Chapter 89 He Came From the Starry Sky

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Sensing Lu Xiaoran’s aura, Yun Lige and the other two instantly arrived.

“Master, do you want us to attack together?”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“There’s no need.
It’s easy to expose our identities with more people.
I alone am enough.
Get ready.
After this, we’ll go down the mountain and head to the Great Zhou Imperial City.”

Hearing this, the three of them were shocked, especially Ji Wuxia.

She knew that her master was about to start working on her matters.

The battle ahead was still ongoing.
The cultivation of the Heaven Demon Sect disciples was really too low and were unable to resist the footsteps of the Demon Sect’s elites.
The battle between the two sides was already about to be decided.
With the continuous fall of the Heaven Demon Sect’s elders, the destruction of the Heaven Demon Sect would definitely be imminent.
The few demon sect elders looked at the battle in front of them and revealed faint admiration.

“I didn’t expect this Heaven Demon Sect to have the ability to last so long.”

“However, the battles between the few sects in the Reliance Sect should have already ended.
We shouldn’t delay for too long to avoid Elder Ye Sha’s blame.”

“In that case, let me help Elder Situ defeat the Heaven Demon Sect Master and that Grand Elder faster.”

As he spoke, he took a step forward, and his sixth level of the Shattering Void Realm aura exploded at the same time.

Sensing the other party’s powerful aura, Sect Master Chen and the Grand Elder’s expressions could not help but change, and their hearts were extremely bitter.

“How powerful.”

The two of them understood that the Demon Sect was prepared to end this battle.

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They could barely resist an expert above the fifth level of the Shattering Void Realm and stall for time.

Now, the two of them were like fish on a chopping block, waiting to be slaughtered.

“Uncle-Master, looks like the Heaven Demon Sect is really going to be destroyed in our generation… All because of me…”

Sect Master Chen’s voice revealed some desolation.

“This is not your fault.
After all, we’re not the only ones who will suffer when the Demon Venerable appears.
Countless sects in the entire Great Zhou are going to be destroyed.” After a pause, he continued, “Little Chen, in a while, I’ll detonate my Essence Soul in exchange for a chance of survival.
Take this opportunity to escape.”

“What? Uncle-Master, you…!”

Sect Master Chen’s pupils constricted.

“I have no hope of breaking through for many years.
My lifespan has already been exhausted.
Even without the Demon Sect, it’s only a matter of time before I die.
However, you’re different.
You still have hope of advancing and living longer.
Live on.
Wait until the Great Zhou annihilates the Demon Sect before you revive our Heaven Demon Sect.”

Sect Master Chen’s eyes turned red and mist swirled in them.

“Uncle-Master, I’m the sect master of the Heaven Demon Sect.
How can I give up on so many disciples of the Heaven Demon Sect and escape by myself?”

“As a man, you have to take responsibility.
You can’t let your emotions affect your decisions.


As soon as he finished speaking, a crazy spirit energy suddenly erupted crazily from the Grand Elder’s body.

However, at this moment, two more powerful auras pressed over from the Demon Sect’s side.

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“Do you think we’ll give you a chance to escape? Do you want to use your Essence Soul to self-destruct? Do you think we’re just going to sit and watch?”

“These two Shattering Void Realm experts have such vigorous blood essence.
They will make good nourishment for our holy sect’s Demon Venerable!”


“Accept your fate.”

The four experts above the fifth level of the Shattering Void Realm attacked at the same time and directly suppressed the Essence Soul that the Grand Elder wanted to detonate!


Immediately after, the four of them attacked at the same time.

It could be foreseen that with this move, even if the Grand Elder was an expert at the third level of the Shattering Void Realm, he would still have no chance of survival!


Sect Master Chen’s eyes turned red.

The First Elder’s eyes turned red.
The entire Heaven Demon Sect fell into sorrow and despair.
The Demon Sect was too powerful, so powerful that they were unable to fight back at all.

It was just like how a child would die if he fought an adult.

The eyes of the few people from the Demon Sect had already revealed a proud and bloodthirsty glow.

It seemed that success was imminent.

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At this critical moment.

Suddenly, a sword beam swept out horizontally, cutting through the void.
In an instant, it severed the attack beam of the four Demon Sect experts.


Light exploded, and as if it was daytime, it illuminated the entire Heaven Demon Sect mountain.

Because the sword beam was too powerful, it did not stop or weaken after shattering their attacks.
Instead, it continued to attack the few Demon Sect elders.

“Not good!” The few Demon Sect elders sensed the destructive aura transmitted from the sword beam and were instantly shocked.
The smugness on their faces turned to fear at this moment.

Not daring to slack off at all, the four of them quickly defended together.

Unfortunately, this sword beam was too shocking.
Even the four elders above the fifth level of the Shattering Void Realm were unable to resist it together.

The sword beam flashed and time seemed to have stopped at this moment.
The four Demon Sect elders stopped on the spot, and the expressions on their faces instantly froze.

A moment later, a huge mountain in the distance suddenly broke off from the mountainside.
The upper half of the mountain was swept away instantly, and the entire mountain was severed at the waist!

Violent winds raged and airwaves surged.
The clouds in the sky were blown away.
Finally, the four experts above the fifth level of the Shattering Void Realm started to separate in front of everyone.

Click, click, click…

The four of their bodies were severed at the waist.

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Then, their upper bodies fell like dead things.

If it were just an ordinary attack, it would only be able to cut off their bodies.
As Shattering Void Realm experts, their powerful vitality would not let them die.
Moreover, they would still have a chance to recover their bodies.

However, that sword attack had not only severed their bodies, but it had also destroyed their souls.

At this moment, the Heaven Demon Sect, which had been engaged in an intense battle just now, instantly fell silent.
Even a pin drop could be heard.

Be it the Demon Sect’s elites, the other elders of the Demon Sect, or the people from the Heaven Demon Sect, at this moment, they were all petrified on the spot.

The other party had killed four experts above the fifth level of the Shattering Void Realm with a single sword move.
To them, such strength was already equivalent to a god!

Even an early-stage Essence Realm expert would probably not be able to do this casually, right?

Not to mention the Heaven Demon Sect, but even the surrounding sects did not have top-notch experts at the mid or late-stage of the Essence Realm.

Who was it? Who could have done this?

The Grand Elder, Sect Master Chen, and some other experts clearly had stronger mental states.
Therefore, their reactions were faster than the others.

They immediately turned around and looked in the direction of the sword beam.
However, their pupils instantly constricted.

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