Chapter 83 New Plan

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The series of notifications made Lu Xiaoran feel dizzy.

However, he was still in a good mood.

He had indeed received a lot of good stuff.
Basically, it was all Martial Monarch Realm stuff.
Moreover, it had even increased his cultivation by one level, increasing his cultivation from the third level of the King Realm to the fourth level.

This harvest was already rather impressive.

After all, the other party was only a hot shot who was a Martial Monarch Realm expert in his past life.
His cultivation level was only at the perfected tenth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.
He could not rely on the other party to reach the Martial Monarch Realm in a single step.

Ding… Master, Wang Cai has absorbed the hot shot’s luck and is about to be upgraded.
The upgrade period is three days.
During this period, the system will be idle and will not be able to communicate with Master.’

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before shouting

“Wang Cai, something’s wrong with you.
I feel like you’re using me to collect the luck of the hot shots, right?”

“But Wang Cai belongs to Master.
By absorbing the hot shot’s luck, Wang Cai can evolve and serve Master better in the future.
However, no matter how much Wang Cai increases, he will always be bound to Master and serve Master.
Just like how Master’s disciples will always provide benefits for Master.”

“I feel better now that you mention it.”

Wang Cai originally belonged to him, so it was reasonable for him to absorb luck for him.

After all, you also had to feed the dog you raised, right?

“Then, Master, I’ll go and advance first.” “Go, go.”

After Lu Xiaoran finished speaking, Wang Cai quickly fell silent.
After a short while, he suddenly spoke.

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“Wang Cai.”

“Coming, coming, Master, I’m here.
What’s the matter?”

“It’s fine.
I just wanted to see if you’re really unable to be summoned when you were in the middle of your upgrade.
Go on.”

Wang Cai :”…”

At this moment, as three auras above the Soul Refinement Realm flew over quickly, Lu Xiaoran also composed himself.

They were Yun Lige and the other two.

The three of them arrived beside Lu Xiaoran and revealed ashamed expressions.

“Master, we were useless and couldn’t stop Xiao Bei.
He escaped.
In the end, we still needed you to help us get rid of Xiao Bei.”

Lu Xiaoran placed his hands behind his back and said indifferently, “It’s not your fault.
With your strength, it’s already not bad for you to be able to cripple him and force him to this state.
If it were someone else, their cultivation might even be higher than yours, and they might not be able to deal with him.”

The three of them nodded.
This time, their confrontation with Xiao Bei had also made them truly feel the terror of a hot shot.

Previously, when they destroyed the entire White Bone Demon Sect, they did not feel as tired as today.

Xiao Bei was like a cockroach that could not be killed.
He always had such tricks up his sleeve.

Indeed, their master was right.
All the hot shots were hackers and were not people that ordinary people could deal with.

A moment later, Yun Lige rubbed his hands and chuckled.

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“Master, that Xiao Bei has already been killed.
His Martial Monarch Realm weapon, the Divine Wood Fire Spear, no longer has an owner.
Why don’t… you give it to me? After all, my Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture is closer to spear refinement.”

Fang Tianyuan was instantly anxious.

“Wait, Eldest Senior Brother, you’re wrong.
Yes, your Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture is indeed suitable for spear training.
However, my Indestructible Golden Body is also very suitable for spear training! Moreover, I was only helping you.
You should be a little nicer to me and give it to me!”

Yun Lige glared at him.

“You call that a little? How can you be so shameless?”

Ji Wuxia could not help but shake her head as she watched the two of them compete for the Divine Wood Fire Spear.

“Master is still here.
Why are the two of you fighting?”

The two of them looked at Lu Xiaoran and saw his dark expression.

“Master, don’t blame us.
We lost our composure.”


Lu Xiaoran snorted angrily and put the Divine Wood Fire Spear into his Mountain and River State Painting

“Why would the two of you need a Martial Monarch Realm weapon? How much cultivation do the two of you have? One of you is at the first level of the Soul Refinement Realm and the other is at the fifth level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
With just this cultivation, you still have the cheek to ask for a Martial Monarch Realm weapon! Even if I give you a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, will you be able to keep it? With that bit of luck you have, you probably won’t even be able to keep it for two days.
Do you really think you’re all hot shots?”

The two of them looked at each other.

Indeed, things like Martial Monarch Realm weapons were too desirable.

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Previously, even if Xiao Bei had a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, he did not dare to take it out directly for fear of being seen.
After that, he chose to kill everyone in Jiang City before taking out the Divine Wood Fire Spear.

It would have been fine if he had not taken it out.
However, if he were to take it out, he would have to kill every single person he had ever seen.

Only a Martial Monarch Realm expert would not be afraid of the jealousy of others.

“Master, what should we do next?”

Ji Wuxia asked again.
Lu Xiaoran rubbed his temples and pondered for a moment before saying, “The Demon Venerable suppressed by the Black Tortoise True Sect has already escaped.
I think it won’t be long before the world falls into chaos.
It’s also not very safe for us to stay in the Heaven Demon Sect.
It’s time to find a new place to hide.”

“However, for the time being, the Demon Sect won’t come out to cause trouble.
Moreover, after killing Xiao Bei, I’ve obtained some new insights.
Therefore, we’ll return to the Heaven Demon Sect for the time being and enter seclusion to cultivate.”

Lu Xiaoran was prepared to return after obtaining all those gifts.
He wanted to master all of them.

Only after that would he think about the Demon Sect.

Moreover, he had to consider the hot shot who bullied his second brother.
It was time to put him on the kill-list and prepare to kill him.


The three of them replied and followed Lu Xiaoran back to the Heaven Demon Sect.

Because the sect master and the others had probably returned to the sect for a few days, Lu Xiaoran did not return secretly this time.
Instead, he returned openly.

Soon, the sect master and the others received the news of Lu Xiaoran’s return and rushed over to greet him.

“Xiaoran, you’re back.”

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“Xiaoran, you’ve worked hard.”

Seeing the entire sect’s sect master and elders being polite in front of him, Lu Xiaoran could not help but feel emotional.

Not long ago, when he had just entered the Heaven Demon Sect, these people were all high and mighty figures that he could only look up


It was even to the extent that he had to maintain a good relationship with others in the sect for a period of time.

Now, these unreachable figures had specially come to care for him.

It was true that they did not know his cultivation level and only thought that he was related to Qin Zimo.

However, if they knew his true strength, wouldn’t they still be the same?

This huge change in status made Lu Xiaoran somewhat uncomfortable for a moment.

However, he also understood that as he became stronger and stronger, sooner or later, everyone would have to be polite to him.

He had to endure the loneliness of someone who had become an expert and stood at the peak.

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