Chapter 47 People from the Imperial Palace

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Heaven Realm high-grade Spirit Condensation Pill x1000.

“Not bad, not bad.
I’ve already gotten 1,000 high-grade Spirit Condensation Pills.”

Lu Xiaoran casually took out dozens of Spirit Condensation Pills and ate them like candy.
Then, he continued to open his gift bags.

High-grade Heaven Realm Numinous Sky Sword x1.

Top-grade Heaven Realm Fire Lotus Armor x1.

Top-grade Heaven Realm Lightning Shattering Formation x1.

Top-grade Heaven Realm Essence Dry Pill x600.

Low-grade Saint Realm Shadowless Gale x1.

“Not bad, not bad.
I actually even got a low-grade Saint Realm cultivation technique.
Moreover, there are several top-grade Heaven Realm items.
I also got more high-grade Heaven Realm items than before.
Looks like as the disciples’ cultivation increases, the items obtained in the gift bags also become better and better.”

Many of these things were useless to Lu Xiaoran himself.
For example, as a movement technique, Shadowless Gale was definitely not as powerful as the Great Void Chaos Steps.

However, it was a Saint Realm cultivation technique.
It was useless to Lu Xiaoran but was an extremely rare existence to disciples.

Since Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation would increase as his disciples’ cultivation increased,.
Therefore, it could also be said that it was very useful.

Next was the huge gift bag.
Lu Xiaoran directly opened it.
Top-grade Martial Monarch Realm itemBattle God Art!

“Wow, the Battle God Art.
Just the name alone sounds very impressive.”

Lu Xiaoran immediately began to look at the characteristics of the Battle God Art.

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The Battle God Art was a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.
After being activated, it could allow one’s cultivation to increase continuously in battle.
The cultivation technique could also be used by others at the same time.

Very impressive!

However… Lu Xiaoran was not very happy.

“Wang Cai, come out.” “Coming, coming, Master.” “I realized that the cultivation techniques you gave me are basically all supporting cultivation techniques! Did you get something wrong?”

“The Azure Thearch Longevity Art is used to treat injuries.
The Great Void Chaos Steps is used to increase speed .
Now, I’ve also received the Battle God Art to increase my cultivation in battle.”

“Are you trying to nurture me into a healer?”

Wang Cai coughed lightly.

“Master, don’t be mistaken.
The cultivation techniques I set up are all customized for Master.
You see, Master basically doesn’t fight, right? If there’s anything, it’s always the disciples who rush in first.
For example, when we destroyed the White Bone Demon Sect, Master didn’t even fight at the beginning.
Instead, he got the three disciples to attract the firepower and set up the Martial Monarch Realm formation to destroy the White Bone Demon Sect.”

“Moreover, you can directly use the cultivation techniques the disciples cultivate.
Their cultivation techniques are all combat-type cultivation techniques.”

“Tell me, in this situation, what’s the use of a battle-type cultivation technique?”

Lu Xiaoran fell silent.
What Wang Cai said made sense.
He was actually unable to refute the other party.

After a while, Lu Xiaoran could only choose to accept the gift.
It was better than nothing.

Moreover, what Wang Cai said was also very right.
In a battle, he basically would not intervene.
It was always the disciples who fought.

He could also directly use the combat cultivation techniques his disciples cultivated.

Eventually, he came to terms with it.
After all, it was much better than being the vanguard.

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At the very least, he could ensure his safety.
At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

“Master, the sect master has sent someone to inform you that you can set off for the Black Tortoise True Sect.”

Lu Xiaoran opened the door.
Standing outside was Yun Lige.
He casually threw 5,000 Spirit Condensation Pills to Yun Lige and also threw the remaining 700 plus top-grade Heaven Realm Essence Dry Pill he had just obtained to him.

“I’m going to the Black Tortoise True Sect now and will probably take a while to return.
During this period of time, you guys have to cultivate well.”


“In addition, you all previously cultivated combat-type cultivation techniques.
Now, I’ll give you another movement-type cultivation technique, Shadowless Gale.”

Yun Lige’s body trembled as he immediately bent down and cupped his hands.

“Thank you, Master! By the way, there’s something else I want to report to you.”


“Junior Sister went down the mountain this morning.”

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Why didn’t she inform me?”

“I don’t know about that, but a few days ago, I saw someone send a message to Junior Sister.
I conveniently inquired in the sect.
It turns out that the Great Zhou Imperial Family has already sent people to investigate the matters of the White Bone Demon Sect.
And the person in charge of the investigation is the heir of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace—Ji Wushang.”

“Master, is Junior Sister…?”

Yun Lige had just opened his mouth when Lu Xiaoran’s expression suddenly turned cold.

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“She’s your junior sister.
Don’t make wild guesses.”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

Other than having good talent, the disciples Wang Cai chose were also very upright.
If there were such bastards that would betray him, Wang Cai would not have let Lu Xiaoran recruit them.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran still believed in Ji Wuxia’s character.

“However, although your junior sister won’t betray us, the people of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace will inevitably make things difficult for her.
You and Tianyuan should go and receive her.”


Lu Xiaoran nodded and used the Great Void Chaos Steps to arrive at the sect hall.

The reason why he did not appear himself was partly because he did not want to implicate too many people.
Another reason was because Ji Wuxia was the princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
The Purple Peace Imperial Palace also put her in harm’s way.

Therefore, he decided to let her handle this matter herself.

The sect master had long been prepared.
Other than him, the First Elder, the other two elders, and a few disciples were also joining him on the trip.

Needless to say, the elders were all here to escort him.
As for the disciples, they were purely there to serve tea and water.

“Xiaoran, you’re here.
Are you prepared?”

“I’m already prepared.”

“Alright! This time, we’ll wait to see you win honor for the sect.”

“I’ll definitely do my best.”

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The sect master nodded and looked at the First Elder.
The First Elder immediately took out a small wooden boat from his sleeve.

After silently chanting the incantation with his fingers, the wooden boat quickly expanded and actually became a wooden boat that was 100 meters tall.
There were pavilions and pavilions on it.

This was a flying ship from the martial artist world.
There were spatial array formations and flying array formations engraved on it.
As long as one used enough spirit stones, they could operate it.

It was a necessary tool for martial artists to travel long distances.
“Let’s go.”

With the sect master’s order, everyone immediately flew up the flying ship.
Then, under the First Elder’s control, the flying ship flew towards the Black Tortoise True Sect.

After Lu Xiaoran entered the flying ship, he quickly entered his room and cultivated the Divine Battle Technique.

At the same time, at the old site of the White Bone Demon Sect, a team was strictly searching the surroundings of the White Bone Demon Sect, wanting to find some clues.

In the air, a figure in a white satin robe stood proudly and was monitoring the activity below.
The python robe was embroidered with golden threads and had an extraordinary noble aura.
It was obvious that this was not an ordinary person.

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