for ten years.
Not even Saints.

“Therefore, with it around, you can cultivate without worry.
The Saint had predicted that with your talent, it would not be a problem for you to cultivate to the peak of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm in ten years.

“At that time, even without this golden light, you don’t have to worry.

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.

If that was the case, then this could really be considered a treasure land!

Lu Xiaoran liked this kind of safe place the most.
He wanted to hide and cultivate.

He could cultivate without any worries!

However, there was another problem.
That was… would these people listen to him?

If the other party did not listen to him, it would not be easy.

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying,

“Are you really willing to let me be the sect master of Jie School?”

Everyone nodded in unison, their eyes sincere and firm!

It was as if they would not hesitate to die if Lu Xiaoran told them to!

“No way? I’m only an immortal.
The strongest among you is already a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.
Are you trying to trick me?”

“I’m not educated and I’m young.
Don’t ignore your morals and bully a young man like me!”

Everyone immediately explained, “Sect Master, although your cultivation level is low, you’re also very young.
Your talent is peerless!”

“You’re an existence that can lead our Jie School to revive our glory.
We naturally have to listen to your orders.
You don’t have to doubt us at all!”

“Then can I test something out?”

Lu Xiaoran thought for a moment and immediately said, “Stand up!”

Everyone immediately stood up.

Everyone immediately knelt down again.

Everyone immediately lay down again.

“Bark like a… Uh… Forget it.
That’s enough.
Get up.”

This made Lu Xiaoran unable to help but praise in his heart.

Not bad! The disciples of Jie School were indeed well-trained.

It seemed that Tongtian’s disciples worshiped Tongtian very much and would firmly carry out his orders!

He also knew that Tongtian was using him to complete the grand plan of Jie School’s revival.

At the very least, at this stage, he could have a safe place to live.
Both sides were just taking what they needed!

“Alright! Since you’re all so willing to listen to my orders, I can only reluctantly take over the position of the sect master of Jie School.
You… what’s your name?”

The other party quickly stepped forward and cupped his hands towards Lu Xiaoran.

“Sect Master, my name is Luo Yang.”

“Luo Yang, alright.
From now on, you’re my number one elder.
You’re immediately in charge of helping me calculate how many useful disciples Jie School still has and how much cultivation they have.”

Please go to the hall of Golden Ao Island, Sect Master.
I’ll report it to you in a while.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately arrived at Golden Ao Island’s hall under the lead of a female disciple.

To his surprise, the hall of Golden Ao Island was actually not destroyed and was intact!

As if sensing his confusion, the female disciple immediately explained, “The Saint knows that you will definitely need a lot of resources after returning to Golden Ao Island, Sect Master.
Therefore, he left a large portion of the resources in this hall and used his strength to seal the hall.
That’s why this hall had never been raided by those scoundrels.”

Tongtian still had some brains and knew to leave something for him.
Otherwise, it would really be difficult for him to do anything.

He released his aura.
The seal seemed to know his aura and the hall opened automatically.
Lu Xiaoran stepped in, and the female disciple followed closely behind.

After the two of them arrived at the hall, they were instantly shocked by the dazzling resources piled into a small mountain.

With the piles of Dharma treasures placed in the hall, Golden Ao Island hall seemed to have become a warehouse.

Lu Xiaoran clearly heard the female disciple swallow.

Lu Xiaoran asked with a faint smile.
The other party’s face was slightly red and her breathing was somewhat rapid.

“Sect Master, are you joking with me?”

“Then… then I’m really going to take them!”

“Go ahead! In any case, I’m the sect master now.
I can do whatever I want.
If I say I’ll reward you, I’ll reward you.”

Lu Xiaoran was also very good at bribing people.

He had just arrived at Jie School and did not know what was going on.
Who knew if Tongtian had any other bad ideas? Therefore, he had to be careful.

Moreover, this originally belonged to Jie School.
It was rather cost-effective to use something from Jie School to exchange for the loyalty of the disciples of Jie School!

It was just like paying a prostitute with money you stole from her own wallet.

In other words, a free meal!

“Thank you, Sect Master!”

The other party bowed and thanked her.
She immediately went forward and chose two immortal swords and a brocade bag.
They were both immortal artifacts.
She did not touch any Postnatal spirit treasures or high-level Dharma treasures.

It could be seen that she still knew her limits.

This girl was very sensible and could be used as his personal secretary to pass on messages and do things.

Then, Lu Xiaoran retracted his hand and directly put these Dharma treasures into the Mountain and River State Painting.

This could indeed be considered a considerable wealth.

Putting everything else aside, there were more than 20 Connate cardinal treasures and more than a 100 Connate spirit treasures.
There were already more than 200 Postnatal cardinal treasures and more than 800 Postnatal cardinal treasures!

The other immortal artifacts and immortal pills were countless!

Even if Lu Xiaoran had Wang Cai, his current wealth could barely be considered to be on par with the wealth Tongtian had left behind.
Moreover, that was only if he didn’t count the Connate cardinal treasures in Tongtian’s wealth!

This was because the best thing he had now was a Connate spirit treasure.
He did not even have a Connate cardinal treasure!

Therefore, from this perspective, his assets could be considered to have at least doubled!

After that, he would let his disciples sneak out and go to the 3,000 worlds to kill the hot shots and plunder their luck to strengthen Wang Cai.
Only then could he strengthen himself!

Moreover, with the Great Dao Reincarnation, he could increase the speed of time and cultivation.
In ten years, he was really confident that he could fight any faction in the three worlds!

At this moment, Luo Yang also stepped in.

“Greetings, Sect Master.
I’ve already completed the registration of the Jie School disciples according to your instructions.”

“Then hurry up and read out their cultivation levels.
In addition, analyze the current overall strength of Golden Ao Island.”

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