In the game 'Kyren Zena Chronicles,' there exist various traits besides combat-related ones.
There's the 'Sage's Brain' that enhances overall intelligence, the 'Dwarf's Touch' that increases the chances of crafting exceptional items, and the 'Merchant's Eye' that can spot valuable objects.
In addition, numerous traits with unknown applications can be found in the game.
Being a veteran player of the game, I'm familiar with even the most obscure traits that ordinary players don't know about.
However, this is no longer a game but reality.
It's unclear how these minor traits will be applied and to what extent they will be effective in real life.

[Remaining Currency: 8 Gold Coins, 10 Silver Coins]

It's a significant sum of money, but it's not enough to buy something that will be helpful in the upcoming practical skills evaluation on Friday.

[Weapon Expert] Price: 20 Gold Coins [Sword Expert] Price: 20 Gold Coins [Current Currency: 8 Gold Coins, 10 Silver Coins]

If I had at least one expert-level trait, I might stand a chance.
However, I don't have enough currency, and it feels like a waste to buy an expert-level trait.
Weapon Expert is not an upgraded version of Sword Expert.
They stack.
Of course, if using a sword, one would choose Sword Expert.
Master-level traits are the perfect upgrade of expert-level traits.
If you have several expert-level traits, you might be able to rank around 50th place, but breaking into the top 10 is impossible.
To graduate with outstanding results, you need at least two master-level traits.
Even if not on the level of Neike or Piel, those currently ranked in the top 10 already possess at least one master-level trait.
And most of them are named characters who will survive the Academy Crushing Episode, where many students die.
“Sigh.” Is there really no solution? Although the practical skills evaluation has a low percentage of the overall grade, I'm currently on the verge of being expelled.
I must win.
Ralph is a formidable opponent for me right now.
There's a huge gap that can't be overcome just by raising one or two stats.
I need something revolutionary.
While browsing the store, a certain trait catches my eye.

[Observer's Eye] Price: 7 Gold Coins

In the original work, this trait had little presence except for helping the protagonist follow the aristocrats' dance moves when participating in the royal social club.
However, the point to note is that it can analyze not only dance moves but also other movements.
“Could it be?” Can I use this to learn swordsmanship as well? Hmm…
But 'Observer's Eye' has more limitations compared to other combat-related traits.
First, you need to see the opponent's movements directly.
As even Noctar acknowledged, my swordsmanship is not poor, but rather exceptional.
In the original work, longswords were a minor weapon, meaning there are few people to learn from.
Secondly, it only helps with analyzing movements.
I have to learn the rest on my own.
There's a high possibility that my body won't follow what my mind knows.
Neike, the protagonist, could mimic the movements instantly because he's a genius, but I'm not.
First and foremost, this ability is a keeper.
The probability may be extremely low, but surprisingly, I might have talent in emulating it.
So, it's worth testing it out.
Now, who should I learn from? Neike and Piel are out of the question.
In the current route, Neike's primary weapon is a spear, while Piel's is a rapier.
Even if I were to pick up a sword for the first time, they would likely outshine me.
However, both of them are geniuses, which means they might not be good at teaching.
“Ah? It's simple, so why can't you do it?” would probably be their response.
Moreover, Piel hates me enough to call me a fool.
She wouldn't even bother teaching me.
“Hmm.” In that case, what about Professor Mari? At a glance, she seems like the most helpful person.
In the original story, her main weapon is a longsword.
As a current hero and a professor, she must have better swordsmanship than me.
However, she's fair-minded.
In a tense situation with a practical evaluation just a few days away, she wouldn't give one-on-one lessons to a student.
My fragile but recovering reputation would also take a beating.
“Neither Amy nor Aisha would work either.” Amy is highly skilled, but she's an assassin.
She doesn't engage in close combat.
Aisha's primary weapon is a bow.
She doesn't use a sword.
That leaves only one person.
“Ah.” There's exactly one person.
In every route of the original story, this person uses a longsword and has exceptional skills.
But they dislike me.
Would they even teach me? “Ah, who cares?” It's all or nothing.
Whether I get killed by that person's sword or get expelled and fail the main quest, dying is all the same.


Raei Translations


The next morning.
As usual, Irene boarded the circular train.
Then, her gaze naturally moved to the back seat.
Just as expected, he was there.
“But he's not reading a book today?” Theo was looking out the window with an indifferent expression.
“…” Although she didn't show it, Irene felt a sense of emptiness.
Just yesterday, he had urged her to sit.
Of course, she could just sit down, but the prideful Irene chose to stand.
She occasionally glanced at Theo.
At that moment.
“Irene.” Theo turned his eyes to her.
Instead of replying, Irene widened her eyes slightly, as if to hurry him to say the next words.
However, there were no additional words from Theo.
He just slightly bit his lips while looking at her.
After a moment, his mouth opened.
“…I have a favor to ask.” “Yes?” Irene was both bewildered and curious.
She had never once heard the word 'favor' come from Theo's mouth before.
What on earth could make him so uncharacteristically tense? With various thoughts running through her mind, Irene approached Theo.


I immediately boarded the circulating carriage as soon as the lecture ended.
To go to the training ground used by all students within the academy, not just the exclusive training ground for the Hero Department.
When I asked Irene to teach me swordsmanship, she agreed with a subtle expression.
It was really fortunate.
To be honest, I thought I would be rejected.
It was natural for her to dislike me, and Irene is the top student of the Knight Department.
She's not only talented, but she also puts in a lot of effort.
There was no reason for her to spend her precious time on me.
But I decided to give it a shot and ask, and it worked.
[This stop is in front of the 3rd training ground.
Let me remind you once again, this stop is in front of the 3rd training ground.
Please make sure to collect your belongings before disembarking.] While lost in various thoughts, I arrived at the training ground.
I opened the door to the somewhat shabby-looking training ground compared to the Hero Department.
Perhaps because it was still early for dinner, the inside of the training ground was quiet.
I could see several long passages leading to various different training grounds.
Among these, the place where I was to meet Irene was the swordsmanship training ground.
Creak─ I opened the door.
“Ha, ha, ha!” I saw Irene, dressed in her training clothes, swinging a wooden sword in mid-air.
She seemed to have arrived quite a while ago, as a few beads of sweat were rolling down her pale neck.
Whoosh, whoosh─ With every swing of her wooden sword, her long violet hair tied back sways.

[Name: Irene Aslan] Gender: Female Age: 16 Race: Human Affiliation: Elinia Academy Knight Department / Aslan Baron Family Strength: 10 Stamina: 10 Mana: 8 Tenacity: 10 Traits: Chivalry (Passive effect / Bloodline ability) Sword Expert (Passive effect) Weapon Expert (Passive effect) Mana Control (Passive effect)

As expected, she's still at the expert level.
But her traits aren't everything.
Born and raised in a knight family, she received strict education since childhood.
Unlike Theo, given her personality, she would have trained diligently without avoiding it.
As I watched Irene swing her wooden sword, she wiped her sweat and looked at me.
“You're here.” “Yeah, it's been a long time since I've seen you wield a sword.” “You always refused when I asked you to train together when we were younger.
Anyway, warm up first.” “···Alright.”


I warmed up as I did with Noctar.
Then, Irene threw a wooden sword at me.
“Now, come at me.” ······That 'come at me' phrase.
I feel like I've been hearing it a lot lately.
She must be looking down on me.
Irene probably didn't mean it that way, but it felt bad.
Irene's strength and endurance are both 10.
Just by looking at the stats, it seemed worth trying once.
“Here I come, Irene.” I charged straight at her.
With my first move as big as possible.
As if to strike downward, I swung the wooden sword towards her.
Thwack! Irene opened her eyes wide and blocked my attack.
Then, she swiftly let her wooden sword flow.
Swoosh! She aimed for my shoulder.
If this had been a real fight, she would have gone for my neck.
It seems like she took it easy on me.
She must have seen Theo as a very incompetent person to know just from a single glance.
“Huuu!” I blocked her thrust with my wooden sword and pushed her back with all my strength.
“Eh?!” Surprised by my unexpected power, Irene let out a cute sound as she was pushed back.
“…” It seems like I can handle it more than I thought.
Now, let me show her my true skills.
I continued to unleash fierce attacks.

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