Lu Xiaoran quickly arrived at the legendary Golden Ao Island after searching through the other party’s memories.

This was a large island in a sea area.
It was extremely vast and was hundreds of millions of kilometers wide!

In order to come to this island, Lu Xiaoran had changed his appearance 302 times.

Almost every time he met someone, he would change his appearance.

At the same time, because he cultivated a lot of cultivation techniques, he often changed his aura from time to time.

Other than dressing up as a woman, Lu Xiaoran had almost done everything.

He had pretended to be a monk, a daoist…

Everything was for safety.
It was indeed the case.
On the way here, Lu Xiaoran did not need to attack at all.
Moreover, he did not encounter an enemy who made things difficult for him.

As for Ji Wuxia, he had long sent her into the Mountain and River State Painting to cultivate.

After all, it was far safer for Lu Xiaoran to be alone than for them to travel together.

Looking at Golden Ao Island from afar, Lu Xiaoran’s eyes finally revealed a relieved light.

“I’ve finally arrived at the legendary Golden Ao Island.
I’ve found the organization.
Let me cultivate quietly for another twenty, no, a hundred years.
It’s definitely not a problem for me to beat that old dog Hongjun!”

Riding his small wooden boat, Lu Xiaoran finally stepped onto Golden Ao Island.

However… when he arrived at the island, he was directly dumbfounded.

The Golden Ao Island in front of him was very different from what he had imagined.

The Golden Ao Island he imagined should be a peaceful island where the disciples of Jie School worked hard to cultivate together!

However, the current Golden Ao Island was not only dilapidated, but the disciples on the island were also dressed in extremely tattered clothes.
They were even more tragic than beggars.

“This is Golden Ao Island?”

He could not believe his eyes.

Previously, when he ascended to the Lu family from the lower realm, he had wanted to find a backer for himself.
In the end, the Lu family was simply trash.

However, the Lu family had at least provided him with protection for a period of time.

Alright, now that he was on Golden Ao Island, he was in a worse state than back then, when he was with the Lu family.
How was he supposed to deal with a group of beggars?

He was here to seek support, not to do charity!

No, no, he needed to escape!

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran did not care how dangerous the Primordial World was or how much hope Jie School had for him.

He didn’t care about them at all.

He only wanted to escape and find a very awesome primordial sect to hide and cultivate.

However, before Lu Xiaoran could escape, a black cloud quickly flew over from the distant horizon, mixed with several powerful auras.

Lu Xiaoran’s heart trembled, and his expression began to turn solemn.

Without any hesitation, he directly found a place to hide and hide his aura.

Soon, the black cloud descended into the sky above Golden Ao Island.

Several figures landed from the black clouds.
Every one of them had an extremely sharp aura.
The one with the lowest cultivation was also a Heaven Immortal Realm expert!

As the experts descended, the tragic cultivators of Golden Ao Island could not help but raise their heads.
They stared fixedly at the other party, their faces revealing a trace of fear.

The other party had a total of thirteen people, eight men and five women.

The person in the lead was an old man with white hair and beard.
His aura was comparable to Jiang Ziya.

This lineup was naturally nothing in the Primordial World, but it was still rather terrifying here.

After the people from Golden Ao Island saw the other party, they gritted their teeth, their eyes filled with dense hatred.

“Golden Cloud Sect! What are you doing here again?”

The old man snorted and placed his hands behind his back.

“Of course it’s a routine check to see if these demons from Jie School have violated the rules set by our Chan School!”

“The Shangshan Sect just checked yesterday.
Why? Doesn’t your Golden Cloud Sect know?”

“If you knew, why did you still come!”

“The disciples of Jie School have ulterior motives.
There are many different kinds of people.
Who knows if any of you are evil people who want to cultivate to become demons?

“We Chan School disciples are just concerned for your Jie School disciples.
That’s why we’re checking up on you guys more.

“Your Tongtian master is blind and doesn’t know the will of the heavens! This is why the Jie School is extremely incomplete now and only the disciples are left.

“If not for the fact that the two Saints of Chan School and Ren School have asked us to take care of you guys for the sake of our friendship, the last descendant of Jie School would probably have died.

The disciples of Jie School all clenched their fists and gritted their teeth!

“Shut up! How are you mere juniors qualified to call the Saint of Jie School by his name?

“Also, it’s not up to your Chan School and Ren School to interfere in the matters of our Jie School!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a disciple of the Golden Cloud Sect directly swung his hand and slashed out with a sword beam, immediately killing two Jie School disciples!

Lu Xiaoran, who was hiding in the dark, could not help but curse in his heart.

He had always been a person who did not like to meddle in other people’s business.
However, at this moment, he also fiercely despised the two old things, the Primordial Heaven Supreme and the Grand Supreme Elder, in his heart.

The Saints of Chan School and Ren School could be considered as Tongtian’s senior brothers.
Back then, it was fine if they schemed against Tongtian, but now, they even let their disciples bully the disciples of Jie School like this.
They were really despicable.

Speaking of which, they were all formed from Pangu’s Essence Soul and were all taught by Hongjun.
Why was Tongtian such a fool? Why were these two so despicable?

The people from Jie School were even more furious after their senior and junior brothers were killed, their eyes scarlet.

However, they did not say anything else.

This was because resistance was useless.

The people from the Golden Cloud Sect smiled coldly and slowly went forward to begin the so-called inspection.

Actually, it was more appropriate to call it a humiliation!

They were like high and mighty kings checking their slaves and wantonly humiliating the disciples of Jie School.

A male disciple of the Golden Cloud Sect was even more impudent and was harassing a female disciple of Jie School who was slightly more beautiful.

This was simply even more tragic than the destruction of a country!

Lu Xiaoran estimated that if Tongtian had known that Jie School would fall to this state, he would definitely not have chosen to sign the God Rankings back then.

Sigh, it was too difficult.

Looks like he should still join Chan School or Ren School first.
After he developed, he would repay Tongtian.
After all, he was the one who created his main body in this world, allowing him to successfully transmigrate.

Lu Xiaoran had already decided that he would immediately leave after these people left.

However, at this moment, the Taiyi Golden Immortal expert seemed to have discovered something and immediately swept his gaze in Lu Xiaoran’s direction.

It was impossible, right?

Putting aside the fact that his ability to hide was unparalleled, just the fact that Wang Cai had covered up his existence made it so that even that old dog Hongjun could not discover him.
How did the other party discover him?

Just as he was feeling shocked, a sharp aura suddenly erupted from beside Lu Xiaoran.
It was a Jie School disciple who was already at the Heaven Immortal Realm!

Just now, he had only been focused on hiding.
In his haste, he did not discover that a Jie School disciple was actually hiding beside him.

The other party definitely knew of his existence.
No, when they fought, he would have to escape.
He did not want to be captured.

The Golden Cloud Sect elder smiled in disdain.

“A mere Heaven Immortal dares to ambush us.
You’re simply courting death! Get lost!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he flicked his finger and shot out a spell.
A golden light flashed in the air, and without giving the other party a chance to react, he directly blasted the other party back to Lu Xiaoran’s side.

He directly collided with the ground, cracking the ground.
The huge rock Lu Xiaoran used to hide himself was also directly sent flying by the shock wave.

The air was somewhat silent for a moment.

Then, he coughed lightly and said, “I was just passing by! I’m just a passerby.

As soon as he finished speaking, he ran.
He pulled his cultivation to the limit and activated the Trinity True Eyes.
His speed was extremely fast.
Even the Taiyi Golden Immortal did not have the time to react before he directly flew 5,000 kilometers away!

However, before he could fly out of the sea area of Golden Ao Island, a light suddenly erupted from the sky above Golden Ao Island.

After this light shot into the horizon, it quickly spread, transforming into a barrier that enveloped the entire Golden Ao Island.

Lu Xiaoran was no exception!

Before he could escape from the sea area of Golden Ao Island, he collided with the barrier formed by the golden light.

As his head felt dizzy, Lu Xiaoran was directly bounced back.

This collision made Lu Xiaoran suffer greatly.

Moreover, in the next moment, the entire Golden Ao Island had also changed!

A surging spirit energy quickly filled the bodies of every Jie School disciple, making the cultivation of all the Jie School disciples begin to increase.

It was even to the extent that the corpses of the Jie School disciples killed by the Golden Cloud Sect had actually recovered to their original state, gradually healing and finally repairing.

This was not the end because some Jie School disciples on the ground had actually been revived at this moment.

Everyone’s cultivation was rising.

In the end, even a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was born!

In the sky above Golden Ao Island, the clouds gradually formed a huge human figure.
That human figure was filled with a pressure that looked down on the world, making everyone present not dare to look directly at the other party.

The people from the Golden Cloud Sect widened their eyes in disbelief.

“This… this is the phantom of a Saint! How is this possible? Isn’t the Saint of Jie School imprisoned in the Purple Cloud Palace?! Why is he still here?”

All the disciples of Jie School shouted excitedly, “The chosen one! The chosen one has returned!”

“The chosen one has returned.
Jie School is prospering!”

Lu Xiaoran, who was feeling dizzy, had just crawled up from the ground when he saw the phantom in the sky with everyone.

This made his pupils shrink.

This was the strongest existence Lu Xiaoran had ever seen!

The other party had perfectly suppressed the so-called Taiyi Golden Immortal with just a phantom.
Lu Xiaoran estimated that even a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was not his match.

Even with his toes, Lu Xiaoran could tell that this was definitely the legendary Saint’s phantom!

However, this did not seem to be the problem now!

Instead, he was wondering why Tongtian’s phantom had appeared at this moment.

Why would the other party seal up Golden Ao Island?

Also, why did he feel that the Saint phantom in the sky was smiling at him?

These questions filled Lu Xiaoran’s head.

He vaguely guessed that this Tongtian definitely did not have good intentions.

At the very least, this array formation had been activated because of him.

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