boar in his back and kids carrying their clothes.

Uncle zeek is in the back carrying a boar that he will butcher in the river.Gab and his friends walk to the river.The distance is around 100 meters from their cave and their child feet started to hurts because of sharp rocks?

”Gab can we rest my feet hurts! ”Bard said

Oh yeah we can,Gabs reply while looking at bard feet full of calluses and small wounds.

A very good Good idea came out of his mind and it is to make a sandals made out of fiber,vines,bark and grass and also making a basket so next time he can carry more materials.

*After 10 minutes they continued walking to the river they play while taking a bath

while Zeek is butchering the boar.

*After butchering the boar Zeek also take a bath with kids for half an hour,l.

Gab tell his ideas to uncle zeek and his friends he explain what is sandals and basket and they find it interesting because walking in the rocks is a common problem to everyone all of them agreed to help Gab gathering materials for making a basket.First is to find a bamboo to make a basket. and finding wild vines

*they already found the amount of vines and kauna grass( HARD STEM GRASS GOOD FOR MAKING BASKET AND HATS). But still they can find a bamboo. so they decided go deeper into the forest.

They go deeper into the forest after a hour of searching they found a lot of bamboos and cut down 3 of it, Gab ask his Uncle zeek to chop the bamboo into finer strips.

Zeek starts cutting the Bamboos while cutting Gab arranging the materials.While Bard and Lue removing the grass leaves.

uncle Zeek finish cutting the bamboos also Bard and Lue finished removing the leaves of the grass.

”Guys look at this.this is a proper way of making a basket follow my instruction ” uncle zeek follow his instructions with doubt thinking if he really was able to make one because Gab is still 7 year old Is still very young.

Bard and Lue is exited because they will gonna learn something new,Lue said ”hey Gab can I make one ” while having a puppy eyes,

Gab reply ”off course you can just follow my instruction so you can make one, I want to make one also Bard said.

”yeah yeah you can just listen ”

”First is to tie the Lower part of the bamboo like this and then alternately insert the thiner bamboo strips bend it a little to make this part curve to achieve the circular pattern repeat the process until to the very top ”

” After that If you finish it to the top, you need to insert this vines alternately again and tie it every angle so the bamboo will not loose and its finished ”while talking he finish making his own basket and he also add the knotted Kauna grass stem like a srap and attached it on the basket so it can be wore like a back pack.

”Uncle Zeek,Lue,Bard checking at his finished basket if it is really usefull ”

”Uncle Zeek you can put your boar meat on the basket to test if it really was strong ”

Gab put the boar meat into the basket and carry it in his back the basket was very study and strong.

Zeek was amaze to his nephews first inventions ”Wow Gab its really made out of that overgrown grass where did you learn to make it? Gab says that he just invented he got his idea from the tribe grass ropes in the cave knotting it to make it stronger.I just improvise to a stronger materials to create the basket.Gab give a half true answer to avoid suspicion.

after that the twin Lue and bard joined hands to make their own basket.Gab give his basket to uncle zeek and make another one to collect materials for making a sandals.

the Twins are very happy they finished making their own basket they feel the fulfilment the fruits of their hard labor. They are exited to brag their basket on their friends in the cave.

Gab ask them if they can help him collecting materials in making sandals and they agreed,

and after 30 minutes of collecting materials

they gathered enough to make 12 pair of sandals they go back home to finish the making of their own sandals.

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