In the valley, Lu Xiaoran, who was arranging for the disciples to cultivate, suddenly felt the Lu family avatar in the Heaven Water City summon him.

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The disciples who were listening to Lu Xiaoran’s lecture could not help but be somewhat puzzled.

“Master! What’s the matter?”

“My family is summoning me.”

Everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up.
Damn, the Lu family!

Was it the top-notch family, the Lu family, that nurtured their master, a Great Saint?

They had to go and take a look.

Everyone had always been curious about the Lu family, but they had never seen the Lu family before.

The mystery and strength of the Lu family had always lingered in everyone’s hearts, making everyone drool and yearn to meet them.

“Master, let’s go to the Lu family with you!”

Song Xinian made this request on the spot.

Lu Xiaoran glanced at the other party.

“Why do you want to go to the Lu family?”

“Didn’t you say that you wanted us to go to the Lu family to find you? We haven’t been able to find you.
I’ve wanted to go to the Lu family for a long time.”

“I asked you to go to the Lu family previously because the Lu family is a family and would be easier to find in the Divine World.
In fact, the Lu family is not much.
Moreover, you’ve already found me, so there’s naturally no need for you to go to the Lu family now!”

This was the only thought in the disciples’ hearts at this moment.

What a joke.
How could the grand Lu family not be impressive when they had nurtured a Saint?

“Master! We just want to take a look.
Please bring us there!”

“That’s right.
Master, I beg you.
Our cultivation every day is very boring.
Please bring us to see the Lu family.”

Lu Xiaoran was never soft-hearted towards others.
However, he still agreed to his precious disciples’ requests.

“I can bring you there, but I can only bring two to three.
If I bring too many, it will attract too much attention.”

“Moreover, my identity in the Lu family is that of a third-generation descendant.
I’ve been wandering in the outside world for many years.
Remember not to expose me and make sure to hide your cultivation.
Many of you might even be stronger than the Lu family members… Just don’t expose me.

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“Don’t worry, Master.
We know what to do.
In any case, we just have to keep a low profile!”

Very good, his disciples had already grown up and knew how to act.

As long as he played his cards well, he could continue to survive.

With a thought, Lu Xiaoran brought his three disciples and teleported back to the Lu family’s small courtyard.

His cousin Lu Xiaochen’s knocking became more and more anxious.

“Xiaoran, what are you doing? Why aren’t you out yet? Did something happen to you? Xiaoran, have you fallen into the state of berserking qi deviation? Answer me quickly, or I’ll kick the door open.”

Lu Xiaoran opened the door.
Lu Xiaochen saw that the other party was fine and heaved a sigh of relief.

“You scared me to death.
I thought something had happened to you.”

With that said, he smiled evilly.

“Xiaoran, could it be that you’re doing something bad inside? Were you doing it yourself?”

Lu Xiaoran glared at him angrily.

Xiao Chen smacked his lips.

“I was just joking.
Don’t take it seriously.
Speaking of which… Damn! Why are there three more people in your courtyard?”

Only then did Lu Xiaochen discover the three disciples Lu Xiaoran had brought over: Li Changsheng, Song Xinian, and Jun Bujian.

Actually, it was not his fault.
It was mainly because the cultivation of Li Changsheng and the other two far surpassed his!

As long as the three of them wanted to, it would be extremely easy for them to block his perception.

Therefore, he did not discover the three of them at the beginning.

However, his expression quickly began to become conflicted.

“Xiaoran, I didn’t know that you have three grown-up sons… You do know that you’re someone with an engagement, right? You can’t mess around outside.”

“Can you not be so weird? These are the disciples I’ve taken in while wandering outside all these years.”

“Pfft! You? You’re still taking in disciples? With your cultivation, aren’t you afraid of misleading others?”

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Behind him, Li Changsheng and the other two could not help but frown.

“This person looks like Master’s brother.”

“Most likely.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have joked with Master so comfortably.
Master would have definitely beaten him up long ago.”

“But his cultivation level is so low.
He has only just reached the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.
This realm… He isn’t even worthy to wash my feet.”

“Could it be that what Master said is true? Is the Lu family really not that good?”

“Then wouldn’t Master be even more awesome? He had been homeless and was relying on himself to cultivate to the Saint level?”

Lu Xiaoran did not know what his disciples were thinking and only interrupted Lu Xiaochen speechlessly.

“Alright, alright, stop discussing this.
Let’s talk about serious matters first.
Why aren’t you focusing on your cultivation? Why did you come visit me?”

Lu Xiaochen stopped smiling and said seriously, “The people from the Misty Sect have arrived.”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat stunned before understanding.

Back then, the Divine Maiden of the Misty Sect seemed to have said that she would fulfill her promise and marry him after cultivating to the God Production Realm.

In his impression, her surname seemed to be… Qin?

Something seemed to be wrong.

In his impression, there seemed to be an idiot with the surname Qin who liked him, but he kept feeling that the other party was from a long time ago.
She should not be the Divine Maiden of the Misty Sect.

There were too many women who liked him.
However, Lu Xiaoran only wanted to cultivate and could never remember the names of these women, so he mixed them up.

“The Misty Sect… um… that… um… that Divine Maiden, right?”

“That’s right, that’s right.
It’s your fiancée! The people from the Misty Sect came to inform you that she has already increased her cultivation to the God Production Realm.
You can marry her now.
Speaking of which, you’ve benefited greatly this time.
The girl is talented and intelligent and has already advanced to the God Production Realm.”

“It has to be known that our Lu family was also only able to reach this level by relying on the support of our ancestor.
In comparison, the other party had relied on herself to break through to the God Production Realm.
She did not even have the support of an immortal like our Lu family’s ancestor.
Her future is simply limitless.

“In the future, when the two of you get married, you guys will make a good couple.
Perhaps you can even reconstruct the glory Uncle and Auntie had back then!”

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.

“You’re thinking too much.
I don’t want to get married now.
I told her before that I won’t marry her.”

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“Xiaoran, are you stupid? Why would you say such a thing? She’s the dignified Divine Maiden of the Misty Sect after all.
How is she not worthy of you?

“Don’t be stupid and miss out on a good marriage.

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“I can’t explain it to you clearly.
I think I’ll go and talk to Grandpa.”

Then, he stepped out and walked towards the Lu family hall.

Li Changsheng and the other two immediately followed.

Lu Xiaochen swept his gaze over the three of them and said, “This is your master’s matter.
You juniors shouldn’t interfere.”

The three of them glanced at him and said, “You’re not our master.
On what basis are you ordering us around?”

“I’m not your master, but I’m your master’s cousin and your senior.
Do you understand?”

The three of them stretched out their hands in unison.

“Hello, Uncle-Master.
It’s our first time meeting.
You’re not a stingy person, right?”

“Our master said that you have the best relationship with him.
Since we’re your juniors, isn’t there something you should give us?”

Lu Xiaochen was silent for a few seconds before continuing, “Actually, I think you guys should also go and take a look.
After all, this is your master’s marriage! I’ll leave first.
He might need my help.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaochen ran away.

Li Changsheng and the other two raised their middle fingers in unison.

“Master is already considered a direct descendant of the third generation of the Lu family.
Then his cousin must also be a direct descendant.”

“Since he’s so trashy, I think the entire Lu family is also very trashy.”

“I thought that the Lu family was a top-notch family in the Divine World.
However, thinking about it carefully, it makes sense.
Master is so awesome.
If he was nurtured by the family, wouldn’t this family be filled with Saints?”

“In the end, Master is still the awesome one!”

“Let’s just stay in the Lu family for a while.
With Master’s character, he definitely won’t marry that Divine Maiden.
He’ll probably finish discussing this in a while and bring us back.”

On the other side, in the hall of the Lu family, the disciples of the Misty Sect were already done eating and drinking.

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Old Master Lu personally accompanied them.

Actually, with the Lu family’s current level, he did not have to accompany these people personally.

He could even get a second or even third-generation disciple of the Lu family to accompany them.

However, for the sake of his grandson’s marriage, he still chose to lower his status and personally accompany the envoys of the Misty Sect.

At this moment, Han Zhen, who was drinking tea in the crowd, suddenly felt a sense of danger and quickly approached.
It was even to the extent that his hair began to stand on end.

“Damn! This aura, this… this… this… isn’t this him?”

Han Zhen trembled, and his heart raced.
He was so frightened that he splashed the tea in his hand on his crotch.

“Junior Brother Han, why are you so rude?”

Everyone frowned.
Han Zhen immediately put down his cup and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Uh… I need to pee.
I want to go to the toilet.
You guys chat.
I’ll leave first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he hurriedly ran away, faster than a rabbit.

Everyone could not help but frown slightly.

“Why is this Junior Brother Han so rude?”

“Before he came, he even said that his stomach was in pain.
He probably ate something bad.
Old Master Lu, don’t blame him.”

“No, no.
After all, it’s a basic need.”

Outside the hall, Lu Xiaoran, who had just arrived at the entrance, suddenly sensed a familiar aura.

“This aura, is it Han Zhen?”

Lu Xiaoran almost instantly recognized that the aura belonged to Han Zhen.

Although he had not seen Han Zhen for many years, he still had an extremely deep impression of the other party.

“Why did this guy come to our Lu family? Wait, could it be that… he joined the Misty Sect?”

Lu Xiaoran’s expression was somewhat strange.

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