Something bizarre and ghastly, like a tentacle, began to appear very clearly.




While watching the grotesque scene in a daze, I hurriedly spoke to the Resurrection next to me.


“Look, do you see those…”

The man who had been next to me until a while ago had disappeared without a trace.


Resurrection just said he was going to the bathroom.
So lower your voice.”


“Hey, over there.
Can you see it?”




“Here, the tentacles…”


I grabbed a teacher who frowned and scolded me, pointed forward and asked, then she looked at me with her surprised eyes and said.


“What are you talking about?”


“Hey, there.
The front of the second row from the right.
And the third from the back.
Can't you see?”




I asked again with a serious expression on my face, but she only had an expression on her face that she did not understand what I was talking about.


“Um, hmmm.”


It was so frustrating that I wondered if I should take a picture and show it, but then I started to hear a coughing sound from the side.


“Let’s be quiet.”


The professors were glaring at me silently.


‘This… what the hell…’


It was only a small fraction, but even two or three of the professors had disgusting tentacles wriggling inside their bodies.


Because of that, I turned my gaze forward with a puzzled expression, and Lumia was looking at me with a mysterious gaze.




Unknowingly, when I averted my eyes from her, a very strange sight was unfolding.


‘What are these guys doing?’


The tentacle holders quietly exchanged glances with each other, and one by one they were going backward.


It was such a silent move that no one noticed it.


Except for me, who saw something wriggling inside their bodies.


“Excuse me.”


I stared blankly at the empty seats of the guys who disappeared from the auditorium in an instant.


“I’m going to go to the bathroom for a while.”


Soon after, I quietly got up from my seat, left those words behind, and started following them.


– Kang Ha-neul.
Where are you? All of sudden?










‘Where are these guys going.’


The reason I followed them was simple.


It was because no variable could be tolerated in our mission.


This situation right now was an obvious variable unless I had gone crazy.


If I lose Lumia because of this, I will miss the golden opportunity to get my revenge.


There was still a little time left before the start of the operation.
So first, figuring out the variable in front of my eyes was the most important.


With that thought in mind, I succeeded in catching up with the student who left the auditorium last, and started carefully following him.


‘Is he going higher from here?’


The guy kept going up.


Aside from the classrooms, the upper floors of the academy were the teachers’ office, the principal’s office, and the medical room.


'Then, is his purpose one of those three?'




I quietly reasoned inwardly and followed behind him, then suddenly stopped as he stopped.


“Who are you?”


In the blink of an eye, the guy turned around and asked in a cold voice with his eyes shining.




And the silence began.


He stared at the place where he was, and after a few minutes, he tilted his head for a moment, then started moving forward.


‘I almost got caught.’


Fortunately, it was the end of the hallway, so I was able to hide behind the wall.


Anyway, if he reacted like that just because of a small sign, there really seemed to be something going on.


'What the hell is that guy?'


“Excuse me.”




As I was relieved that I was not caught, suddenly a voice came from behind.


“It’s the first time I’ve seen your face.”


“I don’t think he is a student.
Who are you?”


Two sophomore student council members who were present to help with the entrance ceremony were looking at me suspiciously.


“…a new professor at the academy.”


“Okay, excuse me.”

Thinking that the trailing was wrong now, I took out my teaching certificate and showed it with a slightly irritated voice, and the female student nodded her head and was immediately convinced.


“By the way, what about that one?”


It was at that moment that an ominous feeling spread through my limbs-


“There, he is in his school uniform, so he looks like a freshman.”




“The entrance ceremony is still ongoing.
What are you doing here?”


-A type of warning that informs the moment of crisis, which I learned while working as a black agent for a long time.


“Have you been bunking since day one? It's bad.”


“Go back to the auditorium right now, otherwise…”




At that time, while we were on the alert, the student standing in the hallway sighed and began to break his neck.


“You guys, you’re out of luck.”


At first, it seemed like a simple stretch, but sooner or later, the neck of the guy started to bend to the extent that it crossed 40 and 60 degrees and approached 90 degrees.


“Maybe you could have lived today.”


At that bizarre scene, the student council members began to retreat in contemplation.




Unable to ignore the uneasiness I was feeling all over my body, I unconsciously stretched out my hand forward.


Alert: Skill < Defense (LV1) > has been used.


At that moment, a translucent window appeared in front of me with a refreshing sound.


◆Defense: You can summon a barrier with a cooldown that blocks enemy attacks.

◆Price: The user's defense is reduced in proportion to the amount of impact for a certain period of time.




And before I could even read it all.


– Kwagwagwagwang…!!!


An attack flew with a roar and terrifying speed.






But for some reason, the person who made the attack was intercepted right in front of me.


– Kwakdeukdeuk…


It was the student from earlier who was surrounded by tentacles protruding from his bent neck and became like a monster.




'How the hell did this happen?'


'Can a human become like this?'


'The subject of demonization must be a 'non-human' animal.'


“What are you.”


The student in front of me was clearly a magical beast.




No, he had become a monster.


“Damn it.”








Meanwhile at that time.


“Um, this one.”


Paradise, who had been disguised as a student and mixed in the auditorium, put her hand in her pocket with a characteristic pleasant smile.


– Swish…!


The card flew like a bullet and pierced the head of one of the faculty members.


“I guess we'll have to start sooner than expected.”




A few seconds later, screams began to echo throughout the auditorium.


“Hello, puppies.”


Dice smiled as she said that, and in her eyes, the tentacles that had stopped moving after violently wriggling around the faculty member’s body were being reflected.


“It’s time to take the medicine.”

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