As soon as this voice sounded, the hearts of the people from the Misty Sect immediately tightened.

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Why did he have to go and provoke the Taiyi Sword Dao!

Was there a mistake? One wave had yet to calm down, but another wave had appeared.
Could they stop?

Did the few of them like to cause trouble so much?

Even if Song Xinian was the Divine Son of the Heaven Saber Pavilion, there was no need for them to be so arrogant, right? If they really angered the other party and fought, they would inevitably suffer again.

However, no one noticed the stiff expressions on the faces of the people from the Taiyi Sword Dao.

Soon, everyone went forward and arrived in front of Li Changsheng.

The air fell into a deathly silence again.
Everyone could no longer remember how many times they had fallen into a deathly silence today.

However, every time, it meant that everyone was extremely shocked!

Lu Xiaoran’s disciple was actually the Divine Son of the Taiyi Sword Dao!

Today, they first learned that Lu Xiaoran’s disciples could kill enemies at a higher level.

Then, they learned that Lu Xiaoran’s disciples had multiple identities.
One was the Divine Son of the Heaven Saber Pavilion and the other was the Divine Son of the Taiyi Sword Dao.

These guys were already so awesome, but they still wanted to be Lu Xiaoran’s disciples?

At this moment, everyone’s strength towards Lu Xiaoran increased by another level.

What kind of existence was Lu Xiaoran?

How could he have such disciples?

These three disciples should be his strongest, right?

It should be impossible for there to be disciples stronger than these three.
However, even so, these three were enough.

Be it in terms of strength or status, the three of them were enough to make Lu Xiaoran proud for the rest of his life.

With such disciples, what else could he ask for in his life?

Next, as expected, Li Changsheng and Song Xinian both reprimanded their elders.

The elders on both sides could only listen obediently.
It couldn’t be helped.
After all, these two Divine Sons had the best talent and strength in the past tens of thousands of years!

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The two of them had extremely extraordinary statuses in the Taiyi Sword Dao and the Heaven Saber Pavilion.

The entire Misty Sect, including the Lu family’s grandfather and grandson, and even the two God Emperor Realm experts of the Wind Fire Sect, watched obediently as the elders on both sides were reprimanded.

That’s right, they did not dare to say a word or even breathe when they saw the elders on both sides being reprimanded.

After scolding for a while, it finally ended.
Then, they gathered below again.

The Sect Master of the Misty Sect and the others immediately lowered their heads slightly with an extremely respectful attitude.

Li Changsheng said with a calm expression, “This matter ends here.
Since the Wind Fire Sect is a subordinate of my junior brother’s sect, we’ll let the two God Emperor Realm experts off.
In any case, they’re also my junior brother’s subordinates.”

The Sect Master of the Misty Sect immediately replied, “As you wish, Divine Son.”

Li Changsheng nodded and said to Jun Bujian,

“Junior Brother Jun, the Taiyi Sword Dao wants me to return.
Therefore, I can’t return to the sect for the time being.
You can return to the sect to report.”

Song Xinian also immediately said, “What a coincidence.
The Heaven Saber Pavilion also wants me to rush back.
There’s probably something important.”

“In that case, I’ll go back and report.
Senior Brothers, don’t worry.”

“Alright, in that case, let’s bid farewell here.
We’ll meet in the sect in the future.”

Everyone left one after another.
Jun Bujian brought Old Master Lu and Lu Xiaochen back to the Lu family.

Before leaving, the Sect Master of the Misty Sect could not help but mutter to Old Master Lu,

“Old Master, don’t forget about my matter.”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, with his tireless efforts, he finally increased Ji Wuxia and Fang Tianyuan to the Supreme God Realm and successfully helped them enter the God Monarch Chat Group.

It had to be said that the other party was really generous.
A random gift bag contained more than a hundred million top-grade divine crystals.
It made Lu Xiaoran’s heart itch and he wanted to take advantage of the other party.

If not for the fact that he was worried that he would alert the enemy and let the other party know his identity, he would probably have long joined.

Lige’s cultivation had also increased to the seventh level of the Supreme God Realm.

The remaining Su Lingwu was only a step away from becoming a Supreme God Realm expert.

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Jiang Taixuan had also reached the God Emperor Realm.
Only Zhuge Ziqiong’s cultivation was still somewhat low.
Currently, she had only just reached the peak of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm and was still a distance away from becoming a God King Realm expert.

However, there was nothing she could do about it.
This was because she had previously been captured and imprisoned by the Buddhist Sect.
For a long time, not only did she not have the chance to cultivate, but her body had also been corroded by the Buddhist Dharma.

At this moment, other than Zhuge Ziqiong, the weakest disciples were Li Changsheng, Jun Bujian, and Song Xinian.

However, with the help of these people, Lu Xiaoran finally successfully stepped into the God Monarch Realm.

This was already a peak existence in the Divine World, and it also allowed Lu Xiaoran to have a deeper understanding of the God Realm.

When mortals cultivated, they tempered their bodies and souls.
Above the God Realm, they cultivated their divine souls and small worlds.

After that, they would further refine their uniqueness and perfectly unleash the strength embedded in the depths of their soul.

When they unleashed his characteristics to the limit and cultivated them to perfection, the next step was to become an immortal.

In other words, they would officially become slaves of the Heaven Dao and be controlled by the Heaven Dao!

It was also quite laughable.

Humans thought that by cultivating, they could live forever and be carefree in the three worlds.

However, in fact, the higher one cultivated, the more controlled they would be.

If one’s cultivation was insufficient, the Heaven Dao would look down on them and could not be bothered to control them!

Lu Xiaoran finally understood what Wang Cai had said previously.

The Heaven Dao itself was not mature.
It was far from reaching Pangu’s level.
Therefore, even if it worked with Hongjun, it was still unable to easily control the three worlds.

Because of this, it could only choose to control existences with cultivation above the Immortal Realm and firmly grasp high-level combat strength first.

Then, they would create hot shots to plunder and pursue Lu Xiaoran.

This could be used as a double insurance.

Firstly, if Lu Xiaoran could be captured in the lower realm or the Divine World, the trouble could be saved.

Secondly, even if it was unable to capture him in the lower realm or the Divine World, it did not have to be afraid.
This was because in any case, Lu Xiaoran would cultivate to the Immortal Realm.
As long as he cultivated to the Immortal Realm, he could be controlled by the other party.
In the end, he would still be unable to escape from its palm.

In any case, it would win no matter what!

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Unfortunately, it had never considered that Lu Xiaoran had Wang Cai.
Wang Cai had given him an essence world, allowing him to completely escape the control of the Heaven Dao and wander outside the three worlds.
This gave Lu Xiaoran a chance to resist the Heaven Dao.

As for Jie School, Tongtian’s overall vision was too shallow.

He only thought that Lu Xiaoran had been created by him and might violate the Heaven Dao laws, so he wanted Lu Xiaoran to avoid the Heaven Dao.

Moreover, he had asked Lu Xiaoran to increase his strength by killing the hot shots.

However, he did not know that the soul of the Lu Xiaoran he had arranged had already been fused with him.
The current Lu Xiaoran could not be controlled by the Heaven Dao or Tongtian.

Lu Xiaoran suddenly thought of something

This was because after he broke through to this Divine World, it was equivalent to entering the true three worlds.
At that time, he would be qualified to enter the 3,000 worlds.

Why not… let the disciples kill the hot shots of the other worlds and use them to increase Wang Cai’s strength?

Hehehe… Perhaps the Heaven Dao would die of anger.

However, for now, he still had to increase the strength of his disciples first.

After all, he could only increase his disciples’ strength to increase his own strength.

He decided to first receive all the gift boxes his disciples had produced from their cultivation and open them.

The first reward he received was already quite good.
It was 100 million Postnatal Qi.

Now, the disciples’ weapons were all secured.
It was enough for them to all be upgraded to Postnatal cardinal treasures.

At that time, everyone would have a Postnatal treasure.
They would not be afraid even if they went to the Immortal World.

After all, it was impossible for the gods of the Immortal World to have Postnatal treasures, right?

Postnatal spirit treasure, Purple Cloud Universe Armor x1.

A Postnatal spirit treasure defensive equipment was not bad.

Postnatal spirit treasure, Sea Calming Pearl x1.

Postnatal spirit treasure, Azure Cloud Cauldron x1.

Postnatal spirit treasure, Purifying Bottle x1.

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That’s right.
They were basically all Postnatal spirit treasures.
Recently, with Han Zhen’s help, Wang Cai had swallowed two systems and become stronger.

Now, all the rewards were Postnatal spirit treasure.

Profound divine artifact, Great Ring Saber x1.

“This is too much, Wang Cai.
I just praised you in my heart, but in the blink of an eye, you gave me a piece of trash.”

“Master, this is the Divine World.
It’s very normal for a profound divine artifact to appear occasionally.
Think about it.
Other systems give out profound divine artifacts as the reward for completing a mission.
On the other hand, I only give you one occasionally.
Don’t be too picky.”

“Wow! You’re right.
Next time when I shower, can you not hide in my body and watch me shower?”

“Cough cough… Master, wait a moment.
I’ll take the gift box back first.”

After a while, Lu Xiaoran opened it again.

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes.

Not bad, not bad.
This thing was not bad.

Wang Cai was indeed an old lecher.

As for showering, hehehehe… he always used his divine power to shake away the dust on his body.
He did not even sweat.
He smelled good every day, so how could he shower?!

As for showering, hehehehe… he always used his divine power to shake away the dust on his body.
He did not even sweat.
He smelled good every day, so how could he shower?!

On the other side, Song Xinian also returned to the Heaven Saber Pavilion under the lead of a few elders.

“Lord Divine Son is back!”

For a moment, many disciples began to be excited.

As for Song Xinian, he placed his hands behind his back the entire time and nodded slightly in response with a calm expression, as if he was a government official leading the inspection of the countryside.

In this way, he arrived at the Heaven Saber Pavilion’s hall.
Before the few Supreme God Realm experts could report, a red veil shot out from the Heaven Saber Pavilion’s hall and swept Song Xinian into the Heaven Saber Pavilion’s hall.
Then, the door was closed, making the elders look at each other.

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