect / Bloodline Ability) Weapon Master (Passive Effect) Mana Ruler (Passive Effect) And 17 other traits

[Name: Piel de Chalon] Gender: Female Age: 15 Race: Human Affiliation: Elinia Academy Hero Department / Chalon Duchy Strength 11 Stamina 11 Mana 11 Tenacity 11 Traits: Gambler (Passive Effect / Bloodline Ability) Weapon Master (Passive Effect) Mana Ruler (Passive Effect) And 15 other traits

I already knew this information, but it's still impressive.
I have to compete with them.
Of course, they have the highest talent in Elinia Academy's history.
With just a bit more experience, they'll soon be better than most active top-tier heroes.
They are heaven-sent talents.
Moreover, they are hardworking geniuses, training even late Sunday nights.
Each year, the Hero Department graduates about 100 students.
In every route, they are in the top 10%.
At most, only 8 spots are left for others.
Anyway, I couldn't tell which route Neike was on just by looking at the information window.
Neike has genius-level talent in all areas.
He could be the best in any field if he wanted.
In that case, I have to ask him directly.
But their workout doesn't seem to end anytime soon.
Feeling awkward standing there, I began strength training within earshot of their conversation.
The barbell with its numerous plates was easy to lift.
Well, I am a student in he hero department, after all.

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