“Time to mess around.”

Lu Xiaoran immediately began to attack and tamper with the array formation.

This array formation was a teleportation formation to begin with.
It could transmit the strength of the Demon Sect’s experts over.
Likewise, it could also transfer Lu Xiaoran’s strength to the other side.

Lu Xiaoran first changed the structure of the array formation and changed the direction of the teleportation.
This way, the other side could not transfer anything over here, but he could transfer to the other side.

After changing the structure, Lu Xiaoran took out materials on the spot and used his spirit energy to scrape many thin stone slabs on the ground.
He engraved all of them into an attack formation and embedded them with spirit stones.

Then, he used spirit stones to activate the other party’s teleportation formation.
Then, he teleported all the formations he had prepared.

At the same time, an array formation suddenly lit up in a mountain hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

Seeing this array formation light up, several extremely powerful figures flew out of the cave quickly and stood in midair with excited expressions.

“The array formation has lit up! It’s time to save Lord Demon Venerable and help him leave the Demon Suppression Tower.”

However, an elder could not help but frown and hesitate.

“If I remember correctly, the Black Tortoise True Sect’s array formation has only started for a few days, right? The competition is already over, and they’re already starting to reforge the Demon Suppression Tower’s formation? Isn’t this speed a little fast?”

The other elders explained, “Perhaps it’s because they ended early? If the Demon Venerable himself is breaking out of the Demon Suppression Tower, they would have no choice but to start building the grand array early.
Who knows?” “Or perhaps the array formation meeting is not over yet, but our people have already arrived beside the Demon Suppression Tower and placed the array formation disc on it.”

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“Don’t hesitate.
The opportunity to save Lord Demon Venerable is rare.
We definitely can’t let it go.
Open the array formation and release our evil aura.”



Just as everyone opened the teleportation formation here, countless stone slabs surged out from the array formation in the next second.
“What’s this?”

Everyone was stunned.
However, when they saw the array formation on the stone slab, their expressions instantly changed.

“Not good! These are all attack formations.
Quickly disperse!” Unfortunately, they were still a step slower.
In the next second, the entire valley was lit up by light.
Explosions sounded endlessly, shocking birds and beasts to the point of flying and fleeing.
The mountain trembled non-stop as countless huge rocks rolled down.

The entire mountain seemed to have experienced the end of the world.


“Damn bastard, who is it? I’ll definitely hack him into pieces and skin him alive! I’ll burn his bones and scatter his ashes!”

The screams and explosions lasted for more than a hundred breaths before gradually stopping.
Moreover, even then, the rocks on the mountain slope continued to roll down, emitting a loud bang.

Looking at the entire Demon Sect, although not many big shots had died, most of them were injured.
Moreover, some of them were even seriously injured.

At this moment, a cold laugh suddenly sounded from the teleportation formation.

“You demon sects don’t know what’s good for you and have gone against the heavens! You still want to save your Demon Venerable? Dream on!”

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The voice was like surging thunder that reverberated in the valley.
It angered the experts of the Demon Sect until the veins on their foreheads bulged and their anger surged!

“Bastard, who is it? Who the hell are you? If you have the guts, tell me your name! Stop hiding behind and acting suspiciously!”

“Hehe†Why? Do you want to take revenge on me?”

“Are you afraid?”

“If I was, I wouldn’t have come to deal with you idiots.
You idiots, listen up!”

“My name remains unchanged.
I’m Xiao Bei from Jiang City!”

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