He was currently acting as a small Spirit Realm expert.

Everyone sighed.
“Originally, it wouldn’t have been necessary for everyone to work together to deal with that Elder of the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect.
However, who would have thought that when he was at the end of his rope, he would actually directly detonate himself? Elder Wang was caught off guard and was killed.”

“That’s too bad.”

“After that, we came to the Black Tortoise True Sect and participated in the array formation competition.
Elder Tie was in charge of it, but Elder Tie’s array formation attainments were much worse than Elder Wang’s.
The array master from the Heaven Sword Sect is Wu Fengyun! His cultivation is inferior to our sect master, but he spent his free time studying array formations.
Therefore, he suppressed our Heaven Demon Sect for two consecutive rounds.”

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his temples.

He did not expect the competition between the 100th and 80th place to be so tragic!

If he went up and used his full strength, they would probably directly become the champion, right?


It seemed that he had to focus and be more serious during the competition.

However, he also did not want to use too much strength and make these people dumbfounded.

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Elder Tie thought that Lu Xiaoran was afraid and hurriedly consoled,

“Xiaoran, don’t be afraid.
We all believe you.
We’ve seen the array formation you set up in the sect.
It’s basically not a problem for you to enter the top twenty.”

The Sect Master also patted his shoulder and smiled.

“Xiaoran, don’t worry and go to the competition.
Do your best.
In any case, with you around, our Heaven Demon Sect will definitely be able to defeat the Heaven Sword Sect.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face twitched.
It seemed that the sect master’s goal had something to do with the Heaven Sword Sect.

He and the Heaven Sword Sect’s sect master, Wu Fengyun, really had special feelings for each other.
It was a pity that the two of them were not a couple.

At this moment, a melodious bell sounded from outside.
The sect master and the others were immediately overjoyed.

“It’s starting, Xiaoran.
Today’s competition has begun.
Let’s go quickly.”

“Uh… okay.”

Lu Xiaoran followed the people from the Heaven Demon Sect to the competition ground.
He saw many public signs beside the competition ground.

On it were the rankings of the various sects.

The Heaven Demon Sect’s ranking was 101 in one battle and 99 in the other.
Their average ranking was exactly 100.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s attention was not on the Heaven Demon Sect but on the name at the top of the ranking.

Xiao Bei!

He was from Jiang City and did not belong to any sect or faction.
He was at the peak of the tenth level of the Spirit Realm and had won the first two matches.

Lu Xiaoran’s heart skipped a beat.

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There seemed to be a problem with this name!


Wasn’t this the standard surname for those hackers?

Moreover, he was from Jiang City and did not belong to any sect or faction.
How could he have reached the peak of the tenth level of the Spirit Realm by himself?

Damn, could it be that this was the bastard who destroyed Yun Lige’s entire family and even snatched his fiancée?

Unfortunately, Yun Lige was not here.
Otherwise, he could have gotten him to confirm it.

However, just as Lu Xiaoran was feeling puzzled, the crowd began to boil.

“Look, Master Xiao is here.” “Master Xiao is indeed worthy of being a dragon and phoenix among men.
At such a young age, your attainments in array formations are already so deep.
Your future is limitless!”

Hearing this extremely familiar line, Lu Xiaoran was almost certain without even looking at her or asking Yun Lige.

Damn! A hacker!

He was definitely a hacker!

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