The two were not on the same level at all.

It was said that some first-rate sects were even able to compete with the Imperial Palace.

Lu Xiaoran clenched his fists tightly and swore to himself.

“I have to cultivate diligently.
When I reach the Martial Monarch Realm, I also have to find a large sect like the Black Tortoise True Sect to live an ignoble life.
Although there is more freedom in the Heaven Demon Sect, it’s not as safe as the Black Tortoise True Sect.”

The bigger the sect, the fewer dangerous encounters the sect would face.

This was because not many people dared to provoke big sects.

However, Lu Xiaoran would not go to a higher-level sect.

If he was a Martial Monarch Realm expert who was surrounded by King Realm experts, it would be very safe for him to hide inside.

However, if he was also a King Realm expert, it would be pointless for him to hide in a big sect.

If they really fought, they would all be equally matched.

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Where did you come from? Do you have a token?”

When Lu Xiaoran arrived at the city gate, the soldiers guarding the city immediately stopped him.

The robust Lu Xiaoran was naturally a law-abiding good citizen.
He was definitely not like those stupid and arrogant protagonists who would brag and fight if they were dissatisfied.
Therefore, he quickly took out the Heaven Demon Sect’s identity token from his pocket and handed it over.

“Fellow Dao friend, I’m Lu Xiaoran from the Heaven Demon Sect.
Our sect should have already entered the city and registered.”

“Lu Xiaoran.”

The other party took out a mirror-like Dharma treasure.
His fingers flipped over twice and quickly found Lu Xiaoran’s information.
“The information is there.
You can go in.”

“Thank you.
Also, may I know the location of the array formation meeting?”

“South of the city.
There’s a road sign on the way.” “Thank you.”

Lu Xiaoran thanked the other party and entered the city.
He quickly followed the directions of the road sign and arrived at the array formation meeting in the south of the city.

After entering to ask for directions, he quickly found the location designated for the Heaven Demon Sect.
Unfortunately, the Heaven Demon Sect’s location was actually right next to the Heaven Sword Sect’s location.

Before he arrived, he heard his sect master and the other party’s sect master arguing.

“Wu Fengyun, your Heaven Sword Sect is only ranked at the x8oth place because you guys got lucky! What’s there to be proud of?”

“So what? We’re still ranked 80th.
It’s better than being ranked 100th in a sect, right?” “Tsk! If not for our Heaven Demon Sect’s Elder Lu Xiaoran’s whereabouts being unknown, do you think our Heaven Demon Sect would be ranked 100th?”

“Old Chen, your words are a little unreasonable.
That night, in the restaurant, your Heaven Demon Sect’s disciples died, and many of our Heaven Sword Sect’s disciples also died.
Is it really such a coincidence that all of the disciples from your sect that died are array masters?”

“Wu Fengyun, I’m going to fight you to the death today.
Do you believe that I will kill you right now?”

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Sect Master Chen was furious, and Sect Master Wu Fengyun had a disdainful expression.

“Even if you hack me to death, our Heaven Sword Sect will still be ranked 80th.
Your Heaven Demon Sect will still be ranked 100th.
It also won’t change the fact that our Heaven Sword Sect is stronger than your Heaven Demon Sect.”

Hearing this, Lu Xiaoran’s face immediately darkened.

He even wanted to leave the competition.
If he didn’t come, he could find a place to cultivate for another month.
After the competition, he could show up and say that he had lost his way.

It was too embarrassing.
One of them was in the top 80, and the other in the top 100.
Yet, they still had the cheek to fight!

It was simply the pot calling the kettle black.

What was even more ridiculous was that they were actually very proud of being ranked 80th.

Lu Xiaoran really could not understand them.

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