Chapter 93 Entering the Imperial Palace for the First Time

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Yun Lige and the other two could not help but gasp in unison, their eyes filled with fear towards the hot shots.

The hot shots were simply too terrifying.

As expected of the hackers!

However, thinking about it carefully, they realized that their master definitely had a reason to fear them.

After a long journey, everyone quickly arrived at the Great Zhou Imperial City.

Compared to the Black Tortoise True Sect, the Great Zhou Imperial City was the true colossus.

It was simply gigantic!

It was indomitable!

It had to be known that the Black Tortoise True Sect was at most comparable to an imperial palace in the Great Zhou Imperial City.

However, the Great Zhou Imperial City had more than one imperial palace.

Other than that, the Great Zhou Imperial City also had the Royal Imperial Palace, as well as housing areas for commoners.

Lu Xiaoran’s divine sense could only barely cover the entire Imperial City.

It had to be known that he was currently a fourth level King Realm expert!

His divine sense was so vast that it could almost cover a small world.

This made Lu Xiaoran unable to help but click his tongue.
In fact, this place was so huge that it was still slightly bigger than the combined area of ten top-tier cities from his previous life.

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The places of the cultivation world were indeed big and vast.

However, thinking about it carefully, in the cultivation world, experts could split the mountains and rivers with a single strike.
If the world was not big enough, it would probably not be enough for everyone.
“Wuxia, this is your territory.
I think it’s better if you lead the way for everyone.”

Ji Wuxia nodded and was about to walk when she suddenly stopped as if she had thought of something.
The three of them raised their eyebrows slightly in confusion.

Then, they saw Ji Wuxia look up at a 45-degree angle, put her hands behind her back, and say with a faint sad expression,

“It’s been eight years.
But now, I’m finally back.”

Lu Xiaoran: “???”

Yun Lige and Fang Tianyuan’s eyes instantly lit


“Hiss, Junior Sister is so powerful.
She actually added three years and five years… a total of eight years!”

“Senior Sister is really smart.
After returning this time, you will definitely avenge your previous humiliation.”

Ji Wuxia pursed her lips and smiled.

“You’re too kind.
I’m just learning on the spot.
It’s all because Master taught me well.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face darkened.
At this moment, he even suspected Wang Cai was lying when he said that they had the talent to reach the Martial Monarch Realm.

These disciples were even less intelligent than the disciples of the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect who had chased after him in the small town back then.

“Can we go in now?”

Lu Xiaoran asked with a dark expression, and Ji Wuxia hurriedly led the way.

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“We’ll go in now.”

She brought everyone to the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
When the servants at the entrance of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace saw Ji Wuxia, they immediately knelt and welcomed her.

“Greetings, Princess.
Welcome back to the Imperial Palace.”

This posture made Lu Xiaoran inexplicably feel like he was going to the Acacia Faction.

Ji Wuxia said “stand up” before the servants stood up.

Then, Ji Wuxia led Lu Xiaoran and the others into her own courtyard in the Imperial Palace.

It was an extremely huge courtyard.
It was a perfect ancient-style building that covered a huge area that was not inferior to Zhishui Peak at all.

Fang Tianyuan was not too shocked.
After all, he was previously the heir of the Ancient Ape Tribe, which had half of the Heaven Demon Sect’s strength.

However, Yun Lige did not have the same reaction.
As he looked at Ji Wuxia’s yard, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and whispered,

“Junior Sister, is this your private residence?”

Ji Wuxia smiled and nodded.

“Of course, mine is actually still considered small.
The other heirs and princesses in the Imperial Palace have bigger courtyards than mine.”


Yun Lige was shocked until his heart skipped a beat and he was extremely envious.
His entire Yun family estate could not even compare with his junior sister’s courtyard.
Yun Lige looked at his junior brother, Fang Tianyuan, who was standing silently beside him.
He could not help but sigh slightly.

His junior brother must have been shocked too, right?

After all, his junior sister had such a huge courtyard to herself.
She could even be compared to their master.

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Although he was also shocked, as the Eldest Senior Brother of Zhishui Peak, he felt that at this moment, he should put down his shock and comfort his junior brother.

Therefore, he patted his junior brother on the shoulder and consoled,

“Junior Brother, there’s no need to be shocked or envious.
As long as we cultivate well with Master and become top-notch experts in the future, we will also have a chance to live in such a large courtyard.” Fang Tianyuan looked at Yun Lige somewhat strangely.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you speak so strangely.
Why should I be envious? The courtyard I used to live in was also this big.”

Yun Lige: “???”

Fang Tianyuan held his chin and looked at the courtyard.

“Actually, I feel that Senior Sister’s courtyard is not as big as my family’s.
My family dug out a mountain and used the entire mountain to build a palace.
Senior Sister’s courtyard is only wide but not high enough.”

Yun Lige :”…”

He slowly retracted his hand.
A faint sadness slowly appeared in his heart, and his eyes were somewhat sour.

Why was it always him who played the role of a clown?

After bringing the few of them to her courtyard, Ji Wuxia instructed the maidservants in her courtyard to take good care of her master and senior brothers.

Then, she requested for Lu Xiaoran’s permission.

“Master, I’ve left the Imperial Palace for so long.
It’s my first time back, and I want to go and pay my respects to my father.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.
“You should.
Go on.
After this, we’ll be living in your courtyard for a period of time.
In order to ensure our safety, I’ll renew the array formations in your courtyard.”

Ji Wuxia nodded.

“Thank you, Master.
I’ll return immediately to help you after visiting Father.”

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Lu Xiaoran nodded again and watched Ji Wuxia leave before starting to set up the grand array.

This was his habit.
No matter where he went, he had to set up an array formation.

After all, array formations only required a small consumption to produce huge benefits.

Defense formations, spirit gathering formations, attack formations… these were all life-saving techniques that could ensure his safety during times of danger.

He swept his gaze over Fang Tianyuan and Yun Lige.
“The two of you, stop fooling around.
Get to work.”

The two of them immediately jogged over and began to work according to Lu Xiaoran’s instructions.
They followed Lu Xiaoran’s instructions and cleaned up some weeds to make room for the engraved array formation.

The Imperial Palace originally had its own grand array.
Lu Xiaoran did not even need to use Ten Directions Everlasting.
He only needed to sweep with his divine sense to easily discover all the array formations inside.

The deepest layer was the entire grand formation of the Imperial Palace.
It was interconnected but also had independent parts.
A slight change would affect the entire situation and would trigger the entire foundation formation of the Imperial Palace.

It was an array formation that combined attack formations with defense formations and spirit gathering formations.
Its construction was extremely huge and its value was not low.

Once it was damaged, King Zining would probably immediately raise his saber and hack at him.

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