blood! In my eyes, even an insignificant immortal is as precious as the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of your Chan School!”

Primordial Heaven Supreme sneered.

“Stop flattering yourself.
I won’t say much about the immortals of the Heavenly Court… However, one of your favorite disciples, Daoist Duobao, is currently sitting on the throne of the Spirit Mountain!

“Go and ask them if they treat you like a father.

A pained expression flashed in School Master Tongtian’s eyes, but he quickly recovered.

“I have so many disciples.
What’s so strange about me being wrong about one or two of them?

“Stop poking at my sore spot.
Your men are already dead! It’s also impossible for me to revive them now!

“As for why I killed them, you also know very well in your heart.
For so many years, our Jie School has been bullied by the disciples of your Chan School and Ren School.

“Is it too much for me to kill 300 to 400 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals?

“It is not excessive at all!

“If you’re unwilling to accept this, you can report me to Master.
Master can punish me if he wants.
As for you, you’re not qualified to lecture me!”

Primordial Heaven Supreme’s eyes were filled with anger.
Lightning surrounded him, and the power of laws constantly surged, shocking the entire Purple Cloud Palace in the surroundings.
The boys of the Purple Cloud Palace could not help but feel their chests tighten.

Tongtian teased, “Senior Brother, do you want to start a fight? Perfect, I also feel somewhat itchy.
After staying in this Purple Cloud Palace for so many years, I was just about to stretch my muscles!

“Although I do not have the Immortal Slaying Sword and have to fight with my bare hands, that doesn’t necessarily mean Senior Brother will gain the upper hand, right?

“At that time, it won’t be good for you to go out with a swollen face.

Primordial Heaven Supreme widened his eyes, and Tongtian snorted.
He took a step forward and suddenly erupted with his aura.

“What’s there to be afraid of? I’ve already been imprisoned in this Purple Cloud Palace for tens of thousands of years.
I don’t care if it takes another tens of thousands of years! On the other hand, if Senior Brother wants to come in and accompany me, I would be glad!”

Primordial Heaven Supreme trembled in anger.

However, he was also helpless!

This was because School Master Tongtian was right.

Tongtian was not afraid of anything.
He had already been punished and was imprisoned in the Purple Cloud Palace.
If he caused trouble and angered his master, he would definitely not be able to escape punishment.

At that time, if he was also sealed in the Purple Cloud Palace, he would be doomed.

Moreover, he was indeed unable to defeat School Master Tongtian.
Even if School Master Tongtian no longer had the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation, School Master Tongtian would still be able to beat him up and use him to wipe the floor of the Purple Cloud Palace.

Just thinking about it made him feel that it was better not to.

“Consider yourself ruthless.
I’ll go find Master.
I definitely won’t let you get away with this so easily!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Primordial Heaven Supreme directly left.

School Master Tongtian continued to tease from behind, “Senior Brother, remember to pretend to be as pitiful as possible.
A crying child will receive more milk.”

Primordial Heaven Supreme staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Seeing Primordial Heaven Supreme leave angrily, School Master Tongtian rolled his eyes in extreme disdain.

Even though he had already become a Saint and was extremely powerful, a Saint was still a human!

Saints would not be easily angered, but that did not mean that Saints were emotionless machines.

Up until now, Tongtian had been aggrieved for tens of thousands of years.

Now that he could finally fight back, he naturally could not help but be somewhat excited!

In a good mood, he suddenly remembered something serious.

“By the way, I should still see what Little Lu is doing! This guy should have already begun to arrange for the disciples to cultivate, right?”

Speaking of this, School Master Tongtian immediately opened the Saint’s Eye to observe the current situation of Golden Ao Island.

Lu Xiaoran’s guess was right.
Back then, when School Master Tongtian was setting up the array formation, he had already thought of this and set up the monitoring array formation in advance.

Of course, it was not that he did not believe Lu Xiaoran.
He only wanted to see the progress of Lu Xiaoran and the others’ cultivation.

Otherwise, even if he was a Saint, he would still be anxious!

This was a huge matter related to the revival of Jie School.
It was also his only concern now!

When he opened the Saint’s Eye, he was instantly dumbfounded.

At this moment, Golden Ao Island was already completely enveloped in a white mist.

And even a dignified Saint like him was actually unable to see through this array formation!

“This is… an illusion formation?”

Tongtian quickly reacted.

“Why did this brat set up an illusion formation? Other than defending against the enemy, my array formation can also block others from investigating the situation in Golden Ao Island!

“Could it be that he is afraid that his array formation would fail?

“Even if this brat was a fool, he should know how powerful my array formation is!

“Moreover, he is not stupid!

“This brat is freaking guarding against me!”

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