“Uh… we’re not doing anything.
We’re just… canceling the engagement.
Yes, yes.”

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Old Master Lu also tried to play along.

“Yes, that’s right.
It’s a withdrawal gift.
Since we’ve already canceled the engagement, it’s only natural for our Lu family to return the betrothal gift.”

Gong Wan’er nodded indifferently and did not say anything else.
She turned around and left.

Looking at the other party leaving, Old Master Lu could not help but say, “I think she knows.”

Li Shengshui fell silent.

“I’ve let her down.
As her master, I should have stayed on the same side as her and helped her deal with Lu Xiaoran.”

“Then… why don’t I return the money to you? It’s not too late for you to pursue your disciple now.”

“That won’t do.
I’m a man who wants to become a God Monarch Realm expert.
How can I delay my cultivation for my disciple’s private matters? Let’s go.
I’m still prepared to join the Nameless Sect.”

At the same time, somewhere in the Divine World, Futu also opened its eyes from the darkness.

Four swords of different colors appeared beside him.
All of them contained extremely powerful energy!

The aura emitted from every sword easily surpassed profound divine artifacts.
It could be said to be shockingly powerful and had already reached the level of an immortal artifact.

“I’ve finally refined the four Immortal Slaying Swords and the Immortal Slaying Formation Diagram perfectly.
From now on, who among the immortals will be my match? It’s as easy as pie for me to kill Lu Xiaoran.”

“Master, just you wait.
I will quickly complete the mission you gave me.
I will definitely help you unify the Heavenly Court and become the supreme existence!”

As he spoke, his junior sister had already walked in slowly.

“Senior Brother, all the God Monarch Realm and Supreme God Realm experts in the chat group are ready.”

“Not bad.
With their help and the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation Master taught me, even if Lu Xiaoran is the reincarnation of a Heaven Emperor, he’s still not my match.”

“A Supreme God Realm expert in the chat group just stepped into the God Monarch Realm this morning.”

His junior sister nodded.

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“It’s Ge Liyun.
This child’s character is extremely good, and his talent is even heaven-defying.
After joining our God Monarch Chat Group, his cultivation rose steadily, creating a new high.
Now, he has already successfully stepped into the God Monarch Realm from the Supreme God Realm.
It can be said that he’s the one with the most potential in the entire God Monarch Chat Group.”

“It’s even to the extent that I feel that his talent is even comparable to those old God Monarch Realm experts.

“It can be said that he’s quite unique.
Although his talent can’t compare to ours, he’s definitely not an ordinary person.

Futu narrowed his eyes slightly.

“If Master is able to steal Lu Xiaoran’s luck after killing the other party, his next step will probably be to take on the position of the Heaven Emperor.
At that time, he will definitely need some capable subordinates.”

“We should take the initiative to help Master resolve this matter.

Looks like I should contact this Ge Liyun.

“That’s indeed the case.”

In the valley, after Yun Lige broke through to the God Monarch Realm, he slowly opened his eyes.

Ever since he swallowed a large number of divine souls in the Divine World, his talent had increased countless times.

Now, his cultivation speed was simply shocking.

In the past, he had always been mocked by his junior brothers and sisters for being at the bottom.
Now, for the first time in his life, he finally felt how carefree the word “genius” was.

Now, his cultivation had already reached the God Monarch Realm.
It would probably not be long before he reached the Immortal Realm again.

A portion of his memories gradually appeared in his mind.

“I didn’t expect to still end up under him in the end!

“The heavens had long decided that the chosen one would never be me or Old Man Hongjun.

“However, in this life, although I can’t be the chosen one, I am still the disciple of the chosen one.
It’s not a loss.

“I wonder what expression that old dog Hongjun will have when he finds out that my master has returned.
I’m really looking forward to it!”

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As soon as he finished speaking, the screen in Yun Lige’s mind lit up again.

Yun Lige raised his eyebrows slightly because this news was not from the God Monarch Chat Group.
Instead, it was a private message.

This message was a private message from the group master, Futu, to him.

In other words, this was a message only the two of them could see.

This made Yun Lige raise his eyebrows slightly.

“Why did this guy suddenly send me a private message?”

Could it be that the other party had fallen in love with him and wanted to ask him out for a group meeting or a fight?

However, he still replied.
After all, the other party was the group master.

“Oh, do you have time now?”

“If there’s anything, feel free to tell me.”

“Is there anyone else beside you?”

“Alright, I guess you were also dumbfounded and curious when I messaged you in private this time, right?

“Actually, it’s nothing much.
It’s mainly because your talent is very good and you’re different from others.
Therefore, I want to give you a chance.
I wonder if you’re willing!”

“Of course I’m willing.
How can I not be willing to be recognized by the group master?”

“Good! As expected of the person I fancy, you’re indeed smart.”

After a pause, he continued, “Actually, although the many people in the group are all old God Monarch Realm experts and are much stronger than you, your talent is actually much, much stronger than theirs.

“If not for that, I wouldn’t have looked for you.

“In fact, the background of our chat group far exceeds your imagination.

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“Killing Lu Xiaoran is only a small mission of our chat group.
There are many big missions in the chat group.
There are even missions that can help you become an immortal, a Heaven Immortal, a Taiyi Itinerant Immortal, or even a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal!

“These are all existences that others dream of but are unable to obtain.
However, as long as you’re willing to join us and follow in my master’s footsteps, I can help you easily cross these few thresholds.

“Think about it, a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal is an existence that many people dream of obtaining.

“Other than Saints, who in the world can resist their cultivation? ”

Yun Lige pretended to be shocked, “Is your backer that powerful?”

“Of course.
Are you willing to join?”

Yun Lige immediately replied, “Yes, of course I’m willing.
I just don’t know if you’re willing to take me in.”

“As long as you’re willing.”

“Then… can I know who’s behind us?”

“I can’t tell you about this for the time being.
However, after hunting Lu Xiaoran, I’ll personally bring you to see him.
Believe me, you’ll definitely be shocked.”

“He will be the future Heaven Emperor! ”

“Alright! Then from now on, Liyun’s life belongs to Senior Futu.
Senior Futu, if you need anything, feel free to order me around.”

“That’s right.
Prepare early.
I’m going to activate the Hundred Monarch Formation to deal with Lu Xiaoran.”

After saying this, the light of the chat box darkened.

Yun Lige’s eyes could not help but flicker.

“These brats nowadays are quite good at causing trouble! This guy even dares to call himself the future Heaven Emperor! They sure know how to make themselves seem very awesome.

“The current Heaven Emperor of this era seems to be a trash called Hao Tian.
Looks like the other party is his mortal enemy.
Unfortunately, I only remember what happened before the Dragon Phoenix Tribulation and don’t understand what happened after that.
Otherwise, I could have deduced this guy’s identity.

“However, since the other party dares to covet the position of the Heaven Emperor, he is probably not an ordinary person.

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“Master and I are both reincarnations and no longer have the world-destroying might of our previous lives.
Therefore, we should be careful when facing the other party.

After awakening the memories of his previous life, Yun Lige’s character had become more mature and cautious.

He knew that no matter how high one’s cultivation was, it was still useless.
Before the end, no one could be careless.
Otherwise, no matter how powerful one’s cultivation was, they would still end up as stepping stones for others.

Without thinking too much, Yun Lige immediately reported this matter to Lu Xiaoran.

After Lu Xiaoran heard about this, he could not explain the identity of the person behind the God Monarch Chat Group.

“Looks like the person behind this is really a famous figure.
However, I can’t tell the other party’s identity.
Perhaps the other party is also an old bastard.
However, speaking of which, since you’ve already stepped into the God Monarch Realm, did you remember something?”

Yun Lige naturally knew what Lu Xiaoran was referring to.

It was none other than his identity in his previous life.
Looks like as his cultivation continued to increase, his master had also awakened many memories.

He coughed lightly, his face somewhat hot.

“Master, that was in my previous life.
Moreover, I’m already your disciple in this life.
Is there a need for you to be calculative with me?”

“In your previous life, you were the most ruthless when attacking me.
I have always remembered it.
Don’t you think so? Demon God Rahu!”

Yun Lige took a deep breath and said seriously, “I can’t change what happened in my previous life.
I did indeed offend Master.
If Master wants to scold me, I won’t complain!”

Seeing his serious expression, Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“I’m joking with you.
If I wanted to kill you, you would have long died.
How could you still be standing here?”

Yun Lige wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Master, don’t joke like this again.
It’s very easy to scare people to death.
I’m no longer the Demon God Rahu.
I’m only your disciple now.
I’m just trash whose cultivation level is not even enough to reach the Immortal Realm.”

“Alright, bring Wuxia and the others to participate in the Hundred Monarch Formation.
It’s time for your master, the protagonist, to shine.
We can’t let them wait!”

Yun Lige licked the corner of his mouth, and a greedy green light flashed in his eyes.

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