uto ”>Saying that Noona tilted her head slightly.


It’s a kind of routine she only did when she was sure of winning.


“I praised you too much, Noona.”


But, apparently, my sister popped the champagne too early.


“Noona is not an omnipotent being.”


It’s time to become the real villain she wanted.










Realizing that Kang Ha-neul’s hand was moving upwards quickly despite she 'commanded' him to stop, Kang Maru was alerted, but it was already too late.


“Everyone, look this way.”


It was because most of the people at the scene inadvertently raised their gazes upward at his soft yet clear voice.




“Everyone close your eyes!”


The henchmen who had been briefed by Lumia about Kang Ha-neul's abilities were terrified at the sight and closed their eyes with a hurried cry.


“Uh…Ha? What is that…”


“Hey, I’m suddenly sleepy…”


“What is that… it’s not a joke… it’s not…”


But many people had already seen the whirlpool that was lifted high into the sky, precisely inside the smartphone’s monitor.


“That Lumia… She must have revealed my abilities to only a select few…”


Kang Ha-neul murmured as if he understood looking at the armed forces that were instantly neutralized thanks to him.


“Calm down, even if they get out of my sight, the command I gave once is valid until a certain amount of time.”


Meanwhile, his older sister, Kang Maru, who closed her eyes before it was too late, clenched her teeth and muttered inside.


‘I don’t know why he could resist my command before, but if I can subdue him once…’


But eventually, she began to go crazy just thinking about it, and started to apply force to the trigger of the pistol she was holding.


“Your eyes are closed, how are you going to shoot the gun?”


– Swish!


Thanks to the card that Kang Ha-neul threw at her wrist, the pistol, Kang Maru was about to fire, fell off.


“You’re throwing better than I thought.
It’s good to have a spare card.”


Paradise said while still standing as a statue due to Kang Maru's command.


“…do I have to take it out of there?”


Kang Ha-neul, who was staring at Dice's chest with a blushing face, said in a crawling voice.


“No, other than here, it’s usually in my pants pocket.”




“Still, this is the most comfortable place, so it’s quick to take it out.”


Ignoring Dice's innocent expression, he sighed and slowly moved forward.


“What kind of trick did you use…”


Kang Maru, who was still shocked because of the lack of effect of her command, couldn't help but ask Kang Ha-neul.


“As soon as I turned on my smartphone, I hypnotized myself.”




it was enough to hypnotize myself to not take orders from anyone.”


At the cold voice of her younger brother, which she had never heard before, Maru, whose eyebrows were wriggling, began to chew her lips quietly.


“Something as simple as that…”


“Noona’s ability is situational manipulation.
It can be interfered with by other abilities.
Did Noona never think about that?”




Kang Ha-neul, who watched the scene quietly, felt the presence of some people moving toward them and lifted his smartphone.


“If you moved even one step forward, it would be like this…”


Kang Ha-neul said as he looked through the options full of hypnosis app, but he suddenly made a confused expression and blurred the end of his speech.


Then, with a very bewildered expression on his face, he asked Dice a question.


“…why are all the functions so bizarre?”


“You don’t like it? I suggested it while watching both Pandora and reference materials.”


“No, what reference materials?”


“Everything present in the comics and it came out like this…”









“Shoot, shoot!! Aim as high as possible…!”


While not missing the gap created by that, Lumia’s henchmen, who had their eyes closed, tried their last move.


“Anyway, it’s time to go.”


As soon as the command’s duration had passed, Dice, who had quickly cleaned them up with a single card, signaled that it was time to leave.


“Actually, a lot of heroes have already arrived at the scene.
Only four executives are blocking their entry.”


“Have they arrived already? Then, hurry up… Ugh.”


Hearing the news, Kang Ha-neul, who was preparing to leave, suddenly groaned because of the pain.


Dice wisely gave him her shoulder.


“We can leave right now.
But hey, you don’t want to take revenge?”




“It’s not enough time, but if you hurry up, I can protect you a little longer.”


When she asked as if she had suddenly remembered, Kang Ha-neul, who was leaning on Dice’s shoulder, quietly raised his smartphone and asked.


“Can I, a newbie, take revenge by myself?”


“Do not interfere in other people’s revenge, that’s my iron rule.”


After staring at her for a moment, who still exuded an unknown atmosphere, Kang Ha-neul began to turn his gaze to the ‘Absolute Commander’.


“Then, can you help me for a moment?”


At that request, it was Dice who nodded with a satisfied smile.








“uh, ah…..”


“Is that okay? Really?”


Dice, who glanced back at the ‘Absolute Commander’, who was making a hazy expression in the aftermath of hypnosis from afar, asked him.


“That’s enough.”


Kang Ha-neul nodded his head, enjoying the refreshment he had not felt in a long time, and then he looked around and opened his mouth.


“By the way, where did she go?”




Ira had not been seen since before.


Apparently, she had lost consciousness earlier, but he couldn't find her anywhere.


Where the hell did she go?


‘Did you know how to hide?’


If she were there, he would have been able to find her.


'Maybe she is mixed with people in disguise?'


Kang Ha-neul wanted to escape with her as much as possible, but if she had already escaped, it was enough for him.


Though he was still worried about her future, at least her life was safe for now.


'After escaping from here, let's meet her first.'


“But how do we get out of here now?”


“There is a way.”


When he asked that question, Dice smiled brightly and spread her arms wide.


“Come on, hug me.”




“What are you doing? Come on, hug me.”


He didn’t know what the hell she was talking about, so he was just staring at her blankly, but then he looked up at the sky and realized her intention.


“Is that your base?”


“Normally, it’s always in stealth.
Even top-ranked heroes can't chase stars in the sky, it’s truly an invincible fortress.”


A long line stretched across the huge fortress floating in the sky.


A fairly typical escape method.
Still, it certainly worked well.






As he carefully wrapped his arms around her waist to escape, a soft touch began to spread throughout his body.


“Hug a little tighter.”




“Tighten your legs a little too.”


It wasn’t anything to be ashamed of.
It’s just that their faces were too close.


“Oh, yes.
That’s it.”


[What are you guys really doing? I can hear the mic…
Refrain from doing anything weird as it reduces my ability to work.]


A message quickly passed by Dice’s electronic watch, but she turned her head away.


“Then let’s go.”


After spending a while in his arms like that, Dice grabbed the rope and they began to get close to the sky.




That was the moment.


“Blonde hair, who the hell are you? Why are you now coming out?”




“Why did you suddenly come out and ruin everything!!!”


The cry of Lumia, who lost her reason, began to be heard from below.


“This is wrong.
Totally wrong.”




“Seonbae is not the kind of person to go to an extra like you!!!”


Kang Ha-neul, who had always been at the top of his head now had a blank expression on his face without being able to say anything at the desperate sight of the girl he saw for the first time.


“What’s the big deal?”


Hearing the voice of Dice, who embraced him with the cloak that she was wearing, he shifted his gaze to her.


“I love stealing so much.”




“On the other hand, aren’t you used to being taken away?”


'What the hell does this girl know?'


Seeing her speak nonsense towards Lumia, Kang Ha-neul thought looking at Paradise, but he soon shook his head.


'How will Lumia come out from now on, and how will my destiny unfold in the future?'


With thousands of thoughts in his head, he finally closed his eyes slowly, unable to bear the weight of his heavy eyelids.


“…that’s good.”


His last thought right before he lost consciousness was how nice Lumia’s shocked and desperate face looked.

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