ed the token and immediately ran to the front desk.
She verified Li Daoran’s identity token with the Acacia Faction’s special array formation stone.

When she saw that Li Daoran had actually topped up 50,000 high-grade spirit stones from the Acacia Faction, her eyes widened.

How rich!

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The next moment, she hurriedly ran back with the token.

“Master Li, I’m really sorry.
I didn’t know that you were a senior user of our Acacia Faction.
Lili, Lan, quickly get Master Li some tea.
Use the best immortal tea.”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“No need.
I still have something to do and I’m in a hurry to leave.
Help me get the information I want to investigate.
I need it urgently.
How much money do you need? Just deduct it from the token.”

“Alright, tell me, who do you want to investigate?”

“Xiao Bei in Jiang City.”

“Alright, I’ll investigate it for you right now.
It will probably take ten minutes.
Since you’re our VIP customer, you can go to the private room on the second floor and enjoy the free massage services and snacks.” “No need.
Please help me investigate more carefully.”


Lu Xiaoran was very unused to this woman’s coquettish tone.
The fairies of the Acacia Faction had all received professional training.
They dealt with men one after another.
If he went to a private room, there would probably be some obscure service.
He did not want to participate.

At the same time, a group of merchants entered the northern gate of the Black Tortoise True Sect.
A few black-robed figures quietly separated from the caravan.

“The Black Tortoise True Sect’s array formation meeting is currently being held.
We have to use this opportunity to sneak into those array masters without anyone knowing.
As long as we can sneak into them and participate in the reconstruction of the Demon Suppression Tower’s array formation, we can put in the Demon Heart Triple Formation that our Demon Sect’s Saint Sect has painstakingly developed.
At that time, it will be the day the Demon Venerable appears!”

“I’ll disguise myself first and kill a few people.
After that, I’ll take their identities!” “Yes.”

As they spoke, the few of them walked into the crowd.

Time passed in a flash.
On the Acacia Faction’s side, Lu Xiaoran had already obtained the information.
“Master Li, this is the information you need.
May I ask if you need any other services?”

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“No, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.
This is what we should do.
Take care, Master Li.
Come again next time.”

Lu Xiaoran left the Acacia Faction and immediately attached his divine sense to the information.

Xiao Bei was the son of the Xiao family in Jiang City.
He was 28 years old and originally had a Postnatal Realm cultivation.
It was unknown what kind of opportunity he had obtained, but his cultivation actually jumped to the fifth level of the Spirit Realm in a short period of time and he destroyed the Yun family, which had the highest reputation in Jiang City.
He also obtained the favor of the daughter of the Jiang City Lord, the former fiancée of the Yun family’s young master, Yun Lige… Lu Xiaoran directly ignored all of this nonsense.
After all, wasn’t it normal for a Martial Monarch Realm expert to be reborn and destroy the largest family in the area to rise up and slap others in the face while also getting a girl?

What he wanted to see was the other party’s experience after this.

“He once bought a rusty low-grade Huang ranked spear at a street stall in Jiang City.
Because of this, he was mocked… In the end, he received a Martial Monarch Realm weapon just by spending two spirit stones!”

“He once participated in the expedition of a certain emperor’s tomb in Qiyun Mountain… In the end, he received all the good inheritance of an Emperor Realm expert.”

“He once spent a lot of money to buy an ancient cultivation technique remnant at an auction… In the end, he obtained a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.
Moreover, by conservative estimation, he has already repaired this cultivation technique completely with his luck.”

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