But Trauma intercepted those words midway and shouted with his arms wide open.


“Yes, that's right!”




His voice echoed through the barrier.


“I am Kang Ha-neul!”


Ariel’s expression, which had been blankly looking up at Trauma after hearing that declaration, began to distort.




“I don’t have to hide my identity just because I wear a mask, do I?”




“But, thinking about it, I don’t like it when everyone talks about my identity.”


Trauma squatted down in front of her and pulled something out of his pocket.




“So, let’s keep this a secret between the two of us.”




Without giving her time to resist, he used a hypnosis app at Ariel.


“By the way, you are so pure.”


“I, what did you do to me? What else is that smartphone…”


Ariel, who looked at the smartphone with eyes wide open for a moment, only came to her senses when she heard Trauma's laughter.


It's fun, I tested the power I stole from your sister, and you call me a hero.
Didn't you keep fighting, believing that you can truly defeat me?”




“That stupid thinking, you really are like your sister.”


As Trauma looked at Ariel like that, he muttered in a voice that had lost his laughter.


“But, it’s starting to get boring little by little.”




“It’s really nice to have similar looks and personality.
But the strength isn’t the same, right?”


Ariel’s eyes began to burn slowly upon hearing those words.


“Your sister said at the last minute…”




After seeing her, Trauma smiled for a moment and then continued.


“My younger sister will one day be stronger than me.
So one day she will become a great hero who will defeat you.”




“Is that your childhood dream?”


In Ariel’s mind, a faint memory of the past came to mind.


Her older sister who she didn’t see often because she was always busy, still sent a letter every day.


A time when she replied that she would become a great hero like her older sister in that letter, in which half of the content was about her partner.


However, after realizing the limits of her concept and her sister’s secret, she had no choice but to give up on that dream.


“But I guess I was deceived.”


That’s when Trauma began to creep in.




“There’s no way a weak girl like you, who’s been given a chance several times and doesn’t even show any signs of attacking, will become a great hero, right?”


There was absolutely no room for rebuttal.


Trauma was still openly exposing the gap.


If it was someone other than herself.


If it was Lumia, who was still knocking on the barrier outside, at least she could have fought back.


“Okay, let’s just finish it.”


Just when those thoughts filled Ariel’s head, the voice of Trauma was heard from the front.


When those words were finished, all the remaining hostages grabbed their necks with their hands and started trying to kill themselves.


There was not enough time for a hero capable of resolving this situation to arrive.


‘I want to…’


In just a few seconds, in a moment of despair, the lives of millions of people would be lost.


Thinking about other people, Ariel remembered the words she told her sister.


‘I want to protect everyone’s lives and smiles.’


Ariel staggered and stood up.


‘Even if I have to die.’


Unlike her previous appearance, she was now burning with a fighting spirit.


‘As I told my sister.’


After Justia’s death, Ariel chose the path of a hero as if possessed by something.


She always pretended to be bright on the outside, but she was wandering all the time, unable to find a way inside, but now she had a goal stronger than ever to help someone by sacrificing her own life.


‘Just ones.’


That was the moment.


‘Even just ones, let’s face it properly.’


And as if waiting for that moment.


– Bang…!


A miracle happened.









Ariel, the younger sister of Justia, who looked very much like her screamed desperately and started running towards me.


– Haa… haa…!


The unstoppable energy started flowing through her arms, legs, and body.


<Detection (LV2)>

◆Name: Ariel Everray
◆Gender: Female (17)
◆Owned concept: [Concept of a hero]
– [Non-Awakening State]


As I looked at the information I had found out with the detection skill, I smiled involuntarily and fell into thoughts.


‘After all, she is the main character.’


The concept she possessed was ‘The concept of a hero’.


'Isn’t that really the main character’s ability?'


“No… no, seonbae… don’t do that…”


Her character and personality were several times more like the main character than that woman, who was muttering something from afar.


“Choose me, me… Please…”


In the first place, the fact that Lumia was passing through the streets with Ariel must have been that she was being wary of her for some reason.


“That route is not okay yeobo!!”


[TN: yeobo is a Korean word that means darling, honey, or sweetheart.]


At the same time, Lumia’s shout resounded in all directions, but it was buried by Ariel’s destructive sound who was approaching right from front of me.


“That’s not right.”


“Shut up!”


From now on, I planned to make this child the strongest hero in the world.


'Our protagonist, who will end this dark era.'


'I will become dirty manure for her to grow.'


'Justia see; Just how much she loves you.'


While thinking that, I quietly closed my eyes as Ariel attacked my chest.


The monsters who were aiming for her had all been dealt with in the previous hostage situation.


There was also a way to cover the terrible recoil she would get from the blow she had used now.


Lumia, who was looking at us from behind as if the world had been lost, wouldn't be able to do anything stupid either because of the broadcast helicopter flying in the sky.


“Why did you kill my sister!!!”


Now, instead of Justia, it was time for me to take charge of Ariel.

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